Powerful Love Ritual

Okay i swore i wouldn’t post on love or lust rituals because mine are extremely potent look there are consequences to Love Magick but if your going to do it then follow these instructions below.

What you need.

  1. Two images of both individuals you want to bring together.
  2. A red candle.
  3. A huge image of the heartagram.


That’s the heartagram above …


Face the south and place a huge heartagram on the floor place the photos of each person on the left point, then the other on the right point, then place the red candle in the center.

Then light the red candle and visualize the flame go red and feel the energy of love flow through the flame of the candle, visualize the lines of the heartagram glow red, next look at both images and say their names over and over.

Close your eyes visualize your heart chakra inhale deeply and as you exhale push the love out of that chakra down your right arm and push it into the symbol and say

" ( Name of Both people ) You shall fall in love, by these powers presented, your hearts, your minds and your souls shall be linked, you shall dream about eachother, you shall love eachother by the will of the goddess’s come together ".

Then visualize both people coming together and push that desire and your will into the heartagram, scry into it and see it come alive and say

" In Astarte’s name and power may you be linked ( Name of both of them ) ".

Repeat that X9.

Then visualize the red candle create a beacon of red light into the universe and say

" You are now one Alash Tad Alash Talashtu, In love you are ".

Then visualize both of them together inhale and as you exhale push that desire into the beacon and let the candle burn until its burnt all the way down.

It’s that easy, but you have been warned.


Conner Kendall.

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Any successful stories with this spell?


My friend did it and it worked immediately …

I did it as a young idiot to see if it would work and it did and she became obsessed sadly it didn’t end well because i broke it off.

Also three people online did this and it worked well for one of them the other it worked to much she got left and then committed suicide, this is why i say Love Magick can be dangerous but this is very successful.


Before I try this I want to ask.
How do you break that particular spell if it goes wrong.
Like I don’t want negativity to her at all and it’s usually a good idea to know how.

Thanks for posting btw


Stay with her and it won’t go negative :joy:


Ffs :sob::sob::sob:


There is a reverse rite you can do there are many you can find to reverse the rite / spell.


You need to create a ritual for getting laid the fuck outta your mind, for real.

Not just two people, but general population.

Im just sayin😂…
But imma keep sipping my Coke/Wine :wine_glass:

Excellent Work
Looking forward to tryin this out


Stupid questions of the evening:

  1. Is the point of the heart pointing South or North?

  2. Once you’ve done the ritual, what then, you leave it, rinse repeat?

  3. After the spell how do you dispose of the workings - anything specific? What do you do with the photos and the heartagram?



Yes face the south with the heart.

Once your done leave the candle burn.

Then hide the implements in a box under your bed or in a corner in the south


Sorry I am confused is the pointy end of this pointing towards South or North please?

In other words would I have my back to the South if I was working this.



No you have to be facing south



So in other words this is correct - I just wanted to be certain - thanks


Yes just like that


This is a thing? Seriously? I thought chip butties were weird.


Yeah. @C.Kendall, do you have a version of this spell for hot lust only, not for attached love?

I’d just modify the wording and call on a different entity.


Thanks - really helpful and appreciated.

Would this also work for me because I’m trying to get my ex girlfriend back but right not she’s with some douche bag that hits her? Will it make her come back to me very clingy and attached?


does this spell wear off over time or does it last for life?


How did you learn of this strong love spell?