Attracting a crush

Yeah true, nothing is free anymore, thanks for the advice

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And plus I believe they already have

or they could fuck with you for fun

Then, here’s the deamons talking through me to tell you to follow my lead.

Ok dude what exactly are you talking about?

If you still want to attract your co worker then I recommend the love spell from the Simon’s Necronomicon since it very easy to charm her with that spell.

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Not me bruh lol

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Oops since I meant that for Supernatural.

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Yeah sure I’ll try it?

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Good luck my dude, stay positive

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Thank dude,I’m gonna need it lol

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Good luck too.

Keep the positivity man, follow my exercise daily I promise after a while you will notice a change and any magick will improve.

Hey it’s already working! I feel more confident already lol

That may help a lot
Please read it.

There are spells for that if you have access to a cemetary where part of that persons bloodline rests, there is also law of attraction which works great.

Those are good options too.

Pomba Gira

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She is not a dude.

Agree that she is a great option too since all the goddesses that have an affinity to love can help greatly.