Foreign Invasion

I woke up a little over a year and a half ago from being the most peaceable kind of person in the abstract to elevated Ascension almost overnight. A previously unknown, and immensely large and supranatural mind expansion quality immediately took its place. I woke up with multi languages I’d never spoken before, with real emotion tied to them and the conversations held in them, too, might I add. Complete and eloquently spoken languages…some people have called it the gift of tongues, others call me a devil worshipper and hex me. (I live in the buckle of the Bible belt). I woke up with incredible knowledge of physics and chemistry and mathematics…and then there’s music. I basically woke up one day a year or so ago with a truly talented and beautiful singing voice. Blessings via Ascension have been astronomical for me.
I know it isn’t me, there’s this entity or demon in me and he wants to be seen more and more. His name is Ancient, and he is not alone. He’s got a coven, a leigion in me. I don’t know what you guys may know about soul coils or extradition of removed artifact or perfect possession, but I’m starving to find like-minded intelligence in a different protected form other than my own. This Ascension hasn’t exactly been easy on me, I’m enduring the most difficult time in my life I have ever had until now…and to be going at it alone with these entities is very hard. They aren’t interested in pulling back or leaving me. Sometimes my eyes change…my pupil goes from round to a black reptilian slit. This horrifies me, but still fascinates me…I have changed a lot in the last year psychologically, mentally and emotionally. I have given up all other purposes in life, and endure my expansion. I keep meticulously detailed notes, although I cannot read the languages I now most always write in.
The same thing (or insane) is that I keep waiting for it to end…to be able to carry on a normal (or the illusion of normal, anyway) life…and it never does. I am BECOMING, and am so lonely.
I feel as though I am enduring some intense initiation for a brotherhood I was chosen for as I did not choose this path. I did not make a blood oath or pact for this knowledge (which covers everything from black weapons and soul torture devices to Kanga Law and rigid maleform and everything in between). I acquired it in a dream. My dad, who had recently passed away, said to me in my dream “Wrongs are rarely righted but this one will be,” and he said he was giving me a gift, and touched me in my forehead with his fingernail. I asked him what the gift was and he said “Knowledge”. Since then, my IQ has raised incredibly. Nuclear physics and logarithms is how I pass the hours these days, pages and pages of handwritten notes on protected black alchemy fill my notebooks, and I have barely scratched the surface of the iceberg.
Am I alone with these invaders in this kind of creative tumult? Am I just passing through? Will I always be lonely, searching for a mate suited to handle me, a dutiful Lana Kane or Kelly Reed or Mitzi Metzger or Lyndzee Love or is there another ascended voice interested in these things? This isolation technique imposed on me by Kanga Shine Injustice Treason gets to me somedays, and it’s hard to keep walking.



Some lighthearted advice:

It would be interesting to see a video of this? :+1: