Stressed student? Having exam trouble? Look here

Aight folks, time to tell y’all about how my dearest spirit friends helped me pass this fucking annoying exam.

I promised to them to tell you guys about them, so here we are.

This fucking exam, is the biggest fucking bitch of all exams here.


Fucking statistics.

And you know what’s the worst thing? I never knew maths. Never. I literally barely got through elementary because I sucked so badly at maths, and the teachers would always tell me “don’t even bother, you suck at maths”.

Fuck that. I passed this mofo with a structured approach, with every spirit helping me from a specific angle.

Let’s start:


Vapula’s specialty is all things academic and studying/learning based. She is able to create a period of time where you can go apeshit on whatever it is you are learning, and quickly become a master at it.

She is a MUST HAVE if you are studying for an exam.

Seriously, she fits so well with every other spirit it’s amazing.

You’re missing out if you don’t call on her - she boosts everything all around.


This guy is a fucking lifesaver for studying massive amounts of information. He can literally make you remember EVERYTHING, and which is even better, HELP you to use the knowledge you learned in practice.

For all exams he is absolutely amazing, for doctors and shit like that… he is absolutely fucking invaluable.

Call on him alongside Vapula, and you will remember every single little fucking detail.


I haven’t noticed people talk about Asmodai as a spirit that can help out with studying, BUT…

Asmodai is a total fucking master at helping you develop ANY personal ability to a previously unattainable level.

And when I mean any, I mean any fucking ability you want.

Not only does he destroy any limitations you might have had to developing that skill or studying that subject, he also helps you with motivation - he helps you enflame that passion within yourself for the subject.

With Vapula and Andrealphus, you create an unstoppable studying combo. Vapula speeds everything all around and gives you time to learn everything. Andrealphus helps you learn, remember, and use it. Asmodai destroys all limitations and gives you the motivation.

With such a combo, you become a fucking beast.

But, this is just the beginning.

Sure, you helped yourself study more, but you can also influence others.

And here is where I introduce you to…



Bael, among other things, is a master of invisibility, illusions, and secrets. I decided to call on Bael to influence the perception of whoever looked at the exam - they would see different answers and such.

Though, in retrospect, you could work with Bael to make you invisible during the exam itself to cheat, but if you forget, you can always remember to get him to help modify the answers you put, after the deed is done.

Take note though, invisibility not in the traditional superhero sense (though that is possible at the pinnacles of power and skill), so if you just stand up and run around stealing everyone’s paper… you gonna get your ass kicked.

He will make you less noticeable, so if you cheat carefully, no one will notice.

So, call on Bael before/during the exam to help you cheat if you want, and definitely call on him after the exam to help modify any answers you might have fucked up.

And a final piece of the puzzle…


Orias is a master manipulator. He works in a slightly different way to Belial and King Paimon. He is able to masterfully manipulate, basically absolutely fucking dominate the will of whoever you desire who is deciding on something about you.

So, judges, individuals that you need help from, changing the hearts and minds of people… he is an absolute master of all of these.

Which means… call on Orias to dominate whoever is grading your exam. If you don’t know who it is, call on him anyway. The exam you did is intimately connected to you, so if ANYONE is grading it, he will find them and be able to influence them.

It’s trickier if it’s graded by a computer, but try it anyway. Orias is so fucking good at manipulating and dominating the wills of others, I wouldn’t be surprised he would be able to manipulate a computer.

Seriously, call on him.

With Vapula, Andrealphus and Asmodai covering your side of the exam i.e you studying (remember to put in the work), and with Bael and Orias helping you modify the perception and will of whoever is grading the exam, you are basically guaranteed to pass.


There is another thing you can do - which is calling on the fourth name of Marduk.



You can find all the instructions to summon him by Googling the Necronomicon spellbook.

He is able to help you when shit gets absolutely fucked - literally the performer of miracles, shifting reality to whatever it is you need.

If you find yourself absolutely terrified, make sure to call on him. He will help.

And, of course, I need to say thanks to King Paimon…

And to Azazel.

Without them, it would have been harder to finish everything. Supremely kind spirits, who are absolutely amazing. There is a lot of info on both of them, but in short…

King Paimon is excellent in all things study/learning related, AND a masterful manipulator, all in one. So you can definitely see how he can help boost the power of both approaches.

And Azazel… well, he’s just amazing. I can’t exactly put it into words what he did, but I know he helped out massively. I can definitely feel traces of his energy in the whole operation.

Now, you should definitely call on the spirit you’re closest with to help you out with all of this, as a sort of overseer or director of the whole operation. That depends on you personally.

Don’t be afraid to contact them. :blush:

Thank you Azazel, and thank you King Paimon. Thank you Vapula, Andrealphus, Asmodai, Bael and Orias.

Call on them if you need help.

That’s all. :slight_smile:


Right when I be need to find a way to pass exams i find this… thank you so much man


AWESOME, congrats!!! :+1:


This is extremely helpful for me. I was having a hard time finding anything extensive on spirit contact - specifically Goetic - for school. Thanks a lot!


@JansonX2 you said in your intro you need help with passing exams. Scroll to the top of this thread and give it a read.

Hope it helps.

Good luck.


Oh my fucking god!!!

I can’t thank you enough! Just what I need in my mechanical engineering courses! Thanks!!


I asked for the help of Vapula yesterday to help me get a good grade at a Maths test that should I should have sustained today. Monday(today) I have 2 hours of Maths at school. At the first hour of Maths the teacher didn’t come because of some reasons and at the second hour of Maths, when she came, she forgot about the test… This is not really what I wanted, I wanted a good grade… Anyway, thank you Vapula, you helped me for many times! (I promised Her that I will tell to more about the results- that being an offering to Her) Also sorry for bad English if it’s the case…

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That have just proved that if you could have taken the test failure would have been your best friend…that’s why the test was not done…

Or you weren’t clear on your intent while contacting the spirits

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I don’t have the words to thank you but even Google doesn’t have such kind of this Information… It’s the Best…:+1::+1::v:


I love most math. Algebra turns my brain on, lol. I have issues. But, I hate statistics. Hate, hate, hate, with a passion. Miss one number and it’s all over. Thanks for this post. Very helpful and made my day!


what about ronwe?

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also thank you very much for the examples!!:+1::+1::+1::+1:

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No you don’t have issues😃 You have a beautiful soul and brain! I love math aswell. Calculus is my big friend. Algebra is my soulmate. I love spending time with them. All day long.

Back to solving integrals :innocent:


Thank you for this information, Azazel Bael and Asmodeus rock.


If I may add some tips for those who find math challenging…find some music that gets you into the “zone”. Skrillex and deadmau5 really do it for me, lol.

Try some Tibetan singing bowls sometime! They help align and clear our chakras


This guide made me laugh out loud. I love the descriptions xD Bookmarked!

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Used this for my 3 last tests, nailed it with 1 year left to my engineering exam ive allready bookmarked this thread, might set up a special alter for this work for the last year.

i just had used them before 2 weeks
i didnt pass on 3 of the subject and i literally didnt knew anything about the exams
so i summoned them up! along with rowne
and they all helped me so much i fucking pass!
on maths i knew nothing
hear this
the teacher came to me and she literally TOLD ME THE ANSWERS!!!
and here i got the points that i needed to pass to the subject i am worse at!!
maybe its bael,orias??
i dont know but huge thanks to alll of thems!
Hail azazel,king paimon,vapula,rowne,andrealphus,bael,orias and asmoday!


Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face: