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Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking on this forum on and off for a few years now. I finally decided to become a member since so many of the experiences here have been of immense value to me, and I plan to share some of my experiences too. I mostly work with Goetia and Solomonic magick, but am looking to delve deeper into Ancient Egpytian and old Arabian/Islamic traditions too since I have Arabic roots.

I look forward to interacting with the members here and wish everyone all the best with their magickal endeavours!


The MidnightRaven has arrived.
I go by many names but here, Raven will do.

I am beginner to black magic, occult, however has been interested in Tarots, divinity and such. I’ve tried Tarot once when I was younger, felt my energy drained and was afraid of approaching it, because I had no idea how to control my energy.

Ever since a child been a little sensitive to the unseen or spirits since a child, this is probably because I was born in the 7th month of Chinese lunar calendar (Hungry ghost festival) where all spirits roam free on earth. Occasionally I am able to sense the spiritual presence but have never gotten a chance to speak or interact with them. Probably because I am too dense to pick up any signs.
The only times I’ve seen or interacted with them was when I am asleep or conscious in my sleep.

Current Goal is to learn more languages, ancient ones in specific so that I can read up more on the ancient gods and to understand how to evoke and work with the angel or demon eventually. I need more knowledge and wisdom in not just this aspect. It is also before I can move on to work on my personal project with creating a story.

For my struggles, I’d say it’s procrastination, anxiety, lacking of passion and commitment (in certain situations) Some may think I am fickle, flighty and disloyal but I doubt they know me well, personally I prefer to explore more options. As it is, personally I’ve been labeled as being too nice and then aloof, I would like to become more unwavering and unyielding, able to speak up my mind without being messy nor confusing and make an actual connection. No longer wish to be step on nor taken advantaged of. I hated the fact that I allowed myself to be swayed by other’s words, only upon realizing that those words weren’t reliable, I have tried to correct it, but ended up in isolation. No more betrayal. No more self-doubts. No more isolation.

For starters, I’ve picked up Paradise Lost, which is due to my obsession with Belial (for a couple of years) and Lucifer (for many years) with thanks to the increasing exposure in pop culture and also because I couldn’t look away from their names.

As of recent, I’ve been hearing a deep hoarse voice from the right side, calling me out… telling me to meet at 8pm… which I have no idea what it really means.
If anyone have any idea what it meant, please message me.

Though, do feel free to message me privately if there is any questions.

Now if you would excuse my messy inconsistent writing and line of thoughts…

I believe slowly but surely, a path is being built…



DezRa Elion PophAm
I am a double sided Leonine Elohei seed, Oraphim incarnation, 7.31.88. ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT
the Sacred Eyes (two) Sun and Moon first emanations of the Creatrix
Sekhmet is mother of Kings
Twin will be dual keepers of the one flame, SOLAR KINGS
I am here to observe, I am here to answer, I am here by choice. (I Am Protection)
We are Emerald Guardians or you may know also as Paradise Suns, also see Ra Confederacy.
We [Oraphim] are the [Double Diamond Sun Body] that are here on planet to direct the Threefold Founder Frequencies to repair the architecture of the planetary grid, as well as communicate with the [Aurora] projects also with the [Master Collective] a consortium of beings that are from the [Seven Higher Heavens] realms.
^^Egyptian Great Sphinx the keeper, he was known as Hu, ‘the protector’; Keeper of all records, is threatened by genetic mutation experiments ^^

Glories and All Praises Be Unto Sekhmet!


… Gracious One …

… Destroyer of Evil …

This is not a proper introduction. Please tell us about you, the human being, not whatever fantasy world you think you are part of. This post tells us nothing.

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Hello, my name is Luan, I’m from Brazil, and my English is bad. But I read some posts and found it interesting thank you all


Cool, we do have questions please, things we have found that help us all respect each other: for example, what was your first experience with magick (or whatever you call your experience of non-physical realities)? :smiley:

Do you do spells, or rituals, or have methods to change reality according to your will?

How did you come to learn all this stuff about yourself?

Also, this is important, please observe this: To Jesus, Ma'at, And Any Other Gods Thinking Of Joining. :+1:

And of course: BALG RULES - Please read them!


Hi everyone! My name is Robert. I just joined the forum after stumbling across it. I was looking into making a servitor and this forum is one awesome resource!

So I’m of a cuban background and my family is steeped in Santeria. My grandmother is a Santeria priestess. My santeria side of the family goes back generations in Cuba. My great-great-great grandfather was a detective in Cuba in the early 20th century. During his investigations he collected “artifacts” and had amassed the largest collection of Yoruba (Santeria) religious objects on the island. He wanted to “scientifically” analyze them. Supposedly his son scorned a gypsy who placed a generational curse on him, she promised that none of his descendants would have joy or peace in their lives, shortly after which he jumped off a cliff in Cuba. I don’t know how accurate this account is but his would be the first of many tragic suicides that have plagued my family on my mother’s side.

Anyway, i’ve been drawn to the paranormal since i was really young. I got into Goetic magick at some point doing the LBRP on the daily but that’s not my cup of tea anymore. I would consider myself more of a chaote, integrating whatever I need for whatever reason. Also, the Santeria is there too. I think its a legacy but I definitely have a connection to the Yoruba gods. Nice to meet you all!


I have absorbed the information requested, I mean no disrespect in my with holding of knowledge, I share at a slow rate due to I am not familiar with such energies like the assortment I have been observing here. I connect through a different frequency than most. I am very curious as I have always been,we have been attracted by primordial sounds, they resonate deeply, especially to those of feline genetics. I feel the magick your referencing here would be closely relatable to the Neteru. Are Sia, Hu, and Heka what you would refer to as Magick? I hope to contribute to the current timeline in great detail, please know my intentions are to help, and I am just of the observant nature. The sun shared with me some memories I had forgotten, they led me to whom I come from, knowledge is dangerous I have noticed. Hamonic resonance is practiced throughout, my methods are mental and harmonic in origin, to briefly describe, I make a wide spectrum of sounds in variety of methods. I guess you can imagine a domestic cat doing a similar thing when it’s being worshiped by a human soul. Amusing these kinds of relationships. Nice to meet you all, hope this is satisfactory for this exchange, Maat is to speak truth on the path of the lion. To speak truth and to see truth through the eye of beholding are one in the same. The lawn is known with this one.

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Hi @Jobelhobel,

Welcome to our forum. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

  1. Give us “The forum members” an introduction. It doesn’t have to be your life history but we do like to know a little bit about the people we talk to. Tell us things like what brought you here, how long you have practiced and what you practice. Your age would be helpful as it helps us craft appropriate responses.

  2. At the top right of the screen is a “Search Function”. A lot of the information you seek can be found there. Please use it. If you can’t find the answer there then feel free to ask questions or create a topic.

  3. If you create a topic and your not getting responses as quick as you would like, DON’T create another topic, you may need to just re-work what you already written. It could just be as simple as a catchy title to fix the problem or just give it time. This forum is worldwide so you may have to wait a bit.

  4. Please be courteous. There are many views and opinions expressed here. Some may fit your point of view and some may not. Respect is key to having a long and happy relationship with the forum members.

I hope you found this information helpful and look forward to hearing what you have to share.



Hi names Nah_Vgh my intest ley in accessing Dorment and unknown neglected and undiscovered parts, of my humen anatomy living.

I have practiced the Astral Travle Arts, for Years, with little to no success, until I met Robert Buce and though him The left hand path, i’ve mainly work with spirits, because family and was just geting my the grips on my path, I even started my own tar-rot deck. (Not Finished )

Current issues
But have recently encountered a serious problem, life Threatening problem, My brothers, has all-ways been jealous of me, but I didn’t no how much until he just up and decided to Start cursing me left and now, some soul sucking curses or spirits, now idk how to deal, with this with this. but since my lifes been on a spiral, plz help me.

Hey guys my name is Sam. I’m completely new to this stuff. However I have been working with Santa Muerte for a couple of months. The reason I’m up here is due to some issues regarding dating. I’ve prayed to Santa Muerte, but have not received any desirable results regarding my situation. I’m not really familiar with spells and rituals, honestly I just want something to work for me.

I Feel ya on the spells and ritual, trust when you get the hang of things experimentation and creation will comes around Welcome.

Thank you can you suggest how I can get started. I went to a metaphysical shop and bought some charged candles last week. I have yet to do the rituals with it being windy outside, but I hope the mix doesn’t go bad. These candles are not related to Santa Muerte or any distinction, just candles charged with herbs and oils


Chaos magick, conjuration, alchemy

Disseminating instructions of multiple paths to the stone (tried doing so in reddit) more specifically Sir George Ripley’s dry path and a synthetic stoneOf my and a colleagues creation.

An overload of information from Azazel. Loving it but it’s maddening. Continuing to work closely with Belial, Lucifer and Azazel. Like working with Shahtan as well…however I’m beginning to think he’s just another aspect of Azazel

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I 'm 38 years… i practice Wicca witchcraft… i have been practicing for 18 years… i do oracles, rituals and spells


My name is Ansh. I am currently reading The Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie. I do own all 3 of Anthology of Sorcery and Kingdom of Flames. Kinda new I had say. I do not practice any sort of magick and I am here to just learn more stuff. My goal and a struggle is do develop my clairvoyance and clairaudience skills. I have been listening to pineal gland binarual beats for my 3rd eye and doing some excercises from the following website:

I would also love to learn about money spells. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum.

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My name is Niko.

I’m new to this— to finding a community of people with similar interests. I’m not sure with what kind of magick I specialize in as I have not yet discovered but I’m open to communicating with other beings.

My current goals are to learn wholeheartedly and use it in good circumstances. My struggles are that I cannot find how to communicate with other beings, I would like to communicate with Lucifer or Lilith.

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Hey there. I’m chalice. Just want to explore the unique aspects of magick and over time, improve myself and become a better person. I am pretty much all over the place right now and I’m open to anything. I am, as of right now, focusing on improving my wellbeing in this journey of becoming a magician and exceeding my limitations and gaining knowledge over a variety of areas. I think magick is a bit like dabbling in different techniques that all work towards surpassing the limitations placed upon us by the matrix.

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