Best demon for my love situation?

Today I am not here to report any experience, but to ask for help. If anyone can guide me I’ll be grateful forever.
I have been stagnating for 3 years in a situation with the person I love. We never dated officially. Our relationship was about sex only (in the beginning). I thought that with the passage of the months it would end. It turned out that my life started there. I built all my bonds of friendship from him.
I tried to walk away, drink to forget, even had sex with several other people. In vain. In the end, I always got worse. When I was with him, the peace I used to feel was out of this world. Now that the story begins to get interesting. it is relevant to say that today he has 23yo and has never had a girlfriend. But over time, I knew that what we had was special.
I played tarot a few times and every game said the same thing: When we were apart, he missed me. if there was another girl in the story, the letters said it was never anything serious. In the end, it was always me.
I decided to look for Goecia. After all, he already liked me anyway. In weeks we were close like we’ve never been before. We used to see each other during the week and spend hours talking and laughing. But in the end, everything was back to square one. He gave priority to go out and drink every day with the other friends who are just like him.
About 3 weeks ago, he finally said he wanted us to date. I thought I was going to be able to sleep in peace for the first time. And the next day it all fell apart again. He said he loved me, but that he was not ready to make a relationship with anyone. I accepted, but we ended up fighting and now we’re apart.
_I played tarot again and the tarologist said: There is energy for him to get back but it would be the same as before.He really is not ready for a serious relationship.He thinks about you a lot but at the same time tends to turn away because he knows that after what he has done, there is no turning back. It is a shame he acts like this, because what he feels for you is true.
I did not want to vent. But I had to explain the situation for help. Do you understand? We love each other but he has this problem. And I just do not see myself being happy without it. If anyone knows something to be done in this situation, some entity, ritual, people, I will be very grateful forever.


Best demon.Duke Sallos



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King Beleth, Sallos and Dantalion.


For one Tarot isn’t a game :expressionless:


sorry, I’m brazilian, my english is not 100%, but i guess you could understand what I meant


Not a demon, but the Archangel Raguel might be able to help.

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can u try that for me my dear

Im sorry i dont do readings.


my dear friend but u can try if u know about that we all are here to help each other as i right

@Lilithflower wrote this and this about conjuring the Ritual of Lust from the Satanic Bible, and sending your subconscious as a succubus from the Satanic Witch. @jaysalamone wrote this to call Yemaya. @zer0rez gives the nod to Gremori here. @Reaper182 says Wal is the one to call here. @karenina did this to Rosier. @C.Kendall wrote this heartagram ritual to Astarte. Finally, i’ve written a few, including this to call Ishtar, this to Paliay, Kuliay, and Toliay, and this for Simbi Makaya.

You have many options. Pick one and try it out.


I deeply pity you, I am in an almost exact dilemma

At least he’s around. Not everyone gets to have someone there care for in their life such as myself. I think you two might be soulmate friends.