Make people do anything you want - Manipulation Layered Spell

Since he’s an expert at manipulation and mind control, he’s excellent at instilling in you the desire to work on your physical body, ie motivation to go work out, being able to resist binge eating, shit like that.

You’ll still need to put in the work, but it will come easier.


can orias make someone text us .if they dont want to and have a strong will ?


Doesn’t he also help with seeing spirits and training stuff like that? I thought I read that somewhere?


He’s good at everything star related, my guess is that’s what you read.

As for training to see spirits… never tried it with him. But, he can for sure help you remove any negative feelings about seeing spirits (any negative feelings in general), so if you suspect you might be getting in your own way, he can help you with that.


Hello, your link to the forum did not work for me, can you please send me the link to the forum for this layered spell. Thank you


Try this:


What does Orias like in terms of offerings and sacrifices?


I feel like Indefinitley need a combo ornboth of these spells in my current situation with my ex. She has been under the control of an abusive narcassist for the last several years and it is killing her slowly. She and I are twin flames, we have a connection that is undeniable and even people around us that do not know us see it and comment. I ended things over Christmas as she would not leave the abusive man, she wanted to and we came close but fear drew her back in. We were best friends and connected like neither of us had before. I have had spells done to no avail and there is work being done to hex the narcassist but I feel like it’s time for me to step up and take what is mine, the gift that fate sent to me that I just cannot have until she can mentally break away and not be afraid to let herself completely love me. She always said I was too good to be true, and noone ever loved her the way I did. I assure everyone I am one of the good guys and it was no act. I am very inexperienced and feel like work has to be done now in order to stop her and her daughter from being abused. I have been researching and studying about spell work and have performed in the past with some success ( not on my current target). I have seen things that I think will work but after reading this thread and the other about layering, this absolutely spoke to my spirit. I am drawn to this and feel strongly it will work I just don’t have the experience and don’t want to throw my life into chaos because I screwed these rituals up. Any advise would be great, thanks.


If I understood right the evokation of seere is in you so you have a better decision making on the moment the situation arises?

Or in her to affect her decision making?

is There a reason he prefers the dukante sigil?
i just started reading dukante.

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Just wondering if we can use it on someone who knows us (not too much) but hasn’t met me in person?



Sorry for the newbie question, but as a newbie who is still working on getting one evocation right, let alone many, would doing a petition for each spirit work?


I can’t wait to give this a go!

@anon20147451. I love you. (Nor physically)!!
but. Thanks for the Post

I’m also very interested in this. Are evocations much more powerful than petitions?

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Well, you would be sure of yourself if you successfully evoke any spirit instead of just petitioning.But both can work just fine.

What is interesting is how someone like King Paimon isnt included in this.


I was thinking the same thing. Orias sounds awesome, though.

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Just gave this a try, I envoked each entity one by one and now im all jittery. I guess i used a lot of energy by summoning them. I first envoked Belial to remove any blockages my target had, then Sallos for love, Dantalion for contact, Gremory for obsession, and finally Rosier for myself to make me love myself more and forget my target, which in turn will let the envocations work :love_you_gesture:t4: Ill let yall know how it goes eventually