Please help a newbie with a love spell 🙏

Use the search bar and inquire about love spells, there are many avaible in the forum use whichever to your disgression!

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Thank you Killua I’m just unsure of which to pick being a novice I don’t want to harm myself or him or summon a demon wrongly and end up doing more harm than good :confused:

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My suggestion is to be very specific and don’t let them fill in the blanks for you, as it may not fit your ideals of how the relationship will turn out.
If you are not comfortable with the knowledge you currently have on evokation then i suggest doing a simple candle spell which is also discussed on the forum.

My personal recommendation is to listen to HZ, or binaural beats. Manifest your loved one listening to these while sleeping.
Also, meditations by Agnes Viviarelli, she talks a lot about meditations to attract your ex back.
My biggest suggestion is to do a contact spell before any of these, because communication will apply a better chance to you succeeding.

once you either gain contact or do more research and have a better understanding, then definitely evoke either Dantalion, sallos, and pomba gira.
they worked well for me!


Please do some research. The whole concept of a “twin flame” does NOT mean you are “meant to be” together in any way.


these links may help you

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Also, be aware that love spells are only temporary, and unless you work on yourself and grow as a person, whatever broke you up to begin with, will break you up again.


Yeah I understand that. But he is my absolute mirror in every way our relationship was perfect and like I say it was me and my own insecurities that messed it up, which i have been working on these last 8 months of no contact.

Thank you Killua you have been very helpful :hugs:

He has his own will, so be prepared for him to fight your magick if he doesn’t want to get back together with you at all. Just because you think he is your “Twin Flame” does not mean he does, nor does it mean he actually is.

That is the main problem with things like this, and you are the 5th or 6th person in the last week to come to us for this kind of thing. What you think is happening is not necessarily what is really happening. You think you are “meant to be” with this person, but he obviously doesn’t think the same way, otherwise he wouldn’t have left, but you want to force yourself on him anyway, with no consideration for his wants, needs or happiness.

You have no experience with magick so let me fill you in on what you are actually planning to do. You are actually cursing this person that you claim to love. This isn’t love magick, but actually a coercive, manipulative, curse because you are placing your wants above his, which is all fine and dandy, as people here curse for the pettiest of reasons, but please don’t delude yourself into thinking you are doing it because you love him. If you truly loved him, then his happiness would be your primary concern, not your own. This is a selfish, manipulative curse, and nothing more, and you need to understand that because he will fight it once his will reasserts itself, regardless of what spirits you employ, and he might very well hate you for it.


BUT, BUT, BUT - You have been on here 1 hour, do as more experienced say. You are by your own admission new and inexperienced therefore you need to take notice, do research, and not assume that people are here to pander to your needs. Imagine how much a doctor or lawyer would charge for advice.


I 100% agree with you. Last thing I’d want is to hurt or curse him.
And yes I still love him and believe he still loves me and has left because of my own stupidity and because I hurt him deeply.
I truly believe he is not happy in his current situation and that’s down to previous conversations and incidents that you know nothing of.
What i actually came here looking for was not a way to “make” him love me but for a way for him to awaken the love that’s already there. After all you don’t just stop loving someone? I wanted a way to reach him so see if those feelings are still there, or a way to get him to contact me so i myself could see if there still there after all he blocked me when i hurt him and who could blame him?
I’m not wanting to enslave him to me by magic what would be the point of that knowing he was only there because of a spell?
If he is happy and no longer cares for me I will whole heartedly wish him well and leave him to his life but I love him too much to not try something to see this for myself

I honestly don’t know why your so defensive and condescending people come here in what are some of the lowest points of their life to seek help and answers :woman_shrugging:t2: A little support or gentle encouragement even constructive criticism wouldn’t go amiss without the need to sound so undermining I’m my opinion. I do however respect your views and thank you for your input.

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I understand that I haven’t came here to click my fingers and for someone to pop a love spell in my inbox. I came for advice and guidence which you are in now way obliged to give me if you so wish

No way*

I’m sorry for some of the messages you have received in regards to your question. No one is intitled to tell you love magick is wrong, and you are in no way wrong for wanting to achieve your goals. Keep striving for the best, and disregard the negativity.


Thank you Killua :heart:

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This statement contradicts your opening post:

You say you don’t want to force him to love you, yet you don’t want to accept his own autonomy to make decisions, and you think your life is “ruined” because you are not together with him? Okay…

My advice is, before you even think of calling demons or doing any magick against him, that you get a divination done as to the possible outcome. Ask someone to do a tarot reading for you on the most likely possibility if you perform the magick. Then you can make an informed decision regarding your course of action from there.

@killua if you bothered to read the responses in this thread, no one has ever said love magick was wrong. All that was said by those with more experience than either you or the OP, is that trying to force someone to come back isn’t love magick, but coercive magick. Nowhere was it written that it was right or wrong, only as to what kind of magick it really is.


I feel like my life is ruined because it was me that caused him to leave! And anything I can do to put that right or even try is worth a shot

To be honest you don’t need to reply to posts in such a negative way you are choosing to do this of your own accord to create a conflict or make people feel ‘put down’

I wonder if maybe you should find a spell for ‘more effective ways of communicating with others’ :slight_smile:

But thank you for your suggestion of tarot reading I will look into this

the OP asked for advice in regards to love spells and what she could do to aid her in her goal. You don’t know them and neither do i, yet i will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are genuine about their feelings towards this person. Despite that what you said was indeed beneficial information however the way it was presented seemed to me at least, discouraging.
I, as someone who had the same expirance and can relate to the way they may be feeling understand the desperation and need that may come off when asking “what to do” when it comes to a love spell. But the comment to me at least unnecessary and didn’t give them any advice on the actual question at hand.


Take my advice as you will, but it was not negative at all. I simply didn’t sugar coat it. I am an experienced magician with over a decade of experience, and I’m not going to tell someone what they want to hear, instead of the truth of things as I see them, based on watching the fallout from such so called “love” spells. This situation is neither special nor unique, and we have dealt with it many, many times in the years I’ve been a member of this forum.

Oh, I communicate just fine. You simply don’t want to hear any advice that contradicts the delusion that you are working under and so you see anything that doesn’t fit your view as “negative.” If you don’t like the advice, don’t take it, but it won’t stop the members of this forum from continuing to give similar advice based on our experience. After all, isn’t that why you came here?