Is that an act of LHP blasphemy?

Very curious…really curious …what your thoughts are on this phrase in light of what you’ve said

I proclaim Satan Lucifer as my one and only God. I promise to recognize and honor him in all things, without reservation,

Would this be an act of blasphemy in your view?

Nope, it would be an act of religion by giving submission to another godform whose will and wishes may be counter to your conscious desires.

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Interesting. Hmm.

  1. Can you tell me to whom would you write such a …pact? Document? And how you’d write it to assure yourself that the pledge ? ? would reinforce my conscious desires…

  2. Your view intrigued me. Could you elaborate on your views of Satan and your godform?

  3. Do I have a single godform or multiple ?

4 can I evoke the godform by calling him/her/it like any other demon?

Thank you :pray:. Your info is really helping me out. In trying to clean up and kick out any remaining Christian remanence.

I can’t really dig into that right now but have made this its own topic because it’s a bit OT to the other conversation, and hopefully you’ll get some good replies from other members :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen a similar statement in some theistic Satanist books. It’s quite controversial for sure but I wouldn’t consider it blasphemy. It’s also not Left Hand Path but a mere religion like any other.
Theistic Satanists are more focused on the religious worship of Satan and his demons. It’s quite carnal in nature and doesn’t involve any magnum opus such as becoming a god or ascending. Satan is merely an empowering godform that they give supplication to.
We who are Left Hand Path practitioners work with these Dark Gods as mentors and partners in ascent, not to be worshipped but respected.
Nevertheless theists have a right to their beliefs and I won’t give them heat for it.


Interesting and enlightening response m. Can you please, do that I properly understand you, explain (a) who or what Satan is from your understanding of the left path (b) how you would interact with him in a non religious way compared to the theistic satanist © how you would rephrase the “pledge” to Satan above based on how you view Satan and your path.

Satan from my perspective is simply a symbol of the adversarial current—that which ignites evolution and movement. Satan is not a single entity but an embodiment of all adversarial deities across different cultures in history. He is also the essence of consciousness that gives man the ability to direct his life and live according to his true will.
I would interact with Satan like I would any other entity by invocation, evocation, pathworking, etc. More specifically, I study his essence in ancient cultures such as The Egyptian Set or Persian Ahriman and work with these masks instead to separate from the Judeo-Christian paradigm. The purpose of course being to acquire knowledge and ascend as a God-Man in power.

Fascinating. I’m enjoying this info. Thank you :pray:.

So basically all ancient deities are in fact mask/s of demons who collectively make up Satan…is that right?(as per your view)

Do you recognize any other gods as existing which are not part of what you call Satan, or are all gods in actuality masks of the one true god Satan?

Which mask does Satan take In Greco-Roman deities?

How would you reword the statement to conform with your views:

I proclaim Satan Lucifer as my one and only God. I promise to recognize and honor him in all things, without reservation, ””


Not all just the ones who are adversarial or rebellious in nature :slightly_smiling_face:

Satan is one of many and I make no claims that he is the one true god, however that depends on your perception. He can be your Patron Deity and a representation of your personal Daemon, therefore a guiding force within your subjective reality. In that sense, you will consider him your god and only yours.