Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him



I have worked with Melek Taus Enki Azazel and Lucifuge. All are powerfull but Melek Taus aka Enki is the most high also Azazel is my guardian.


I just tried that meditation and I think it worked, I asked Lucifer to communicate in dreams so I could better learn from him


Bit embarrassed to ask. But what does it mean when it says “Lucifer’s enn” what’s an enn?


Enns come from the practice of demonolatry and are said to have been given to magicians by the demons themselves. They are short sentences in the demonic language that, when chanted, evoke the energy of the demon and aid in its materialization.


Ok. Thank you for the beautiful and clear explanation. I appreciate it quite a lot.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Does that look okay? I had to draw one myself and the marker was getting a bit dried out so it snagged.


Looks fine :slight_smile: Sigil on the piece of paper is just a helping tool, later when you make a solid connection won’t be even needing it, forming a mental image in your mind will do


Didnt get to evoke Luicifer during the blood moon. But I did it today and I was needing help knowing if it worked or not (pretty sure it did.)

I cleaned off a table. Set the sigil on the table. Set 4 white tea-light candles on the corners of the sigil. Set a candle-lit oil diffuser on the top (it’s a black dragon shape with a glass bowl) I lit the 5 candles (diffuser included) and put rose oil into the bowl.

I knelt by the table with my hands folded on front of me at about stomach height and got comfortable. I let everything burn for a while until the room smelled of rose. Then I gazed at the sigil. The outer lines began blinking in and out before my mind (felt like on its own) started to think “Luicfer come to me. Lucifer, please come to me. Lucifer please come to me, I need your guidance.” The symbol continues flashing but the x shape didnt vanish. And even when it did it still kept a small x in the center. I kept mentally repeating “Lucifer please come to me, I need your guidance.” For what felt like around 10 minutes. Just breathing in the rose scent and watching the lines blink.

Then my mind slowed for a bit before going on (also in auto pilot) about what I needed help and guidance with. I also went on to say that I have nothing to offer but my time, but that I will wholly offer it so that I can learn all you teach me. As I continued I got a person-watching-from-behind feeling. It felt like I was rambling on about my intent and wishes for a while. Like it was being openly poured out of me. And when it finished the sigil slowly, then abruptly, stopped blinking in and out. I still felt a presence behind me. And all I could do was stay there and look upon the sigil and breathe in the scent.

After a few deep breaths I blew out the candles (which also felt like auto-pilot) and they blew out rather easily with the slightest of breath. In order it was bottom left. Top left. Top right. Bottom right. Then after a pause it was the candle to the diffuser. I sat there and breathed in the scent of rose and smoke mixing. Then, like a puppet (I felt very loose and floaty) i picked up the candles from the sigil and set them in a line on the smaller table nearby. Then the diffuser. Then I rolled the sigil back up and put the red rubberband I had around it again. And put it in the bottom drawer of a small dresser. Which is good because i have a boyfriend who wouldnt approve of me doing so. It all felt very controlled but I didnt get a sense of denial from it. After a moment of time I stood up on weak legs and went back to my personal business.

Does it seem like it really worked and like he will guide me? I very much hope so…


If any of u is having trouble reaching Lucifer, I can help. I can send his energy to u. U have to b able to sense energy though. Max 2/ day next few days. Keep in mind possibility of different time zones.


To be honest with you that sounds like a success all you need is the senses to be able to see him, even repeating the name of the entity is enough to draw them close.

It seems like you exhausted a awful lot of desire into reaching him, plus you repeated his name, you also used his sigil. So it would have been almost impossible not to have him present.

I’d say he was there the entire time, trying to communicate with you. All I’d suggest now is developing the skills nessercary to see and hear these spiritual beings. Learn how to enter the theta gamma sync if the sigil is flashing then your in the theta gamma sync, just ask him to speak and his voice will travel from the depths of the gateway within your psyche which is the magickal imagination.

It’s a lot different than normal imagination hear his voice and trust yourself. You are the key which makes all these operations possible do just go with what you hear write it down and don’t doubt the authenticity of the message.

Just go with it and you’ll be shocked and surprised.

                    Can you help me with that ?


I’ve noticed that Lucifer’s enn is the same as Marbas’ enn:

Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer
Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas

Anyone know why this is, or if it’s just coincidence?


It would be a coincidence alot of enns are similar Im pree sure
Rosier- Serena alora Rosier Aken
Sallos- Serena alora Sallos Aken
And then some enns seem like half of it is the same as other ones if you get what I mean


Hey @Kaya, you’ve opened his sigil the right way. Don’t worry. Lucifer appreciates the offer that’s in your reach (your devotion, a thank you is great).


thats interesting becuase they both have the same attritude,love


True… I didn’t even think about that


I have worked with Enki/EA and Shiva also. I find it resonates with me the best as I have never been into the whole darkness thing. I think most of that came from Slander and Demonization IMHO.


I usually use black and red candles on my altar, but I think maybe is better black and white candles (light and darkness).
What do you think?


You can use them black and white.

However the black and red candles represent the Luciferian flame, the ascending fire.