I love him, he likes me but we live 4h apart

Hi there!
I’m in love with a guy I met this summer and with whom I was togheter for a while. We broke up but kept talking and he seemed intrested but the he found another girl.

They got togheter but 1 day later, the 1st day of another holiday, discovedered she cheated on him and broke up with her only to come back to me. So I told him to show me that I was his first choice and he loved me ( basically to show me that what he was saying was true ) and by the end of that it seemed as if I was be one desperate to get back togheter. The next day he told me he didn’t want a girlfriend because he wanted to figure what he wanted first but was still intrested. Then once he got back from this vacation he was on, he became more distant and didnt answer my texts.

When confronted with it he said the fact I kept asking him if everything was okay was making him loose interest. So I created space between us and posted stories thst I know he’d answer to so we did some small talk. After 10 days he was intrested again, only to become more distant after 10 days.

Basically I contacted one of his friends only to find out they had been togheter already a few times. The first time was in January and she left him because she found out he was dating other girls. Then they were togheter a couple more times, the last being in July ( he left her for me )
but also asked her to get back with him the same day he did with me. She said no as well, because, she said, she was never getting back with him. So I asked her to help me understand what he felt for me, if he just wanted me as a friend or something more and she said something on the lines of a yes.

A few days later i was talking to him and he asked me if i liked a guy and who was him so I told him I liked him. I asked if he did but he said he didn’t know but didn’t like anybody else. The girl I was talking to posted a story in which she said she like somebody and he replyied by saying he’d bring her away from him. The next day they got togheter and I was devastated. I talked with him and he told me he cared about me a lot, wanted to be cose to me and would always be there. So i talked about a few guys that were after me and he told me they just wanted to use and to cut them out of my life, he seemed jealous.

A week later the girl told me they had sex the day before and I was devastated once again. I was talking to him about one of those guys and I said he did similar things so he got angry and we didn’t talk for a few days ( it was a Tuesday ).

After about a week, on Monday I start a ritual : while stirring sugar in a clockwise motion into my lemon balm tea I say “i speak to all entities: bring ( the name of the guy ), love and happiness closer to me” a few times. Since Tuesday they started arguing, he texted me again, and was intrested again.

A week ago, on Sunday, he left her. Since then he looks very into me, expect for one time i didn’t do my ritual ( didnt do it Monday afternoon ) and he looked more distant the day after. I did that again and he got closer ( especially Thursday) to then gradually become more distant.

Now I know he is intrested but I also know he doesn’t like distance at all and yesterday, while out with friends he hugged that girl from behind ( they’re in the same group of friends )

-to bring him closer to me, make whatever attraction he has towards me into love, not obsession
-make him happy to be with me, happy to see me and make him feel as if there’s no one forcing him to love me
-make him willing to be with me even tho we live 4h apart but also make him want to spend time with me so much that he’ll do anything to come and see me
-make him loyal and only love me
-.make him willing to be with me for a very long time
( basically I just want him to love me, not care about the distance, for him to come and visit and not cheat but want to be with me for a very long time but also not become obsessed )

-the candle spell EA Knotting talked about in a video ( its Valles do love spalle really work )

  • working with demons such as Gaap or a combination of demons ( such as Dantalion, Gaap, Sallos and Amon )
  • rituals such as this one
    Powerful Love Ritual )


I have already written about this in another post
Newbie needs help )