Some questions about Lucifer

  1. Who is Lucifer?
  2. Can I work with him? And what does it mean to work with him?
  3. Does he understand fear in beginners?
  4. Can fear stop me from working with him? Does he refuse to work with the fearful?
  5. What does he want from me? And what can I ask of him?

Thank you very much, I am waiting for your answers.


The bearer and bringer of Light. Illumination

Of course. It’s about reaching a common goal

Fear? Not really cause Lucifer is strength and courage

If you are not ready, probably yes.


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thank you so much.

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I do not know what you’re talking about

Ascension is reaching the perfect expression of the true self, the supersoul, highest self. But also includes being a living God when incarnated

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He understands fear if it’s not completely irrational and the person doesn’t let the fear control them. Just my guess, I don’t know him lol.

I know how you feel. I’m too afraid to try to work with Bune.

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Lucifer won’t need to refuse to work with you, your fear will keep you from working with Him and from your own ascension.

I updated your title to make it a little more specific.

Here are a few threads about Lucifer that you may find useful:

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A fallen angel in my view, the Lord of the Infernal

Of course you can, if you feel up to it

Of course he does

Fear will only stop you if you have let it stop you, you can be fearful but you must delve in the workings, try to grow a backbone

Well you need to ask him yourself, but in general I would would say he wants us to be the best version of ourselves, in all aspects, mainly ascension.

I think he is very malleable, so anything really, but I personally wouldn’t ask him to hurt others or for love spells, even though he probably could help in those areas

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Lucifer is everything A Demon, A Angel, A God…

Yes, of course, it means you will ascend and become a better version of yourself

Yes fear can stop you but remember it’s in your mind and you can control it (lucifer will help you)

HE wants you to ascend and see the truth, so you can stand with him against the fake gods
You can ask him anything

The answer I have that comes to mind when talking about Lucifer is that Jesus teaches you to love each other as yourself, Lucifer teaches you how to love yourself.