Yahweh and his son/sun is the Roman God Janus Sol Invictus

Which came first?

  • The Chicken
  • The Egg

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Only one way to settle this LOL,


I came first.


Ayo holup

There was a ‘first’ chicken.

That chicken came from an egg.

Therefore, that egg was a chicken egg, even though the thing which it came from wasn’t a chicken.


Was it a dinosaur?

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Haha idk

All I know, it wasn’t a chicken’s egg, just a chicken egg :wink:

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:thinking: I’m sure when god get’s online, he can tell us.


I was just reading something about Greeks believing that Dionysus and Yahweh were one and the same. I found a site here, but it isn’t the one I was looking at earlier.

Yahweh is invoked in the Greek Magical Papyri, along with some angels and Egyptian deities (of course the Greco-Roman gods as well), and Tacitus, John the Lydian, Plutarch, and Cornelius Labeo all agree that Yahweh is Dionysus. The symbols between the two of them are identical, and their chants very similar.


No questions then? Okay. I’ll be back. I leave but I always come back.

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So typical of you to ignore my question. Maybe you really are the real thing. :thinking::relieved:


Damn that was savage !


Why you do this to me Dimi? You’re not fooling me with your pp, you’re a false god.


Did you see my question back to you? I’ve been questions in my email and thought that if I replied there everyone would see them. But I don’t see my stuff posted here. Anyway, I wasn’t ignoring you. What was your first question because I didn’t see it. You guys at this site aren’t a group to ignore. Is any group can “get” what I’m saying it’s you guys. Your understanding is generally broader than most folks.

Hi Montana and everyone out there. I’ve had you guys on my thought daily. I’ve been writing a free book to answer whatever questions you might have.

If you have any questions (mod edit, please use on-forum PM).

Once done I can post the book in here and you all will be contributors helping me to write it.

Some background…my family practiced Withcraft of the Cariibbean kind derived from the African Yorobu tribe. My grandmother was told by a priestess that she would be the great priestess of their belief and that she channeled the god they worshipped.

Santeria wasn’t no joke. In my neighborhood those who ignored the search curses ended up dying quickly. Including my grandfather.

If you wanted a particular girl to lust after you there was a ritual which did that. And it worked!

I was exposed to seances, demonic trances, spells, etc at an early age. Which came back to haunt me as a skeptical adult years later.

Another priestess told my parents I was the oldest soul she had yet encountered. She said I had the power to see life and death. I was only 8 at the time. She said I had the power to call spirits to me or send them away.

There’s more to the story and all of this in my book. Remember there’s no charge and please ask me questions so I can make it better and give you all the credit you deserve.

Thanks for being patient. It’s not everyday some fool says He’s Jesus/Janus. But I’ll prove to you it’s true.

Why do you use a forum and not appear in the flesh at my location? (Or giant ball of energy on your ophanim throne).

Which contact do i currently have and whereis he located?

Which is better? Sword or Spear?

Name the only vessel i have left and it material and make. What is its power?

What is the one I know in my mind? And what does it do?

The fiend asks this of me? What is it? What is the answer?

That’s a start for you.

This should be simple stuff for GOD!

Well that does explain the water into wine thing. :wine_glass:

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Actually, it pretty much is on here, it’s around a monthly occurence I think. :thinking:

Some friendly advice:


If you are as you say, you should know who i really am, tell me brother???

i believe it was the species that came first, the chicken descended from dinos and they laid eggs, but if we take a look even more into their past, underwater sea creatures transitioned onto land, they soon became amphibians and reptiles. in order for their early early forms evolve, they needed protection from outside interference, therefore we see eggs formation transition throughout their evolution in sea creatures and amphibians from water into land

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Whats my name then?

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