How likely is it that I can get my ex back

Try this one.
Have a photo or just think of your lover.
Rubb your index finger with force on to your thumb in a fast maner. This will stimulate the persons clitoris or penis. Then say this spell.

Let her show her love to me
Let her show her desire to me
Nang pa bunang
Pa bunang ali menga-li
Ra-gi pun tun-duk
Ra-ji pun tun-duk
Dengan ber-kat doa aku
Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu.

When you say this words of power think of your lover like you was talking straght to it.

If this works you will know.

Do this several times.

In best regards!



Why wait this long? Magick did help me once, I didn’t do it myself. Someone else did, it was hard and I had to let go but when it finally worked in maybe a week, I didn’t want them anymore. I realized what they really were and became disgusted by them. They still have some feelings for me to this day and have told me they loved me years after we broke up, but I feel nothing. So, be sure this is something you want…

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He moved out of town for 6 months and said that the long distance was very hard for him, We didn’t have any issues before that

What do you mean by “shift your consciousness into alignment”


Yes, I do

Yes, it is something that I want, What spell did you use that worked in a week?

I didn’t do anything myself. Someone else did because I had no idea how and too distraught and I didn’t wait a year, that’s too long if you want it to happen within a week, from my understanding spirits need something to work with for that quick result. The love/lust the person had for you it needs to be freshly broken to be mended quicker. There are many different ways to do this, it all depends on what you see as morally correct and in your case it may not happen within a week’s time even if you choose to manipulate their will. Though since you mentioned the person he found after you is taking a break from him, you can use that. If you’re not on speaking terms, you can ask Amon for help with that(He’s helped me a bit in a short time search for the topic in this forum where someone had success with love while working with him), also, Sallos can help with love/lust. You’re still a beginner to everything like this so I’m not sure how it will all work for you(I’m a beginner to practical parts of magick having only studied not do) but writing a petition to Dantalion to help influence and change the mind of your ex and make him see that things have changed and will be better between you too can possibly help but depending on why you broke up and the way this form of magick works, it’s never 100% to happen the way you want it. You can look up how to write one on this site. It’s not going to be an easy road for you. Also, look at this thread if you haven’t A powerful layered love spell - General Discussion - Become A Living God

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Consciousness is the only reality. Whatever is your experience–or not–is your awareness of it. The only thing standing between you and your desired experience is your awareness of something other than that. Alignment simply means creating a sort of “link” in consciousness to the desired state, i.e. changing the direction of flow to the desired outcome. Generally, the alignment is one of a shift in feeling to an emotional state that best represents the fulfilment of the desire.

And is he back now? Because if he isn’t, then you know that is still going to be an issue for him.

He’s coming back in a couple days

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How can i create a link?

Your ritual is the link in this context. Actually, the instant you have a desire every moment from then on is a link unless you hold a conviction that emotionally contradicts it somehow.

Are you sure that “every moment” is a link from the time you have a desire? I don’t know much about consciousness shifting but I thought that the desire is the link and the ritual is the means to an end.

Yes. The feeling of desire is just the relativity between your attachment to the perception of what you call “current” reality and another reality. Every moment from the impulse that makes of you aware of another state of reality is a path to it, i.e. reality is transforming into it. The ritual just helps you feel more connected to it by providing this feeling of relief or fulfillment, i.e. eases the attachment to the current state vs the desired state. It’s not very easy to describe in words to be honest.

Loved your response. I need your suggestion! Me and fiancé just broke up soon we moved to our new house. It has been month. We both were very heart broken, sad, angry, depressed and confused over the situation. I start working on my flaws, recognize what I did wrong, diagnosis the issues caused breakup and all. I tried to work on myself, but you know when you pull one brick of the wall the wall start falling apart slowly or fast. So I tried to talk but I messed up more by rushing her, pushing her and being desperate (situation was odd too, after broke up with her I moved bank to my apartment and she was alone in the big house, and my apartment lease was going to over in a month and I’d no place to go.). But can’t blame the situation .

 Anyway I have been manifesting, visualization, did some spells (new to it). Improving myself, fixing the flaws I had, working on the fears, anxiety triggered my emotions and caused the breakup, and working on all other issues (first I broke up and then she broke up, and refused to get back together soon she realized game is in her control). 
 We love each other, trust each other, cared about each other and build house together. But now she raise her ego high, and her mind is full of negative things about us, and she don’t want to hear from me. Because I left her. 

I value our relationship, I love her, i wants to be the man again who she wanted to marry and have kids with. And fulfill her needs, wishes, desires. But with my own stupidity I pushed her away.
What do you think and suggest me? Any Magick? Etc
Thank you

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You should start on the base. Working in your flaws, as your ego. In fact, this is where everyone should start if someone is trying to do something by itself. It will affect directly your magick by improving the way that people see you, but the best part of it is that your magick becomes more likely to bring results since you become less desperate about the outcome.

After that, at least while you do that, you should start working on your friendship with the girl. When we’re talking about long-term relationships, the friendliness between the couples is one of the “glues” that holds things together. You can flirt, kiss or have sex with anyone that wants two, but there’s no lasting relationships if there isn’t a really good friendship between the couples.

After that, work on bringing nostalgic memories from your past together as you work on reaproximation itself.

Then, work on bringing regrowing love, and let it happen, little by little, as the contact flows naturaly, don’t force anything. Then, when you both are already close, work on the lust, the sexual attraction.

In the end, after it all, work on evolving the relationship. Not on biding, development.

This approach works pretty better than obsession itself. Obsession normally ruins relationships instead of making them lasting. But in your case there’s love. There’s only a month after the breaking, and love is a feeling that is pretty difficult the get rid of.

So you should seek this plan strictly. And the most valuable tip here: be patient and know that your outcome is inevitable.

Pm me if you have any doubt. Good luck.

Thank you for the reply. Situation is complicated. I wish things were easy as I mentioned. I don’t have any ego, she does. I forgive everyone very quickly, she don’t. She no longer talk to me, she never blocked me but she do not reply any calls/text/eamils, and she don’t even talk much with her own family anymore. I can’t PM you yet because I am new here.

Who did you use?

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