Magickal Methods To Save My Family Urgently Needed!

  • I’ve already thought about it and made up my mind, so please keep this to magickal assistance only. Not trying to be rude, but I will ignore you if you give me advice that is counter to what I want or some Dr. Phil advice. I am the one who has had to live with this. *

I have thrown off my feelings of giving a shit or fearing karma (from other places). Things need to be done. I’ve felt a pull to do this for a while and I am finally listening. I’ve also felt a peace since coming here that I have never felt before (and I have an anxiety disorder so that’s HUGE) yet there’s something (a strength, if that makes sense) begging to come out of me. I’m ready. WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE EACH THING. Here’s a list.

  • Bring my husband home (He loves me, wants to be with me, he’s with someone; he’s ashamed)

  • Bring my son’s girlfriend home to him (She loves him, wants to be with him, she’s with someone; she’s ashamed)

  • Make her leave her family (they’re a bunch of ignorant, racist knuckledraggers who treat her bad)

  • What is the best way to heal the past (between each of us, their friends, etc. for them cheating and leaving)?

  • My husband has a lot of things from his past that he needs to heal that have to do with his childhood. He doesn’t speak to his Dad and frankly he only deals with his mother because he has a sister under the age of 18. I’d prefer that he take a break from her because all she does is treat him bad and tell the rest of the family lies about him until he is healed. Maybe even after.

A few notes: I don’t know what made my husband do what he did and at this point it doesn’t matter. He was asked if he was happy with who he is with and he’s not. Doesn’t even like her. Same with my son’s girlfriend. So spare me the free will shit. Neither wants to be where they are but got themselves in so deep that they can’t find a way out. That’s why I need the heavy hitting stuff.

I plan on starting on Friday with the powerful love ritual C. Kendall posted here for my husband:

I read about evocation with Beleth, Belial and Paimon. I started to learn about them including how to pronounce their enns. I drew Beleth’s sigil last night. Perhaps do the spell above for my husband then the evocation of the three for my son’s girlfriend?

I’ve got some good ideas, but you guys are a treasure trove of information. I will report back any and all results. Thanks!

P.S. My husband did wrong, I am aware. Not sure how to hurt him yet bring him home to drive the point home. His life isn’t going to well as it is. Perhaps he just needs a touch of being on his knees for his wife to set him straight? My son’s girlfriend’s life is basically a raging dumpster fire that she just sinks deeper into the worse things get. Perhaps a huge fight with her family and they throw her out so she has no where to go but to my son?


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Thank you @Lady_Eva. I messaged you.

I’d like to make it clear: no one’s free will is being tampered with. Four people are currently suffering due to the actions of two people. Those two people are weak and although they want to fix their mistakes, are unable to. I am one of the strong people, so I either let the four of us languish or I step in and fix things via magick. Two of us have been affected medically due to the situation and rectifying it will fix that.

My decisions have been made while in quiet contemplation, not wild emotions. The two who caused the problems have admitted their desires and true feelings. The longer this continues the way it has, the longer four people are being hurt; two in ways they can be harmed severely. It may not be the way you want to live, but everyone involved truly wants this fixed and that’s my concern.

I hope those who can assist, will and leave their person feelings at the door. The last time so many personal feelings were thrown in that I had to abandon my quest for several weeks because very little magickal advice was being shared.

Please note I have not been selfish. I have shared knowledge here on the board and in personal messages as well.

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I wish I could help. I have a very similar situation that I’ve been trying to figure out on my own. If anyone out there can and will help you, I hope it works, and I hope they find their way to me. Best wishes.


Just being kind helps. There is a powerful love spell C. Kendall posted here: Powerful Love Ritual

I am going to do it after a break up spell involving Astaroth I was directed to a while back. I hope that helps.

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Let me know how it works out.

Did you read the thread? It seems to be incredibly powerful. I will update after I do it.

I did. Unfortunately I’m out of red candles, but I plan to use it soon.

Ok, great! Do you need a breakup ritual/spell?

I have used a few hoodoo breakup spells in the past, but this time I am planning to work with asmodeus and Bucon to formulate a breakup ritual.

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If you feel comfortable, please do share your results!

im always up to help lol first of ill tell you king paimon doesnt deal with relation ships you need som one who can break up a relation ship sallos dantalion raum sitri gusion and even furfur can if you do demon work a come to me jar spell can work to but may take longer then demon work be confident which ever you choose things will work out sorry your going thru this pm me if you like like i said i love to help

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In my reading I have found that Paimon manipulates thoughts, Beleth manipulates emotions and Belial can influence and/or manipulate situations. I feel the 3 together would be a good assault to finally get things moving.

Thank you for the offer of help. I will PM you.


Evocation of the nine kings and giving your petition to them for their assistance in reaching your goals will be great.

Just simply have nine sigils of them, you can anoint them in sexual juices or blood.
Light candles, a good incense such as frankincense resin upon a lit coal, just turn off any smoke alarms.

Call each one at a time, once you feel the presence of the nine kings, simply say something like.

" Beleth, Balam, King Paimon, Belial, Purson, Vine,
Zagan, Asmodeous. Great Kings, The nine infernal crowns, upon the nine thrones of Infernal majesty, I call you in attendance today for (Then insert your desire) I thank you for your presence here and ask that you aid in me, in bringing forth what I ask, I ask you Great royals of hell to employ your spiritual resources, legions, armies and your powers towards what I desire ".

Give a small offering if you feel like it, feel your desire be exhausted from yourself as if the desire is energy itself being funneled towards the king’s as fuel to perform your task.

Dismiss them from the temple, thanking them, light a candle, as you stare into the flame, visualise the king’s perform the tasks at hand.

Visualise the result become manifest, this should help with your family and your problems.

Ground yourself, move on and don’t lust for results just forget about it.


YAY! Thanks for commenting. Can I use this as a template?

By the way, should I do this first then the love ritual you posted?

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Yeah of course, it’s your ritual it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, just trust in yourself and go with the flow of the rite.

Since all the issues you mention come together under the flag “relationship issues”,
i’d suggest you to work into and through,
several Love & Emotion Deities.
Angels, Demons, what else you find.
You’ll notice some contradictive advice and energy at first,
which at that point will just stirr things around,
not really harm or better the situation at the beginning.
Quickly. you’ll notice some things really sticking out,
and familiarity and coherence will show up.
Then, when focusing in on the main deities which felt right for you,
you can work with them together on bringing the required changes into being bit by bit.

i suggest you start out with Astarte, Beleth and Bael.
Bael might be wrong, or changable for Belial,
i honestly don’t know why i suggested him first.
these seem to be good starting points in my eyes.

Astarte should come way first, as she’s gonna likely be basing the Energy for the following workings and grounding them into a love based Synchronicity.
You can adress that specifically towards her,
i guess the general pagan “let no harm be drawn out of this” will be sufficient.
Note, that there isn’t going to be a completely harmfree solution to this,
as a lot of harm has been manifested before,
and to undo the new ties there’s gonna be emotional distress and pain for those involved.
The spell “let there be no harm”, is merely to minimize the negative consequences towards your beloved ones.




I’m going to do this tonight. I’ve been working with Sallos, prince Sitri, King Paimon, Belial, and most recently, I just an experience with Beleth that I believe led me here to this post… My question for you, sir, is if I should also do the love spell with the heartagram upon my target? I don’t care about an overkill effect, I want her obsessed with me to the point that I’m her top priority, I need her mind to fill with terror at the thought of being without me… What do you recommend?

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you’ve answered that yourself.




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