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I have been a practitioner for over ten years, but am always eager to learn new things. Google searches of the name that every being I encounter in the astral calls me led me to this place. My wife tells me that I mumble in my sleep like I am talking to someone. I dismissed my sleep talking as an overactive brain until I found this site. It should be interesting conversing directly with people here instead of via the astral plane while I’m asleep. I will not say who I am, but for those of you who can look into the astral, my appearance may answer that question. I look forward to learning a lot from those here and enter with humbleness.

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Greetings, could you tell us more about yourself? Like what what paths you have experience in and maybe some long and short term goals.

Thank you for your interest Ozraga. I have had extensive experience with Native American practitioners and I reside with two practicing witches. My goals here are to learn and share knowledge. I enter the astral plane multiple times each day and have done so for over ten years now. I do not plan to out myself as to who I truly am, but if someone were to figure it out I would not hesitate to confirm their suspicion.

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Interested to read your topics, Loved the way you created the mystery around yourself LOL

Thank you Aprentiz. The irony is that my mystery is already solved by many on here, they just have yet to make the connection the being they know in the astral has internet access and a physical form. I was shocked to read a couple of posts where they even described my physical appearance.

Hello I am very happy to have the chance of reading your ideas in this forum.

Thank you Thierry007. I am already enjoying myself immensely.

Yay, we get living gods join up here all the time, also incarnate demons, and I think jesus joined a few times as well, so I typed some helpful advice:

This is also good:


Thank you Lady Eva.

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