Everyone read this immediately! i need to address this and i won't be addressing this again

I think you’re being paranoid. People talk shit and it’s something you’re going to have to get used to in life.

I think you’re upset because the people on this forum aren’t telling you what you want to hear in other threads. Being told you’re blatantly wrong about something doesn’t make the person telling you this condescending, rude or hostile. You really need to get over yourself.


I’m not being paranoid and there isn’t anything specific I want to hear. I came here to hear the truth. Nothing more nothing less. I came here for knowledge.

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Okay, done.

So everyone feels accused and nothing is going to actually be addressed. :thinking:

I’m sorry you feel you’ve been unfairly singled out, I’ve not followed every one of your topics closely enough to know exactly what’s bugging you, but I request you please flag posts in future if they bother you, and use “Something else” and that way I can take a look.

Scattershot accusations tend to just cause more problems than they fix, because no-one knows what exactly they’re being accused of. :wink:

Remember people often talk about ignorant people, or caricatures of types of people, on here, it’s just one of those things, doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you or your posts.


The truth is something you’re going to have to find on your own. I understand that you’re looking for some sort of guidance here and that’s all anyone can give you here because they can’t tell you how to find your own “truth.” So at the end of the day worrying about what others are thinking and saying doesn’t really matter. You need to worry about yourself.


Well, that isn’t exactly fair in my opinion. From what I have seen (and I don’t read everything you post, so I say that to keep it amicable) people are just addressing what they see from you. No one to my knowledge has outright said that and with my personal experience on here, what people say is what they say 9/10, with no hidden meanings. It doesn’t help that it’s like a text message where you can’t exactly tell the tone of the other person, I just say that to keep you grounded.

Pressure turns a piece of coal into a diamond. Criticism applied correctly, turns a novice into a professional. And I have said this at least once to you before. You don’t need tools or books, you just to be willing to apply yourself and do the research. You will trip and fall, and that is fine. What matters is what you do with the experience and how you choose to get back up.

My personal opinion? You’re young with a lot to learn. But you know what? That’s everyone at one point or another. You have energy and a decent attitude that once you figure out how to apply it you could do some cool things.

What I would say this is, is your own personal shadow looking to be addressed by you.


I eleventh these statements:

Constructive feedback is a gift. Always cherish it, even if it’s not what you want to hear (I realize this is much harder in practice). Gratitude is always perceived way better than pushback.

As someone who went through similar feelings, sometimes it’s good, when you’re experiencing a shock, to step away from the computer for your own wellbeing. I think, especially with posts like this, it’s good to step away and take a breather then re-evaluate the path forward to addressing how your feeling (either with an individual in particular or with a group). When you write something immediately as a knee-jerk reaction, it may have the exact opposite effect of what you wanted to accomplish, and you may regret it later (I speak from experience).

I referred to this in the way my “television dad,” Dave Chappelle, did in one of his comedy specials:

Initial reactions are like that. It be that way sometimes. It sucks.

I also want to add that another thing that I’m guilty of, and maybe you’re experiencing a little bit (but I could be projecting) is an issue of perception. From my own experience, I can say it’s difficult to not interpret things a certain way when you’re already feeling bad about something. I’ve been guilty of interpreting messages as being about me early in my forum endeavors when it had nothing to do with me. It’s hard when you’re on an online forum to interpret tone when lots of people speak in many different ways.

It’s important to recognize your own confirmation bias and not let that turn an experience into a negative one. For example, you can post: “What about cats?” and later that day see a post: “I’m so tired of people talking about cats” and assume the two incidences are related and confirm how you’re feeling when they really have nothing to do with each other.

I’d caution to challenge those perceptions so you can be happier in the long run–especially on an online forum like this (or even outside of the forum, tbh).

I’ll end with one last piece of unsolicited advice:

It is really hard to tell how someone is reacting based on text. Tone is hard to tell based on text. You also should take into consideration that this forum is international, and cultural differences can dictate what is and is not an appropriate response–and something that is appropriate to someone else may be inappropriate to another.

Personal anecdote: I once misinterpreted a joke as an attack on my character and made a fool of myself! It was awful! (This is to say you’re not alone in this.)

Sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way, I’ve learned a lot from the forum and hope that you will also have some better experiences in the future. I hope that you can continue to learn and advance in your journey.


Well, If you can’t remember their usernames, were they really that rude to you?

I’ve gotten the feeling that people are just a little concerned because of how impulsive you seem. I do see you as a tad naive, considering you mentioned being scammed out of money by who you thought was an illuminati recruite. Which, I’m very sorry that happened to you, but what do you think is going to happen when you call upon a demon? Do you think they will hold your hand and make sure that they are fair with you at all times?

People have been taken advantage of by demons just as much as they have been helped by them. If you can’t tell that someone isn’t actually in the illuminati and are swayed by their promise of lots of money and a new car, I worry about you being used and abused because you think demons are going to be your friend. You will get trapped in a deal that will benefit them and you will get screwed over.

I have a lot of moments where I have been and continue to be naive. It’s tough to learn how to question others and think deeper on my decisions before I act.

Everyone just wants to help.


So, who is “you” and why didn’t you take your own advice and message them directly then? And if it’s not an issue what are you bothered about?

I don’t think anyone’s got any issues about you at all.
Nobody is upset with you, no-one is looking down on you, no-one is impatient with you - you know this because you get responses that are informative and detailed.

