Advanced / core principle Alchemy

So, we all know the Dao Symbol,
the 2 Flames, which hold a tiny pice of the opposite force inside them,
and manage to balance each other out completely.

now, we’ve discussed before, that the real power get’s accessable once those unite.

What isn’t discussed out there, is the next stage,
the combined state.
The Dust State.
Now, normally we think of Dust in terms of dirt.

However, that’s not completely true.

In fact, Dust is sometimes the only real proof for magick after it’s casting.

Dust, is created by infusing Earth with air, which breakes it and the process in between is either wood or fire.
To be more exact, it’s wood, in the creation (growing) phase,
and Fire in the Destruction (shrinking) phase.

The creation phase binds water in,
to create a new object out of the two base materials.
The Destruction phase, releases that water back out of it.
(the vapor, smell or soul essence, which has been manipulating the elements into a living organism,
is bound the the water element, according to that.)

The final product, of shrinking the dust back down, is metal.
So metal (and indeed magnetic effect’s on the Enviorment - thorus field generation - the Astral imprint of it), so that makes Metal the concentrated form of dust, right?`

Metal is not concentrated dust, since it’s been transformed several times,
Metal is more like the End stage of Transmutation.
(at least Natrual Transmutation,
as mother Nature does it around us.)

However, Dust, and Metal, both share to be the closest to the western Alchemical concept of “Aether”, we get.
It’s symbol color white,
standing for being blank,
pure / clean.

And it’s created out of earth, basically going from dark to light,
from black to white.
So that Alchemical reference is addressed aswell.
(Led to gold).

Now, the Attempts to find the aether element,
usually fail at: it’s lighter then Air,
but it’s not air,
it’s invisible,
and it’s somehow the alchemical equivalent of religious understanding of soul.

So let’s check these points on dust,
and on Metal.

Dust: Lighter then Air - potentially, invisible - potentially - equal to soul propably not.
Metal: Lighter then Air -no. Invisible - potentially due to reflective surfaces. - Equal to soul…

Now, as we discussed earlier, it’s affecting the Growth and shrinking,
and potentially could be responsible for breathing / heart pulsation.
So that’s the closest i got,
so far.


Metal is actually the ? -question mark Element,
and the fact that this system counts inside of a 10 pointed star (high magick / kabbalistic tree of life / qliphotic tree of death),
made me curious to check why there’s only 3 main elements in the inner ring,
and two of them being outside.

those three main elements in the middle:

Fire, Earth, Air.

The 2 outside Elements:
Wood, Metal.

if we add the Tree of Life / Tree of death,
and try to aligne them,
they’d Propably go to:
Wood - Life
Metal - Death.

(almost all Weapons are built from Metal after all.)

Open for further Discussion and reseurch.

Editation Note: 23.06.2019 Addition of the Scientific true base elements

Strong force,
is also sometimes called the “Color Force”,
so i assume it hugely haves to do with the Chakras,
Rainbow spectrum of light,

Octave System of Sound - maybe.

the 4th Force,
is also called Radioactivity,
and is called the weak force.

-So, the much feared Radioactivity,
and it’s devastating form,
the Atomic Bomb,
are actually one of the 4 Promordial base forces of Nature.

In that sense,
it’s understandable,
that our Civilization changed drastically,
when it became wide spread normal use,
to have Nuclear Plants,
and it’s harvest of Energies.

After all,
those Nuclear Plants,
perform a real Alchemist Task,
and indeed,
change the Atomic Structure of Matter.

They even Product Gold,
but it’s simply not interesting,
to those who Run these facilities.

Because the destructive Power,
is much more prefered over the Gold.

Just for reference,
this is also real Alchemy.

Specifically the Philosopher Stone,

For Referance:


  • 4 element System,
    with hidden 5th Aspect.

(Spirit / Aether / Geist / Life Force / Chi / Prana / Qi)


CHI Polarities:

spring, summer/autumn, winter
the lower part/the upper part
the right side/the left side
decay / growth




Condencing Spirit down into fully Solid Physical form:

I have to tell you yesterdays success Story.

I initially went out to train Aerokinesis,
my natrual Element of Wind.

But i found myself considering it “well enough”,
quite quickly,
and decided more intuitively,
then awarely,
to conduct a ritual.

It turned out,
to be an alchemical rite.

I created this Stone:

I had to contain it in a plant | earth environment for the moment, because a living being - a bug, had decided to travel with the stone, back into my home, and it simply felt wrong, to kill it or have it thrown out imidiently.

Looking at it now, it could even by a sign of the life force, either emitted from the stone, or absorbed into it.

I’ll have to keep researching, for that to fully verify itself to me.

By condensing it through:

Water + Cold + Metal,
fuelded by Wind and Celestial Energy for it to fully manifest,
within minutes.

There’s been 3 Spectators,
which basically the Spirit realm granted me,
for personal confirmation,
about all of that being real,
and truely happening through my own power.

The complete session, with wind bending training, and the alchemical creation of the stone, had been finished in around 2 - 2,5 hours.




