Love spells!

i tried evoking Pomba Gira and Duke Sallos yesterday.
does anyone have any recommendations on other spells i could do to maybe heighten my chances of succes?
my target as of this morning blocked me on social media, have had no response from him in weeks now.
need urgent help than you
I just would like to state that i do not expect instant results. I didn’t know if i had done the ritual right considering my target had removed me on social media, im also a very anxious person so i’m sorry if i sound as though i am desperate and demanding results.
This is all out of curiosity and i believe that they will help me in due time :slight_smile:
thank you everyone

does anyone have any advice needing help ASAP ! thank you all

You could try this if you feel confident

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How would i call on them? is there a certain way to do it or do i just yolo the ritual the best way i can? thank you!

Seriously? How many posts are you going to make about this? You just called Sallos and Pomba Gira less than 24 hours ago, and you were advised in one of your previous threads to be patient, which you seem to be ignoring. You need to let them work, rather than throwing more and more spells into the mix which will just make a mess.

Magick is not instantaneous. Spirits may be multidimensional but the physical realm has the variable of time which has to be factored in.

Edit: Also, the more desperate you are, the less likely your magick will work. Do a search on the subject of “lust for result.”


I asked for any advice on what i could do, or if there was any thing i could do to increase my chance of succes. i also stated that i am new to spell casting and would appreciate more constructive criticism. Besides that, i was asking for advice because i am a new spell caster and i’m not even sure if i had done the right thing.
Sorry if being impatient is resulted in my lack of knowledge on the subject. but again, i didn’t have many responses and tried my best to receive help rather than judgement. but thank you nonetheless :slight_smile:

Don’t you think it’s easier to use the search tool rather than create new threads over and over and hope for anyone to respond?

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Did you get your ex back

I’m getting sick of these “spell to get my ex back” threads

Then dont read then, scroll on?


Opinions are welcome. Assholes aren’t. Please do us the favour of ignoring our stupid spells, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: