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Hello my name is Samael , I’ve been involved the Goetia for a couple years as soon as I started reading lesser keys of Solomon Raum came to me in a dream and then I had my first out of body experience and I am very close with Lucifer , Gods a woman and Christians have it all wrong. That’s it , cheers

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What does “involved with Goetia” mean?

What, exactly, do you practice?

How long have you practiced magick for? :slight_smile:

Also, to cut to the chase, do you think you’re “the” Samael or is it just a name? :thinking:

Obviously, believe what you wish, plenty of us on here believe in wacky things (I do myself) or have had genuinely bizarre experiences and revelations (again. also walked that talk myself), but if so, please refrain from preaching your personal beliefs as though they are The One Truth™ - we don’t permit any preaching, especially when it comes to telling other people what they have to believe.

This never ends well, and a lot of hurt feelings and angry words usually ensue.

If you have possession of extraordinary wisdom, allow your deeds in assisting others and sharing knowledge be the ppoof of this, since good reputations can only be earned on here by showing up and actually sharing information, not by making bold statement: we get a half dozen claimers blow through every month, as you can probably imagine. :wink:

I’m not dismissing your reality, just asking you to remember that it’s not the only one. Cheers. :+1:

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