Can Demons screw with other relationships in your life

I did the Layered Love spell here’s the link by invoking a few demons

Can the demons screw with other relationships in your life or aspects of your life?

I had a relationship drastically change in the past few days and was wondering if they might have had something to do with it. It wasn’t the target.


You can use Divination , or find someone skilled at it, to find out if the Demons caused this.



Probably not since it’s not related. Unless it somehow helps the case.
Working with Demons raw like this can make the magick quite dangerous (Even working with Demons with a well constructed ritual with good constraints can still be a bit dangerous in some cases). But I suggest you do what @jbkbmz suggested to really find out.


Thanks. I did like a light invoking/evocation nothing too technical. Will do!

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Basic sigil magic is what I was thinking of when I wrote that. I noticed the spell also includes Belial, which can make things very… interesting, to say the least.

But of course, shit happens in real life all the time. I’ve also had things a go wrong after I did magick and then I’d be like… oh shit, was that the magick? But it wasn’t the magick that caused it (and in some cases that’s completely sure). So don’t worry too much :slight_smile: but just be cautious. Working with Demons in that way is not exactly the safest, and on the LHP many consider pain to be a good thing, but Demons are intelligent beings and likely won’t cause something so very against your will.


I can tell them to stop immediately or work with an angel. Skeptical at if the demons actually had a hand to play in screwing other stuff up. Just to be cautious I’ll run a protection spell tomorrow since its Tuesday. Or ask them directly by divination which my go to is a pendulum. Thanks.

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Any entity can do this tbh. I’ve noticed people start leaving my life or relationships change when I’m doing a certain “pathwalking”.

It’s usually for the better so trust them on it.

Very interesting, I didn’t mean to destroy another relationship because I want to develop another. This was not my intention at all! This is a big opps if it did happen.

Don’t worry too much, when I first started doing banishing frequently a relationship in my life was also destroyed. I wondered if it was the banishing that caused it, but through divination found that it wasn’t, and the relationship was later on recovered. So you can do some divination on it to see what the cause was.

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