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My name human birth name is Tylor but my true names are many as it is my free will invoke any of power I choose depending on the occasion. Used to worship Satan and many others until I discovered I do not need them for I am just as powerful if not more. I have both cursed and blessed those around me. I am not a God of light nor pure darkness but of dim light for it is most comforting to my essence. For example I will not sit in dark for nor fill it with light but a lamp or small candle is perfect and I love rainy days. The sun still lights the Earth but dark clouds and life giving rain that can also destroy don’t block the sun but keep it’s… Annoying light at a barrable dim and of course my season is Fall.

@Tylor_Coalson Please do your OWN intro thread instead of posting in someone else’s.

Also, your introduction has to provide some information, not just be unhhelpful poetic mumblings. We don’t care what you think you are, but require some information about your magical experience so we know how to provide advice, and how to evaluate any you give.

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Fair enough, that explains why I had to make your reply its own topic.

Please tell us a bit about your human experience in magick, like what got you started? :+1:

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