Difficult case in love. Any suggestions?

Hello everyone,

I’m in a bit of a pickle when it comes to love right now. I have been seeing this guy on and off for the past 3 years though it never really went anywhere since he always said he wasn’t ready for a relationship (he’s been through a lot of shit in his past). About a year ago, he ended up moving away to another city for a really good career opportunity but sadly our communication really dropped off since then. I just reached out to him a couple weeks ago to see if we could start something again but he says he’s now in a serious relationship and my reaction told me quite clearly that I was not over him like I thought I was. The problem now is that not only is he dating someone else but it’s been confirmed that she is also using black magic on him.

I do currently have a pact with Sallos for love though at this point, I really feel like I would need something really aggressive to break them up and bring him back to me. I’ve thought about using an in tranquil spirit but it actually seems so aggressive that it would be my last resort. I’ve also thought about using an obsession spell, binding spell, along with a love spell to bring him back but am not sure about how I should go about having them cast. Should I cast multiple at once so they all hit the target together and reinforce each other or should I layer them one by one? would Sallos take offence to me using other casters or an in tranquil spirit? I really don’t want to make him feel offended.

Confirmed by whom and how?

There are many breakup spells here. I had a tough situation and I ended up calling Leraje and Andras to work together to break the target up with his now ex. There’s also the 33 day ritual to breakup a couple. You can also call on a few other spirits for breakups. King Asmoday, Leraje, Andras, Amon to name a few. I named Goetic spirits because you say you’ve been working with Sallos.

We won’t know the answer to that, you can only get the answer by asking him yourself.


The black magic was confirmed by another caster who has cast spells for me in the past. We have a good working relationship, her spells have consistently worked and she was spot on (actually warned me about this third party before I even knew he was actually dating someone) so I do trust her word when she says this other women is using her own magickal means.

Yes, I have a pact with Sallos though I feel things have become so much more complicated where I will definitely need help for other some of the other issues. You say you were successful in getting someone to break up, did the target ever come back to you? it’s been a while since we actually saw each other and I’m worried he’ll start to forget me.

Thank you for your help and suggestions though. It is much appreciated and I will definitely look into those goetia spirits for assistance. I have especially heard good things about Asmoday when it comes to break ups.

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Target and I have known each other for 25 yrs and we have a 4 yr old child. He met a woman two yrs ago and was completely enamored with her. He abandoned me and our son for her, moved in with her, disrespected, (attempted to) mistreat me, and ignored me and our son. He went two yrs without seeing our child because of her. It was gut wrenching and horrible to see how he was acting with no regard to our child’d feelings. I won’t go into too much detail because it pisses me off to even think about it. Long story short, it took me two yrs to break that shit up, but I did and things are back to how they were before he met her. He apologized for everything he did and said to me, cried, told me they were over for good, said he was embarrassed, and asked me to forgive him, and we’re back to being friends and coparents.

So yes, he came back.

Also, just to note, we were only friends, never in a relationship. He still chose to be disrespectful to me just to make his insecure gf feel better. There was no reason for him to do that, and no reason for her to be insecure at all.

Don’t worry about him forgetting about you. Just focus on what you want to happen. Your will to be with him has to be stronger than his will to NOT want to be with you, if that makes sense.

If you’re for certain you want him, feel it, want it and know 100%, then break them up and do a layered love spell.

Good luck and keep us updated, I’m interested in how things turn out.