If they found the post (not you, the post) dull or repetitive, or asking to be spoon fed when you could just search, then you start getting ignored, but there’s always someone who just learned what you’re asking who is delighted to talk about it.

You might not mean this to look paranoid but, yeah, it’s coming across that way right now,. It’s not all about you, personally. We don’t know you - we can only respond to your words.

Also, if someone responds on a thread discussing you in the third person, I think that is also a response to you personally, as the responder knows full well you are being notified that they posted.

It’s not “passive aggressive”, and, I think you might want to take this opportunity to investigate your shadow work and ask why this triggered you so much in the first place. You can always take back the talking stick and respond to the comment on the comment yourself any time.

Eh, are you though? You don’t think so. Maybe you’re worrying about what others think to much.

The more you learn the more you’ll realise how much more there is to learn… I feel ignorant too you know? I’ve come up with the most enormous rubbish, that I was certain of, happily posted it here and done a 180 on six months later. Comes with the territory, I forgive myself, and if I get the chance I post why I changed my mind. If not, it doesn’t really matter.

I rarely ask questions because my weird-arse experiments don’t have answers anyone else can give me. I’ve got at least 2 threads with 0 responses. I do my own research by reading, doing courses and practicing on my own offline.

It’s pretty cool you have enough trust in your fellow balgers that you will get reliable answers… and that you are at a learning state where you can - that will run out sooner or later, so enjoy it while you can.

But it’s worth getting used to never knowing enough, soon enough. That’s sorta how the journey goes.


I know the feeling and have come across it often. My last thread got 0 responses too.

If you are new, you are lucky to be just learning stuff because more of your questions have responses and people who have some experience can give their input.


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As someone who sees a fair share of human responses and shenanigans, I have to say your response here is pretty mature and dignified, I’m not here to award merit stars (and nor do you need that) but it seems worth mentinoning, hope that’s not offensive. :thinking:

Most people who have a bit of a rant or blow off some steam just thrash that dead horse into the ground and are not open to new ideas, nor display such courtesy, on a topic about something they want or which is intensely personal.


the truth is that you’re being childish with soft skin to have to address things that don’t need to be addressed in the first place


So you want to call me out for a few things and claim to be clued in on this magic thing? Ok well here are the things you are talking about.

and here are the reasons why I’ve said what I did, and why I stand by I say and sorry if the truth hurts, sucks to be you. As far as @Ornias and @Mulberry go, they flagged my reply to you, despite it being a valid response to another reply in the thread. No skin of my back, I’m not going to jump up and make a thread and be all HOW DARE YOU FLAG ME ON SOMETHING WHERE I KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. It’s the internet and people can think whatever they like about me, unless they have the potential to be something to me, it’s nothing more than words anyways. I’ve also flagged them at times, so I mean it is a public forum, isn’t it?

Instead I’ll just drop my reasons as to how I came to conclusions I did, and then tell you good luck kid, you’re on own as far as I’m concerned. Sorry I can’t be arsed to care if you’re having tantrums and demanding anyone read anything right now, if I’d not gotten ten messages about someone having fits about me, I’d have probably not seen this for days, cuz that’s how little attention I give to someone stamping their feet and making demands that they can’t back up. Unfortunately there is a character limit for replies, so I can only quote maybe half of the things you’ve said that have caused me to give you the advice I have- that you’ve ignored, so this isn’t even including pms.



Please keep in mind op that the previous reply is just a small snippet in response to this, as there is a 32k character limit per reply and I had to delete well over half of the quotes I had intended to share, as it’s clear from most of the responses you’ve garnered not no ones quite sure what you’re going on about. :slight_smile:

and you stating that you know what you are doing and are simply just asking questions because you can. This is all to show you got this opinion of yourself built and the entire time you’ve been here you’ve had worry and fits about what others think about you, about random tik tockers for going against your preferred sexual status and I think you have a severe insecurity problem.

Luckily for me, those are yours issues and not mine, as I have plenty of my own and have just managed to find the ignore/mute and hide all of @itssebastienc messages and posts button.

Have a nice day!!! :grinning: :smiley:


I think you confuse blunt answers with being looked down on. You’re 18 which is pretty much a young adult. No one is here to pamper and speak sweet sugarcoating to each other. Despite some here having the idea that sugarcoating gets things done.

I personally don’t find this thread necessary atleast outside of being a journal or within DMs to whomever it may concern.


Now this is what I think we can all agree is what a good attitude looks like. At last. There, see you are learning already!

When I was around 18 years old I was an apprentice to someone who punched me in the face because I wasn’t paying attention.
Why? Because someone punched him in the face when he was a young apprentice so he passed that on to me ffs.

No I didn’t like that punch in the face but I can tell you that what I did learn when I was paying attention has served me well for many years and will continue to do so. Sometimes you just have to take it on the chin kiddo.

With all due respect.


@Lady_Eva I would just close this because some replies are little much and it will just degrade into worse things. Just a small petition I suppose.


I second @Mephisto, but my reason is different: there is nothing more to say here.


Yeah, I’ve been mulling this over some ~15m now, and anything I do is just going to cause people to get upset or leap to assumptions, so I’m just going to do what always works when in doubt - and break out the padlocks. :lock: :chains: :lock:

Thanks to all who’ve contributed, and @itssebastienc I can move the stuff about Eris into the earlier topic if you like, let me know in PM. :+1: