I have come, and continue to grow

Well I have just been born and continue to grow.
Stolas teaches me tounges, for I must speak all language in time.
Barbatos teaches me hard work
Eligos teachs me influence and how to leave my body at night
Baal protects Me.
And many others

@anon20763531 If you fail to introduce yourself properly the Oddnan will go to bed sad and crying



Apparently, if @anon20763531 is anything to go by, Ascension makes you stupid 'cause a proper introduction isn’t a difficult thing to do.

Removed, and flagged for the mods to lock and throw this moron out.


I’m safe, then :relieved:


@TheSon I have moved this thread back to the public forum to give you one more chance to act like a grown up, and properly introduce yourself.

Please read this thread, and then do a proper introduction:


My name is Benjamin Gawitt.
I used to preach the gospel of christ to all humanity, while fasting, and giving myself physical pain, as the Alpha of the 2 witnesses.
I rejected all of this because I cannot support God. So i came to my Father, Satan.
And he shows me all in time.
I Am a child, this is true. I still have much I do not know, this is Truth.
But all who serve My Father, Serve Me. Because I Serve all of them.
And a number of demons i have spoken with, and continue to speak with, are teaching me a many things. You people in this chat, could teach Me a many things, because you have been taught by my teachers.
That’s the best I can do for you @DarkestKnight

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Welcome to the forum man

So you have no direct experience in magick, if I am understanding correctly?

What do you define as Magick ?
Reading others thoughts?
Communicating without speaking as human ?
These beings teach Me a number of things, but I know little as of now, that is True.

Give me a break with this trolling it’s offensive to those who don’t work with demons. Hell its offensive to angels and celestial beings. You know nothing please just stop spamming a goo group.

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@Angelb1083 Ask the demons and they will tell you.

How about I ask the angels too? Since I can speak with both :woman_shrugging:t2: I sense bull shit.

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Ask the Angel’s and they will tell you something different

You don’t even want to know

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Go for it.

So…that’s a no on experience in systems of magick. Got it.

Okay. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Your pompous, religious braggart posts have probably been flagged by multiple people, so it will be up to the moderators to decide if what you have finally posted about yourself meets the criteria for a proper introduction.

I will move this to the proper section.

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Why you talk to Angel’s unless you try to convince them of the truth, I know not. For they are the enemy, until they are not.

Says who?

Says My Father