When to just give up on getting a specific person?

thanks a lot :)))))

No, I know I really want him. He has some bad qualities but no one is perfect, and he fulfills most of the qualities that I want in a husband. Also I really love and enjoy spending time with him.

Thank you, hoping it works!

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so he’s worthy! girl, what you’re waiting, take your man (if you haven’t took him already)
trust your power, the power of the spirits and thats nothing to worry about anymore

Do you think doing the spell with Leraje is a good idea? I’m thinking maybe there could be other women in the way slowing down this manifestation, because I haven’t seen him in almost 2 weeks, and he hasn’t reached out in almost a week.

try doing this spell

if you feel need of more spells do the ea koetting love spell or this

I’ve pretty much done the layered love spell involving Goetic spirits except for one of those demons. I did them all within a week. There still seems to be something holding this up from fully manifesting, which is why I’m thinking of doing a spell to destroy any competition.


well, the layered spell includes belial and he breaks all the barriers and limitations so isn’t that include? how was the result of the spell?

Yes I did that part. I heard from him within a few days, he took me out on a date, but that was 2 weeks ago and he has barely texted me since. Saying break all barriers doesn’t exactly mention ruining the other relationships he has though. It could have just targeted other barriers.

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What did this say?

Oh sorry about that since I made a post about a love spell that could help you. But I then remember that the side effects of doing the love spell in a reverse order could be quite tricky.

I relate to this so well even our methods are the same, except I started with Damon’s Archangel ritual and I’m the successful business magnate/player in the story…

I had some emotional turmoil that depressed me out of my skull after a girlfriend cheated on me with 5 people and got knocked up and it made a space where my spells started to hit HARD. I ended up dating 6 women and one of them I hit it off with so well I was considering monogamy with her despite swearing off those types of relationships for a long time, at least until I got my bearings in life again…

Anyway, I was the most powerfully seductiive version of myself ever. I’d regularly wake up to texts from women I was with the week before flirting about how they’re “still soooooo sore” while I was with other girls. I wasn’t unobtainable, I was very honest with them saying “I just haven’t found the right girl yet but I’m always up for seeing where something goes.” This one captivated me.

We hit it off so well she was even shocked. Best sexual chemistry ever and we both reveled in how we felt together. Cloud 9. She’d brag to her friends about how I’m a “Sex God” and it was that unmistakable knowing that “I am the prize.” Then things got weird.

She doesn’t like being lead by her emotions so she ran off the deep end, got into drugs, had a threesome with her best friends date after her friend fell asleep on a double date, texted me in a drunk state bragging about it like a frat kid and then seemed harder and harder to connect with as time went on. I cast the Attraction into Love ritual and things seemed to only get pushed further away while she became more and more depressed. She was doing it to herself and got to where she said she couldn’t feel anything for anyone anymore.

I worked a ton of Magick trying to hit it from every angle, trying to detach from it, not work anything for it for a while and now she’s happily in a relationship with some dude she went to a rave with. I’m not sure if I’m cursed or not. My OCD revolves around this now though. 9 months of being in the same place you’re in. I feel you.

I’ve gotten pretty good at manifesting anything else I want though. This was why I got into Magick so deeply to begin with. Makes you want to rage and bring down a torrent of chaos somewhere but what would feel better is moving past it and feeling what I did before in a better context with someone whose head isn’t up their ass. That’s been a trend for me though. I connect with a girl and they start doing very very stupid self destructive things and then wonder why their life is so hard.

That was a rant, but we’re absolutely on the same page.


Wow. Our stories do sound very similar. This guy is also very self destructive, from the drug use to cigarettes, he can be very negative and has a low self esteem. He said he has always dated girls who were mean to him and I’m one of the nicest girls he’s ever been with. I’m not sure what to do anymore. I’m casting the spell with Leraje this week to end any relationships he currently has with other woman. That’s really the only angle I haven’t hit with spell work at this point, so if this doesn’t bring results then I will probably just fully move on.

I don’t like doing baneful magick and really wish it hadn’t come to this. Usually just casting a love spell has been enough to tear a guy away from any other women he is seeing from my experience.

People keep telling me to text him and drop him bait, but I just have no desire to reach out to him at this point. I want to be pursued.

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Btw, congrats on your success. I would love to hear your other experiences with Damon Brands books. I just started Magickal Wealth as well.

As I’ve worked with Sallos and Sitri (in addition to being obsessed with social psychology for over a decade) I’ve learned a few things that will help a lot. Part of what I would consider is we date the same types of people over and over again and he said he dates women that are mean to him.

He handed you his affection map. Follow it!

“Mean to me” is usually woundedspeak for “non-compliant” or “didn’t give attention” or what have you. We chase what runs away. No matter how great your favorite band is, you’d eventually stop seeing them if they were ALWAYS in town playing a show every week. On the other hand if I sleep with a girl really well a few times and then my life gets hectic/full of action, music, business, etc and I genuinely can’t hang out with her more than twice a month I can almost guarantee she’ll start chasing me if I didn’t come off as impossible. Come to think there’s a chance I did despite my efforts…

You’re still sleeping with him yes? Give him something to chase. That will give the spirits an emotion to amplify. If you’re not sure how to go about it cast for that or look into relationship techniques. I hate saying this but “The Rules” might help even your playing field with him.

Any good relationship has a 60/40 power split. Right now it’s 90/10 his way. I’m sure he appreciates you but we train people to treat us the way we do and he’s very clearly more comfortable than you are just the way things are. Shake that up a bit and see what happens.


The entirety of the Gallery of Magick spells I’ve worked have been amazing. They’ll call to me at different times but they’ve stepped my reality up quite a bit. I have Magickal Riches as well and that’s next on my list for business growth.

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Thanks, so do you suggest to stop sleeping with him? When we reconnected I already made him wait about 2-3 months before having sex again. Anyway, I called on another Goetia spirit last night. I don’t want to say specific as the spell was just performed, so I won’t go into full details yet. I essentially asked the spirit to destroy and annihilate any other romantic and sexual relationships this man has with any women other than me, so that he is happily only dating me. Within a few hours he texted me and asked to see me. I am still expecting major results, but glad to see some movement. I will update on this forum if I do receive the great results I requested.

This man is extremely wealthy and young, and lately when I’m with him he has mentioned when his phone goes off how it’s annoying that this random girl who works for him is texting him. So I was thinking this ritual I did last night could be the missing piece.

Also I just have another general question for anyone reading this. Since I want to get married early while also keep a few men under my influence, I have been casting love spells on multiple different men. Just two men, but have met another possible eligible bachelor. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket in case things with the original guy don’t work out. He’s the only one I actually want to be with, but like I said I feel I should keep my options open. I’ve using all different types of spells and spirits (demons, angels, and saints). I always make sure at the end of each spell to say “Do what I command without harming my relationship with N.”

Sorry this is long. Basically I want to marry this guy within a few years. If not, I can spend my time trying to manifest marriage with someone else. I’m beautiful and young with a great personality, I would be a good wife and support to a successful man.

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Can you pm me the name of the demon?

Is this the archangel ritual from magical seduction ? or something else?

Maybe I can help?