Help please🥺😭!

Hi everyone, i really need help and advice now. I see a girl lastly and i feel something for her that i never felt of my life, like raw intense love. So, next to that i decide to perform a love ritual with astarte, this one, but i add blood offering to astarte sigil Powerful Love Ritual

Next to that i meet her a second time and when i try to kiss her she reject me, weirdly the next day, today, i see her on the street greet her with smile and her too. She live an other city, so really weird coincidence that remind me how much i appreciate her and there still a chance in my intuition.
I know the main reason why she reject me is because i was really not talking much and i always be a very shy person with low confidence in social skill, so there was no emotional tension between us, but i try to kiss her anyway.
I really like that girl and want something serious with her, do some of you know powerful magic that work for make her back to me or if someone can do a ritual for me, i can pay a contribution, but i don’t have lot of money or do a ritual for you in exchange as i think doing a ritual for someone is more potent. Thank you!

Can try someone like Phenix to become better at conversing. Ask the right questions, get out of your head and LISTEN to the responses, you’ll probably have more questions based off responses. Make them talk about themselves if you’re nervous and new to this.

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Well. You said it yourself, no emotional tension and that’s probably a wrong timing to try to kiss someone. You have to be more social otherwise her interest for you won’t increase because through being social you two will get to know each other. Spell work is the best when you do it yourself because this is something you desire. Energy is key and when it comes to love the energy is pretty intense and strong so it should be done by you but since you ask for help then it means you’re currently in no position to cast a spell. My advice is to calm down and try to gain some self esteem and confidence, try to talk to her and not to kiss her, get to know her and try to be her friend and see where it goes. If she’s not interested then she’s not and there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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I read it first and thought hmm well she’s around repeatedly and that would be a sign of magick working

I would try Neville Goddard techniques or law of attraction