Seals of solomon

Hi there,

So through my search to get my ex back i learned about:

Do u think if i use the third or fourth pentacles of venus, it will bring him back? if yes how can i do this?

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It depends on the power of each one look in the search bar about ex come back there are plenty of spells charms demons angels you can call on to get him back

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dont’ ask too much questions. Just cast the spells and see what’s up. why ask questions when they tell you what the spell is for? only way to know is just cast it. each person different results.

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because that’s how u make a like really awful mistake?


no mistakes. u follow instructions to cast and that’s it. why worry ? if you worry and ask too many questions then your not ready. It shows no conviction. that means no power to your spell.

U did your research. U got the seal. you know what spell is for. you know the process to cast. what else is there? asking should you cast spell for each love related spell is irrelevant to us. Ask yourself that. U got all the steps needed to cast. It’s your magick, your decision.

Magick is not; " I want guarantee from someone that cast it before i cast it. " It’s you do magick or you don’t. Simple choices.


Ash, use the 4th, that’s what I would do if I were in your shoes.


Personally I think this would be better.


do i have to evoke or is it okay to only petition ?

I am doing it as a petition. I try setting the cardinal points with Enki - East Enlil - North Ishtar - West Utu - South.

ask them for their eneryg. Then, Abryaiyan Incantation to summon energy for spells or a ritual anywhere:

(Ma spira kalta bes aggra vgalta tas dira mea mala kalta tas vera selta!)
( note the word Vgalta the g letter is pronounced like the greek letter Γ gamma (Γάμμα). And last but not least, chant the enns of the entity I wish to petition, then charge the paper with my energy, and as the paper burns, I imagine the smoke going to them.

Try spacing them out, every other day, that is what I am doing.

there’s no evocation or invokation with seal of solomon. it has it’s on process which is told to you in that site. don’t go mixing systems and being creative with other processes. I think that’s common sense no? that’s where you get hurt. Just do what the instructions says. There’s even a book recommended by another forum member on using the seal talisman of king solomon if you read my other post on it.

U are confusing demon sigil casting and seal casting. Get the book , read the instructions instead of trying to use pieces here and there on the forum that don’t even apply to these 44 solomon planet seal.


wow I’m so sorry for anyone you practice with

do you think that there aren’t other forces we don’t understand that have the ability to interfere?

accidentally having two focuses that don’t blend together? you’ve created a gap for static energy. it’s awesome you see absolutely no risk, but that’s like a chemist working with volatile substances saying there’s nothing to worry about.

I hope anyone who ever reads your advice sees your carelessness and protects themselves.

everything should be heavily researched, notes taken, signs seen, prayers made, and mediations done before acting. doing so beforehand is straight arrogant and it may one day land you in a spell of depressions, or involved with a power hungry person… good luck

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It can, but speaking from personal experience with the Veneris (5th of Venus) they all come with an unspoken price, and make sure to follow all instructions from the good book EXACTLY. Eg the creation of the circle days and hours for engraving or drawing and consecrating as well as the use of the book and its consecration etc etc etc also I have only had success using it in different languages personally the Hebrew manuscript works for me but I can’t speak for anyone else… message me if you have any questions :innocent:


So with these specifically I’ve noticed that they are very Intentionally (see the link) the 5th one I mentioned in the reply above is constructed using the kamea of Venus and the Hebrew word for love. However for it to work the best you have to not only read the inscription but also read it DAILY as well as the words that are in the center…

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u not getting message of my post? making things up?

i quote myself. she did all that you said,. research . preparation. etc… The only thing left is casting it. Not more repeat questions. I even warn her using different systems etc… I guess my suggestion to do things carefully for her didn’t get into your ears. even told to get the book so she get full picture instead of pieces of info here and there on forum which she’s doing. So i’m the careless one to warn her of how things can be bad if using info here and there and mixing systems. I guess your the type to attack before Even she like my suggestion. she knows i’m doing solid advice to protect her and guide her cuz i’ve interacted with her before. I’ve yet to see you contribute and try to help others or even have a discussion. And you’ve just joined with not much posting.

we see it time and again. i guess you don’t read much on forum. we see people asking the same thing over and over just with different spells. and posting same question worded differently. should i do this spell? will it give me this? even thought they did their research in and out leaving no stone unturn. I suggest to cast the magick cuz they keep asking instead of doing. I can assure you . other advance magicians will tell the same when they hear same question over and over even though her answer is right there with the instruction. how could you ask how do it do this spell when the instructions are right there? Even the people say to follow instructions carefully. i said the same. She don’t need a person to read her the instructions. she’s bright…

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