I was just speaking to Abaddon

yes I understand but there are more negativity around then ever but I dieresis


For example, a father is a protector, a guide, and often a teacher. A son is someone that’s not yet mature and is developing.

That’s just one possible interpretation. Meditate on it, ask him to explain it.


I’ve been getting similar message’s, so as I magican I don’t believe in coincidences, its not the spirit world and if it is, something’s coming.


Yes you were right he said that I need to contact him at a later date. Thank you for your wisdom much appreciated


You’re welcome. Take care, Connor.

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I’ve written about this on here before - ANYONE who does spirit work, be it healing, love & light, or the kinds of work we do here, will at some point be told something like this - that they’re the child, or other kin, of a spirit, the incarnation of a major god or demon themselves, and/or that they have some massive role to play in global consciousnes, and so on.

Many, MANY people get fucked over, thinking this is JUST happening to them, and completely lose the plot.

But here’s the thing: you are GOD. Big G - Creator of all, the one and only source of all forms in the universe, so, yes of course you’re also Shiva’s son, Hathor’s father, the God King of Mars, the future Christ-Child, the Nephilim battle chief, you name it - it’s YOU.

IN you.

Emanating FROM, you.

But not ordinary you - not the you that farts, flosses, and follows a sport or TV show, the You that is also emanating all these currents and channels is the cosmic Source of you, Source of all things, so when it resonates on one of these harmonics and a spirit starts telling you that you’re the next big deal, bear in mind that it’s resonating energy and discussion of potential, and that you are no more (nor less) special than anyone else out there, but - and this is IMPORTANT - that you do, like everyone, have the POTENTIAL to live into the thing you have been told.

So yeah, you are Abaddon’s son, for sure, and no with respect Sic_Draco this isn’t a psy-op - this is what happens when you start doing magick.

The “child of” (or wife, father, incarnation, or ruler of) means that you’re in harmony with the energy of that thing, so you’re the child, guardian, progenitor of that energy - and nothing more (nor, less). You are the child right now of the Abaddon consciousness emenating from (or held within the mind of) the Source, which is also, the consciousnes back of, and behind, everything that is you.

This is how Egyptian kings, like many others (who were also priests or shamans to begin with) got the whole mantle of being living gods to their people - someone told them this, and they formalised it. And if they were good protectors of their people, they even lived into that mantle, and earned the right to its recognition by doing the work that was required of them, and expected by their people.

This is why the PGM formulae all discuss being one with, or as the child of, a god, and again, when the magician steps up to do the work, he or she IS literally acting as a god, has taken that potential and is living it, manifesting it, in that moment of shaping reality to comply with will.

It’s no big deal, to be told these things, but it’s also a fucking huge big deal, because it’s TRUE for each and every one of us. :slight_smile:


My natural inclination is to not trust anything then try and prove myself wrong through research, its gotten me this far. So I dont mean to rain on anyone’s parade, just want people to stay grounded as the ego can run with info like that and really do a number on you, making those around you in your circle , get one committed to the psyche ward’s. Which is now happening around the world just look at the recent youtube vids, couple those feelings/thoughts/messages with alcohol and drugs and one could be capable of anything, try fly, try prove ones immortality, and so on lol


Awesome view point analysis, I agree Lady_Eva
we are all children of gods and we are gods
did someone apparently say once
"the kingdom of God is within you"

In further support of Lady_Eva her point we all pocess the power through thought forms and projection without use,of demons all time to change effect physical plane this confirms we are indeed all Gods


Great post, Eva. I completely agree with you concerning who we are and I know you’ve done a ton of work along these lines. This is gold, ladies and gentlemen, witches, warlocks, and sorcerers of all ages! :smiling_imp:


The hint is in “The Big G” and the Mason’s tools, go watch some bricklaying videos on YouTube to see actual masons building, how they combine will and creativity with the existing rules of their materials and gravity etc., and understand the true significance.

Some people have happened upon this information (more likely, it got passed down in various forms) while others are picking up their first ever crystal healing wand, or opening their first sigil, and getting skull-fucked by the truth coming at them through unfiltered statements like Connor describes above, with no context or game-plan because we’re told that a statement either is, or is not, true - not that you’re beginning to operate in a liminal state, as “The Creator” (albeit, often with little ability to consciously use that power at first) where the truth of a thing is defined only by your desire and ability to make it come about.

Also of course it has always suited some groups to take people’s innate godlike power and lie them into submission to a troll spirit from some weird desert region, that gains are too much attention right now. :rolling_eyes:

EVERYTHING is the axis mundi - beginning with your own spine, everywhere is “the Holy Land” including Australia, Andalusia, Aberdeen, and everyone IS God - but you have to do the work to bring that current forth, otherwise it’s just a pretty abstraction (mysticism) or a dangerously meta-suicidal excuse to cease to be (eastern-flavour RHP).

Convince yourself that you are a mere seperated “creation” of god and you’ve reversed the “Christ” act by believing yourself a walking corpse, made of dead clay animated by a ghost and with no divinity except that for which you beg and plead on your knees to mimic.

The gods, demons, and spirits are for sure “out there” and have agency and can act on our lives, and the lives of others as we often ask them to do, but they’re all, also, each within us, their power in our lives ebbing and flowing as our attention and that of “other people” ebbs and flows to them.


You should write a book! Awesome understanding of the current, I believe alls connected our meat suits help house fuel develop our eternal god soul intern powering the universe and universal mind


Odin has said that I am his son but when I asked him about it, he explained that my life parallels his in the myths. I am his “adopted” son. Maybe that is what Abbadon means.


The Catholic priests call everyone their children, and the “faithful” in turn call them “father” or “mother”.

Don’t sweat it, it is a pretty standard thing in spirituality.


Like Asmogus said: you should write a book, and sell that damn thing on BALG :wink:
*But really: they are not what people call “inexpensive”.


Had a friend in England a couple years back who talked about finding one’s Creator. He explained to Evoke (in an opened forum) who my creator was and that my wish was to meet with him/her, to basically feel their power. He said Full moon and super moons are the best time, or those that are when the Vail between world is thinnest and strongest. I did mine on the Super Black Moon! Abaddon was my creator, my Father. He gave me a spiritual name that same night when the moon was nigh. He revealed things to me that blew my mind. But in the end, I was his Son, and he was my Creator. The Book of Enoch speaks the same as the JKV Bible in Genesis 6:1-5 the Sons of God (Light) looked down and Saw the Daughters of Men and took them as wives and bore children into them called Nephilims. Nephilims have come and gone throughout history! So yes is the answer to your question. I am sure that the Admins of this page and founders can grant you the material as easily as I can to research further. If you are the son of Abaddon we are Kin. Uploading…


I firmly believe that everyone has the potential to become a god in the sense that all it takes is dedication, knowledge, time and discipline. However, the statement that everyone is a god always sounds strange to me. Isn’t godhood supposed to be special? One of the greatest heights any a living being might reach?

If all people are gods, well… then it becomes ordinary. Mundane.


@Kazama … I get your point, but I think that point of view is more firmly rooted in the Ego and the sense of Self. That’s not an insult or anything and I’m not saying “hey, you’re being egotistical” or anything like that.

Based on my own experiences and the experiences of the peeople I’ve really seen grow in their evolution, those concerns seem to fade away.

I mean, look at this community. The most powerful, evolved members here are the ones reaching out, giving of themselves, helping their fellow “gods in training” take the next step up the evolutionary ladder for themselves.

And we’re all “gods in training”. We’re all just stumbling in the dark, trying to find the next step on our own path.


I wouldn’t call it a concern, exactly. I’m simply trying to understand the general idea here.

Also, I’m having a hard time noticing any connection between my original point about godhood being something unique and all these things you’re bringing up like ego, self and helping people.


Maybe concern isn’t the right word. Viewpoint probably works better. That viewpoint falls away and doesn’t seem as important any more. It’s just a part of the journey and we all experience it a little differently.

I really don’t think about it in terms of “I’m a living god” as much as “I’m becoming a powerful conscious creator”. But that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. lol

I was referring to this part … “If all people are gods, well… then it becomes ordinary. Mundane.”

That feeling comes from the ego and the sense of self. The human desire to feel special and different.

Now, I’m not saying you have to let go of those things to perform magick. Not at all.

But if you’re working on your own ascension (and that’s what I got from your comments about godhood) … you will find yourself challenged to let go of these things. They are part of what makes you human and keeps you locked in that cage.

Just the other day, I was challenged to “think like a god rather than a man”. It’s a very different viewpoint than we’re used to.

Did that help clear it up at all?


Ah, I see. Well, you’ve misjudged me. It has less to do with the need to feel special and more with the conflict between the traditional concept of godhood and what is being presented.

Interesting. You were challenged to think like a god? How did that happen?