Fastos And Meton reveal secret Tongues of Demonology/Angelology

Hey guys,
I evoked Fastos and Meton from Kimgdom of Flames because I wanted info on some incantations i could use for my work.

Here is what I got.
Fastos First

Question 1
What must happen so that I can speak thr tounge of Demons?

Vibration. The Throat chakra must be infernalized and blackened to process and comprehend demonic speech (which includes Dark Staot, Mantra, Words of Power, Galdr, etc). It must be trained to send shockwaves of Demonic Power through the Air.

(Feels lite Vibrations in my throat)

Even now it is being purified and refined. All you must do is speak and trust what comes to you.
Feel the vibrations and let them translate into words

Incantation to Refine Throat Chakra
Ish kala tampal, metsu hash’kal tad

Incantation to refine the Ajna chakra to Comprehend Demonic Writing and Speech
Suhn’tal ish ta nov’ma tal da hash

(:point_up::point_up::point_up: Feel Infernal Vibrations and all knowledge of the infernal flow into you and solidify)

End of Fastos Evocation.

Part 2: Meton
I continued on to evoke Meton and get some answers on Angels. Here is what I received.

Question 1
What are the Origins of Angels?


Angels were originally servants of The Gods just like Demons were. We are messengers and Heralders of The Divine and of Ascent. We have “Angelized” through time and made out to be less than we are (made to be softer than we appear). Our true forms are bodies of pure flame and burning Light.

We are Gods. Albeit in a more gentle manner than most. If you ask us we will reveal our true form.

Incantation to Summon an Angels true form
Mesh ka doreth, rath hum met’tal os’la shun tinck
(:point_up: no this does not refer to the being some people read about on the forum :roll_eyes:)

Question 2
Can Angels be used for Black Magic?

Meton: Of course we can. We are limited in function only by human perception. Granted, some of us have more tastes toward certian tasks than others, but we will fulfill the requests of the Evocator to the best of our ability.

Incantation to Summon Legions of Angels for Black Magic
Eshtu kala’lifu Gabriel met kala sanfu ashtu tempfa meskatu

(This will summon the blackest legions of Angels to go forth at your command for a purpose.)

Parting words from Meton
Heaven thrives on Violence. That is why so much suffering is in this world.

We will serve you faithfully if you evoke us faithfully.

Enochian is only a Shadow of the pure tounge of Angels. Celestial Script is one step closer.

End of Evocation

Thats it. Im looking forward to deepening my communication skills so i can get more quality info for you guys.

Let me know if either one resonates and Ill evoke them again to get some more info.

Peace fuckin out :metal::metal::metal::v:


If you allow me, could you please achieve angelic Incantations to “conjure an angel”, to “help develop more astral senses,” to "increase the manifestation in an angel


Yeah man
Ill see what i can cook up


The Incantation for summoning Legions of Angels for Black Magic is legit.

These spirits appear behind the Evocator. You will sense the Angelic Presence Around you and feel the Color black behind you. You are feeling them. Their Aura.


Ummm… So going to do this!!!


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Guys im gonna Evoke Meton again in a bit. Gonna eat first, then channel some Incantations from him

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Can you ask him, “What is the true name of God?” While you’re at it?

The question literally just came to me.


Another Evocation of Meton:
Incantations And Questions

For Astral senses
Mesh ka rel luhn sim ba ta rel luhn tin sughel

For Materializing an Angel
Ah zit ka rel, luhn taash ah rel, meh goh rat sua (Name of Angel)

To conjure an angel
Here, and now, let the worlds part and the heavens tear and The Light Descend. Bring forth,
(Name of spirit ex. Raphael).

Alakandal rogor mettu namah semine lastusah
Ergo mansine ehqua lunte sanso he alakandal rex lux in nomine dei nostri et filito (Name of Angel)

What is the True name of God?

Eloh doreth Shaddai

Incantation for Banishing
Ashta Malku dozef lata
esh pon ron te suro maka
Izzef mun to so rem ba te ka
Lux onf inido



Not to sure about the Name of God part. You guys check for yourselves on that one.

I started to hear his voice internally this time. I like where this is going


Yall wanna evoke Meton and double check the Accuracy of what I just channeled on my part?


I’ll see what I can pull in for you.

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