Love ritual on a Saturday?

Is it ok to do a love ritual on a Saturday evening ? I was once told Saturday’s are no good for them. Something to do with saturns energy.

I was thinking. About doing the love/lust ritual posted by Kendall somewhere else on this forum.

Thanks for your tips


It’s better to do love related rituals on Fridays, as Fridays are ruled by Venus.


Yea I thought of this too late lol, and day time is ok ?? Also is it ok for me alter the wordings of this ritual a little bit, I already love the target and she has feelings for me aswell but she’s holding back for some reason. So I want to state “ X will love me … X will bind to me …” ish like that ?

I will wait till next Friday if I have to.

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Fridays on a waxing Moon to bring someone closer. Waning as it is now is for turning things away from you. Saturday and a waning Moon will not be best for a Love spell



Ok thanks.

This past libra full moon I did a spell. That was ok correct ??

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Full moon is usually good for all things.


Full Moons are always good and very powerful.


Thank you ladies, any other suggestions you have ?

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My most successful ritual for love was with Hecate and 2 photos tied together with red ribbon.

Another one is a 7 day red figure candle spell with come to me oil on the figures and you move them closer each day. At the end you bind them together.

I only know these as I never do love work now as I could not get rid of him and he was a prick so do them wisely. Good luck


I know I just did one recently and probably should wait, for a while before I do another one. But !!! It’s either that or just meditation to sallos, rosier and Amon !

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@anon773983 check PM

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Does the ritual have to be done on the floor?

I do not recommend Saturday for that, I would wait until Friday.


Venus does have some specific hours on a Saturday. So it wold be possible if that’s the only time you have to work. Just google planetary hours it will help you find a good time if thats the only day you have.

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Even if she did, it would still be on a Saturn day. It would be a bad idea unless you wanted to bind the person too you, but that has it’s own ethical quandaries.


I think I’ll wait for a Friday, although I do want to bind the target to me. Either way. Since I already did a ritual on the pst full moon, I think it’s best I let some time go by.

The last ritual has manifested in some way where we’ve been in constant contact everyday this week, but it’s still me initiating contact, I am going to let the weekend pass and not reach out to the target to see how it goes, whether they reach out or not !

Target seems to still be holding back a little, I just don’t know how to get over that hump of making them loosen up a bit and ask me out again, or even ask to see me in general.

In the meanwhile I’ve decided to continue my meditation with rosier, Amon and sallos to get that extra push… I don’t ask them for much while meditating as I’ve already done that twice with each of them. I just relax and listen to their enn.

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With the moon waning as it is now, it seems a good idea use that turning things away aspect to enhance what we want to continue to come to us.

Things like, turning limitations away (theirs or ours), or to turn away situations that may be an obstacle to what we want.

So instead of just ‘Bring her to me’, if the moon is waning, it is that but also with more like ‘her doubts and fears disappear’.


So how about a candle ritual to push her fears away ??? And for her to let go of whatever blockages there maybe that are stopping her from taking that leap of faith ???

Any preference on candle color ??

Also there has been very good movement like I mentioned earlier like constant contact all past week but still me reaching out every day, and her responding … so I feel like I’m right there I’ve been sending flowers lately 2x in the last week to show her my interest as well.

Feels like this is just how the spirits want this to play out me taking action and not giving up

We’ve went from her ignoring my messages for a day or so to staying in touch now. So I feel there’s is momentum just slowly though. I really want her to get over the hump of saying yes to going out


I also think that fridays are more appropriate but let your gut feeling overrule.
Do what you feel that’s best