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Here is my first day of my 6 layered love spell.
I am tasking all the entities by petition spells, planning on doing a petition every other day.

I hope they don’t mind my sloppy handwriting


Could you please share the spirits name and their expertise in love spell?

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Today was King Belia, can change the mind of your target to be more favourable towards you.

This is where I get my info

Then what is the job of duke Dantalion?


Love/lust/desire obsession, or all four

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Great idea. Best wishes.

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Thanks, I’m really drained from casting today, I tryed putting all my energy into it, I don’t really remember casting it.

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I know this is unrelated, but I need to vent, I’m usually am nobody’s first, second, or hundred… it’s so bad, I had a homeless man ask me for change, i said sure. i’ll give you a dollar. I pull out my wallet to give him the dollar, as I do this, he see someone else a ways away, in jeans, and fadded shirt. I’m thinking, maybe he knows him. as he approaches them, he says “excuse me sir, do you have change” ignorning me. He never looked back. And I just walked away.

maybe your invisible. Or he really wanted change not dollar. =o)


No, I feel like he looked through me. Also I been praying to Lucifer, and King Paimon, and asked to have my astral senses sharpened, and now I have a headache. Also I used king paimon’s sigil, and asked him some question with a pendulum, I’ve never done that before, but it seamed it was giving me answeres, it was awesome.


Just an update:
My petition spells maybe backfired, or nothing happened at all. I think maybe it wasn’t ment to happen. It’s okay. I have faith in the entities I wrote to, they will do what they feel is best for me.

I was thinking of Lucifer, Azazel, and Beelzebub. As I was think of these three I got the chilies, and a ladybug flew into me. Maybe one of them was trying to get my attention?

I am sorry my BALG family I haven’t been on for a while. Still trying to decided what to do. I’m still a baby mage, I had some small things happen to me. I am confused and depressed.


Be blessed you all!


Well, I think I saw a castle and a lake near it


May I ask for some interpretation?

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I had gotten news about starting a new job:

I have been praying to both Lucifer and King Paimon, telling them in prayer about needing work, and the such. And today about an hour ago got the good news.

I prayed to them moments ago, thanking them for their influence on my life, and asked for a sign. While my head was bowed, eyes closed, and hands together, a warm calmness came over me. And again I thanked them. I also asked them if they wanted to stay, and that they are always welcome.

I am truly thankful and grateful for them both.


Update: I’ve been seeing numbers everywhere, 2:22 while texting a friend here, 11:11 12:12, 3:33 and just now 4:44, something big is coming, or someone is seriously trying to get me attention, can someone see, or find out for me please?

Be blessed


I also see those numbers alot and 10:10.
I believe comunicating from spirit world. And I’d like to know also what about.


Do not petition demons for a love spell. Petition them (especially Belial) for help becoming more self empowered, confident and self loving. Oh, and charismatic.

Then maybe do some glamour spells to improve the energy you give off.

Then ask them to help you attract somebody new.

That’s my recommendation.


Thanks Nate, I haven’t had any privacy/time to devote to practices, or attempting to contact the spirits. I will take your advice under consideration soon. Thank you.

Darkest blessings friend


NP man. I went through a REALLY rough period over the last 5 years obsessing over a woman and I am only JUST NOW beginning to truly leave her behind and move onto other options. My focus is now on self development and manifesting someone way better into my life. I am working closely with King Belial and Astaroth and they are really drilling home the point that I am sovereign and am best served by stepping into my own power and letting go of this woman.

I am learning how to step into my masculine energy, respect myself and get the life I want!

Ask King Belial and Astaroth for guidance! And in ypur case, maybe also Lucifer. Switch the focus to SELF love and SELF development. The rest will follow suit.

When I first discovered Egyptian love magick to win over this woman’s heart that I ha e been obsessing over, King Belial warned me in my dreams: If you want her, you can have her. But then you’re stuck with her. Since then, I have been slowly peeling back the many layers of meaning ti that statement. I woukd take such a warning seriously if I were you as well.


Yup, that sounds like Belial. He said the same thing to me in so many words, “Look, you keep coming to me about this person, you already know the answer. Stop asking me about him. You want him, you got him…but be prepared to deal with all the mess that comes with him as well, all of which you’re already aware.”

Kind of makes you step back and really wonder if this person is worth having…