Dantalion Diary

Hello all,

This will be my diary regarding Duke Dantalion. Here goes the first post. I apologize if it’s long but there’s a lot to catch up:

Okay so, it all started with my quest Help transforming my "straight" crush to my bisexual sex pet . First I did a honey jar spell, a week later I pulled it back out to re-energize it: I lit a red candle on top of the jar and spell again, mediated and visualized my intentions for a little while, and that’s when I got a notification on my phone with his name on it. However, it wasn’t him messaging me but it was not a regular notification I would get. So I was really excited! It’s literally part of my intentions to have his name in my notifications… I felt I was closer and had a deeper connection/understanding of the power of magick. I let the candle burn till the fire extinguished on its own. Another week passed and I’m like you know what I’m not very patient and this might be more complicated than I think… so I consulted the almighty balg-forum search button and found this post A powerful layered love spell and I decided I’d summon a djinn to do the magick for me as it would be more powerful and done correct.

Initially, I thought that I should summon Belial as I assumed he was best fit for the task and so I freshened up my memory reading what I could about him. While doing so, the name Dantalion randomly came to my mind (it was on the layer love spell page)… but then another BALG member @Verdo pointed out that there have been a success story similar to what I’m trying to achieve here on BALG and the entity that helped was Orias. So, I shifted my whole focus on Orias. That’s when I can say it’s like I was being constantly mentally redirected to thinking of Dantalion. I’d be walking my dog and randomly start singing his name. The seed was planted and I decided to learn more about him. First I learned that


I immediately became more enticed to work with him on this project for those particular reason, but it was beyond that… it’s like I was discouraged from working with anyone else on it like my intuition was telling me he’s the one. That’s when I read this and it really resonated with me:

I took these signs quite seriously. I felt that he knew what I wanted and was basically summoning me to summon him.

Today I attempted to do just that. Based Dantalion tips (and everything that you need to know about him) and some other sources here’s what I did:

  1. Prepared two tables, a chair and the following items and centred them on my round carpet:
    two berry-scented candles, 2 jasmine incense, his sigil, blank paper, marker, a black-mirror, a written copy of the LBPR, and the offerings of raw honey and whiskey.

  2. I performed the LBPR with strong beliefs. It took some time as I was reading off the paper that I set on the table, but I really felt like I got it right the first time and my dog even moved and came into the circle to lye down (he didn’t disturb at all)

  3. I traced his sigil on the blank paper with a marker, I did my best but it wasn’t the greatest. Then I lit the candles and incense & removed the lids of the honey jar and whiskey.

  4. I began to chant his enn which is “Avage ayer Dantalion on ca” At this point I was nervous and didn’t chant it for too long but I did gaze at his sigil and looked into the black mirror. Like I said I was a nervous (it’s first evocation attempt ever) but I kept reminding myself that I’m in a magic circle and can’t be harmed.

  5. At some point, the feeling of nervousness was completely gone and replaced with a feeling of empowerment. I was standing tall and that’s when I greeted Duke Dantalion and thanked him for coming. I explained that it was my first evocation and I don’t mean to disrespect him if he finds my request petty or if I say the wrong words. I also explained that I recognize my own powers (and boy, did I feel powerful!) Then told him that I am kindly and respectfully requesting his help and

  6. Speaking loudly I said I would like to make a deal. I want the following three things from you:

a) For my crush to become my sex pet
b) To get rid of all negative thoughts, energy and avoid depression. Give me inner-peace.
c) Increase my spiritual connection and empower me with mind reading capabilities.

I told him in exchange I’d offer him this honey and whiskey as a prepayment and I would offer my formal recognition and gratitude by posting about him online afterwards if he successfully delivers.

Then I elaborated on each item and said if he agrees I would later move the honey and whiskey for him down to my garage after the ritual was over, and asked him to show me a sign if he agrees. Nothing happened, but I really did feel he was there.

  1. Desperate to his approval I try to channel in and listen to the voices in my head… By the way this whole time I am speaking in English to him, however my roots are Arabic and Shami dialect. The voice the pops in my head was Arabic and of Egyptian dialect.

To be completely honest, I rarely ever spoke in Egyptian dialect… I’d always speak English or Shami dialect, but for the past few weeks I’ve had this Egyptian song on replay nonstop and kept thinking of my grandma (who lived in Egypt and also practiced magic) even though I never knew her my entire child/adult-hood.

Anyways, the voice in my head tells me that he’s going to help me, not to worry about it and that he has always been there with me. At one point I was over-elaborating and he told me not to ramble. He said he’s going to make it happen. I said with all due respect if I don’t hear from my crush within a week I will summon you again to follow up. I thanked him for coming and asked him to kindly leave.

  1. After that, I burned two of his sigils over the candles and put out the incense. The other which I didn’t use I put next to the honey jar spell of my crush.

