Stressed student? Having exam trouble? Look here

Bookmarked because I’m a super busy college student who may need this for quick reference in the future. Thank you for sharing!


Shout out to Asmodai, Andrealphus, Vapula, Orias and Belial. Massively helping out as always.

Can’t go wrong with any of them. :sunglasses:


Of course this is among of my favorite thread always…

Big up to this guy who wrote thus…

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Thank you.This is really helpful.

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what does that really mean he can shift reality? that’s all i want to know. change life,location ?:thinking:

I made a talismans or they just put their power into a sigil in my ritual it was amazing and effective


So would I evoke Orias if I want to influence whoever will be grading my exams into giving me a better grade than they usually would?

They’re really severe here and I just need to pass haha I’ve done my best but just as a precaution I wouldn’t mind a little help :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious how you or anyone else arrived at this particular description of power for Asmodai & Andrealphus. I’m preparing for a major exam (Medical boards), which I need to demolish (not just pass). Increased memory retention & motivation are what I need to carry me through the period of intense study. I can’t find any of these descriptions in any version of the Goetia.


Nice, I’ll try the Vapula/Andrealphus duo for boosting my programming skills and knowledge. I’m studying CS in university but I never programmed anything before that so it’s all new to me. I need to get a job this autumn so this summer I have to learn to code and make projects to show in interviews.

Have to say thanks to Vapula. This guy here missed a lot of lectures throughout the semester. Sometimes the lecturer himself never even showed up. So after surviving through some tough law school exams last week I came upon this thread and I knew I had hit the jackpot. Next morning I had my civil procedure exams so I evoked vapula asked for assistance. The next day I get into the exam couple minutes late but thanks to Vapula information was flowing like a fountain and I managed to finish the paper before time leaving those who came early still struggling haha. I’m always a slow one when it comes to exams but this time I was impressed at my speed. Vaps thanks :fire::ok_hand:

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Bumping this thread to say a big BIG thank you to VAPULA!
If you need to prepare for an exam or anything really that involves learning, this is your go-to spirit.
I’m telling you, after petitioning Vapula, I started learning what I needed with ease. Everything sticked after the 1st reading, something that doesn’t happen for me. I usually have to repeat something a few times but not this time.
I felt very prepared for my exams and did everything. The words just came to me with an unexpected ease.

Thank you, Vapula! I’m looking forward to work with you again!


WOW thank you for this! I’ll make sure to call on them I need to get my GED and I know that going to be a PAIN because I heard it got even HARDER. Thanks again👍.

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I have to thank Vapula, Andrealphus, Orias, Azazel, King Paimon


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Through which ritual do you call them ?

Do we need to petition them, charge their sigil or evoke them? I’m quite new to all this so if I need their help which method should I go for?

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any updates?

How were the effects?

Were u getting like supernatural focus and intensity while studyinh

Thank you @Blizzard

Not superfocus or anything. After I wrote the petition I was able to study for a day but that’s all. Usually I couldn’t study for more than a few hours. (I did take breaks, breaks are healthy).

The effect wore off after a few days. Halfway through I wasn’t sure if the petition had actually gone through, so I did some divination on it and found that it was not completely in effect. I might’ve done something wrong, but I forgot to record what I did to analyze it :sweat_smile:

If you do anything, please write it down asap.

But I also had some blockages of my own for the petition to have full affect. So, there’s that as well.