Need your guidance please!

Hello everyone !
So i didnt want to post this but now this is what happened and now i am confused…

I saw this Powerful Love Ritual

a few days ago for this powerful love obsession magick.I did it tonight.Now when i put the candle in the middle,which means in the middle of the heartagram.It was all perfectly set, i did the ritual and also felt that is was going well.I heard some cats meowing and a dog barking from the outside ( around 1.30am) .

After completing the ritual, i went to the bathroom and i came back to apply my night cream,before going to sleep,the candle was still burning.But what happened is, right infront of my eyes,the ‘‘thread’’ of the candle moved to the left and it burned down a part of the Heartagram ! I blew it,because i didnt want the heartagram to vanish…but yeah,now i have a hole in the heartagram…it doesnt really look like a heart anymore.

Now,my question is, Do you guys think,that i should take this as a sign,that the ritual was accepted? Maybe it was the spirits sign of its presence or way of telling me that my wish has been heard?

Or maybe,i had bad luck and the candles flame burned down the paper?. I really put lots of energy into it,they also mention that you should feel your heart chakra getting connected with it…but after that paper burned, i infact felt pain in my heart.Thats so weird.And let me tell you,it was very unlikely that the flame burned down the heart…

Sorry for my english misspellings… thanks for every reply !


It worked no questions of yourself. The animals callings were of rep of spirits perhaps of Astarte herself ( her description*

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And dogs i can only think of Hecate so. Hope this is of help

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