  2. I did the LBPR another two times. This time twice because I thought I might have had made a mistake the first time and wanted to make sure I got it right. Then I took out my phone and took this photo:

  3. I brought the honey and whiskey down to the garage as promised. I left them open and threw away the lids; then I proceeded to write this diary.

Honestly, I’m not sure if the evocation attempt worked or if I just made up those voices in my head; but it did feel like he was there. Especially because I wasn’t nervous at all anymore and rather felt empowered.

Feel free to share your thoughts! :blush: I’ll update you guys once any developments happen…


I have moved this topic to the Journals section as you are just detailing experiences, not posing anything for active discussion.

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Now I strongly believe that the evocation was successful and mainly because my Dog acting strange after ritual :cry:

I also noted in that thread how I feel like he’s trying to get me to summon him again. I’d keep having the idea planted in my head like “Summon him right now” or I’d have his enn at the tip of my tongue and would have to stop myself from chanting it. I told him last time that I would be evoking him in one week to follow up. I refuse to do it any sooner because I want him to know that I’m in control. I am the operator and my boundaries will be respected.

Still nothing from my crush yet though. I will update here if anything changes before the next evocation.


It’s been exactly one week since my last evocation of Duke Dantalion. So, I summoned him again today as promised.

I had access to a vacant property so I did it there but I was kind of nervous someone would walk in. Afterwards, everything was fine though and I feel great right now writing this, no one came. But, I had to be quick.

I asked the Duke to speed things up with my request. He asked me to be patient and work on myself so that I’m ready.

I didn’t set a date in stone for our next summoning, so I’ll just do it whenever it feels right next. Although, I hope to find another place cause I was sketched out today at first lol and it’s freezing outside here in Canada.

I also wanted to thank the honourable Duke Dantalion for helping me open my senses and finding inner-peace. I know there’s a lot more work to be done, but it’s a great start so far. Thanks Duke!

I’ll update if anything changes or once I summon next.


I summoned Duke Dantalion on Sunday, July 18, 2021 around 8:00pm in a hotel room in Montreal, Québec.

I lit jasmine incense and a berry candle in his honour. I had copied his sigil on a blank paper with black pen.I began scanning the sigil with my eyes, connecting to it while chanting his enn. Eventually it began flashing and I started to feel the Duke’s presence.

I thanked the Duke for responding, followed up on my last summon and made my requests. I asked the Duke for assistance for the following:

  • Preventing any complications for my business’s legal proceedings.
  • Remove any barriers that might slow my income.
  • Strengthening the bond between my dog and I.

My offering was to write about our success and publicly credit Duke Dantalion.

It’s only been over a month, and the my company’s proceedings are still in progress so I’m waiting to see how things turn out with that. I can tell you however that so far people have been more generous towards me, and the bond between my dog and I is already stronger. It seems that animals and insects are also less afraid of me and allow me to get closer than before. So I want to publicly thank Duke Dantalion for his assistance, and acknowledge his powerful influence on these matters. Thank you!


Also, there was another two times this year (dates unknown) that I called for Duke Dantalion without actually using the sigil to summon. I did chant his enn though and made my requests: one was to help me win an audit with the government tax authority the other was on behalf of a friend who was also being audited but by another agency. Needless to say, Duke Dantalion came through both times. Although neither of us had the appropriate evidence to prove our claims, and some staff tried to stand in the way, there was authorization made from higher ranking employees to approve each of our files. I already know Duke Dantalion had an influence in the approval. Thank you so much Duke Dantalion! Your help does not go unnoticed and will always be remembered. Thank you.


Hello, so what happened with your crush ? Did it worked ?

(You can answer me in PM if you wish, I’m just really curious to see how it goes, as I’m planning to start working with the goetic spirits soon)

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Yes, what happened with your Evocation from last year? Any updates on that?

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It’s been 10 months and I still haven’t succeeded with that yet. But it’s not all bad, they have called me a few times since and they were very pleasant and said that they wanted to see me. I didn’t follow up but they have been closely following my social media and will be the first to view my stories. It is still a work in progress I’d say. I know this is a complex request and there’s a lot of work that needs to be put in, especially from me. The biggest being that I need to get in better shape and improve my hygiene in order to be more attractive. I know magic doesn’t happen overnight for me. The quickest turnaround I’ve had was 2 weeks for simpler things. Maybe it’s because I’m a novice mage. Either way I’m willing to wait as long as it takes and do the work necessary to improve my magic and overall attractiveness. I don’t lust over the results, but I’m considering including another demon to help as long as it doesn’t offend the Duke or slow the process. And of course I will update this forum with the results.

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I’ve promised to pay Dantalion with public praise after achieving results for my recent project, so here it goes: Hail Duke Dantalion! Thank you for playing a role in helping me achieve results with this project. It’s been a roller-coaster ride, but I got what I asked for in the very end and you were part of the help. Thank you Duke Dantalion! My gratitude and praise goes out to you till eternity.