That is very interesting! The creation of the stone reminds me of stories about monks creating gold or valuable jewels (diamonds?) from their training. They did not seek it, but was something developed by accident, much like your stone seems to have been done. Very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing. Your insight on the energies surrounding alchemical processes are very cool. I am taking notes.


Good idea.

Indeed, i had a point in my life,
where i basically shoutet at myself:

You’ve seeked monkhood?
You’ve got it!
You succeeded,
you became a monk!!

Now what??
You want to stay here, or what???

Keep going man,
this is just a step along the ladder.

Kind of like that.

i was really pissed with myself back then,
because i had allowed myself to become so minimalistic,
while striving for certain inner qualities,
but i knew,
i couldn’t allow that to completely rule my life.

One of the reasons,
i thought that stuff to myself,
rather than joining up at a closter,
or buying into a doctrine.

to be honest,
Become a living God also kind of have a Doctrine in it.

But a reasonable,
good one.

I’m fine with that.

But I had more such “stepping points” in between.

At one point,
i even swore myself into knighthood,
just to find out,
that i still valued Peace and Pacifism way to much,
to allow myself to ever be weaponized by anyone else.

Thank you also for your reply.

Seems now,
that i wrote that addition,
this Topic picks up some Wind.





let me Name the 4 Primory Fathers of Todays Science,
who all were Alchemists,
in their Time:

Astronomy, Mathematics.

Astronomy, Phycisist, Engineer.

Astronomy, Mathematician, Astrology.

Mathematician, Phycisist, Astronomer, Theologian, Author.

i’d like to consider the fith (the hidden one, Spirit - or in this case, electricity:)

Not entirely sure on that one,
since i haven’t spendt much time into the reseurch:

But this might help you guys solving that problem for yourself:


Author, Printer, Founder of the United States, Political Theorist, Freemason, Postmaster, Scientiest (note how the word is used on him, but not on the previous ones), Inventor, Humorist, Civic Activist, Diplomat.


Phycisist, Chemist, Pioneer of electricity and discoverer of methane.

Which kind of makes him the more likely choice in my eyes.


In Grand total,
we’re left with one very common modiality accross the board of these minds:


So if you ever asked yourself,
which scientific field,
is the most likely,
to get you in line,
with true success and writing your name into history,
or creating a new future:

it’s the Astronomy,
as allways,
still leading all other Sciences on.

(Planetary High Magick, might be an option aswell.)

Apart from that…

With a little deeper magickal understanding,
-which i kind of expect from this point onwards -

We come quickly to realize,
they’ve been at least questioned,
if not directly attacked by Religious Dogma and limitation,
hence facing similar difficulties as we do today.

So of course,
the true mind behind certain things,
doesn’t have to be the exact name,
the public wrote down for the prolonged history.

Of course,
it would have been rather wise,
for the true capable minds,
to set in place,
and use decoys,
to keep safe for themselves,
for as long as possible.

And clearly,
especially the Immortals should understand,
that there’s little meaning behind fame.

In fact,
fame is an obstacle,
when it comes to conducting real Change into the world.

One of the reasons,
i considered Volta more likely then Franklin.




Reseurch addition:;




Just wondering how did u make the stone that sounds extremely interesting if u don’t want to share publicly u can pm me. Just wondering


I’m still struggeling with the understanding myself.

on one hand,
it could all be argued down to be just mind-fuckery,
and the stone having been there before i even arrived there.

On the other hands,
spirits where with me that day,
and even sendt me human spectators,
to prevent me from developing exactly these kind of doubts.


I can only theorize so far.

Oh and i stopped explaining it further,
because the Balg System itself,
had prevented me from editing the Topic further,
so i took it as a sign of “You said enough,
more isn’t to be shared.”




Alright :ok_hand: God Bless


This will become important again.

especially when investigating the Electromagnestism.




From my early days.





As answered in PM.

Thank you.



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Section on Reality Hacking,
and manipulating complete physical objects into existence,
from blank space /& out of nothing.

If there is a way to really conjure things out of the void into real full manifestation,
this might well be a key to unlocking that.

56101_480x360 200908311112494776_0 e8 E8root Earth-Venus-sacred-geometry farey_Ford_unit_disc image1_hires rhombicosa2 theory-of-everything-2

To sum them up simple:

Variations of the E8,
better known to us,
as the Star of David,
Metatron cube,
Flower of Life,




@Rav, I’d Like to add your Incantation for the 5th Element “Atazoth”,

Maybe you can help me with the Sumerian version of the Core Element,

Not talking of DMT tho.

i really mean dust,
as in:

“Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.”




Hmmm i find It interesting. I have to check this but dust could mean Za or Zu in Sumerian. Have to look up a couple of things first



Thank you for investigating it,




Yberion. Did you seriously create your o enough philosophers stone …
Going over alchemy articles and readings. Ps Morgana is merging

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Well, i have it in front of me,
on my desk.

And yes,
i crafted it myself.

Both the first version,
and later the secound version.

The one i crafted from Alchemical Materials,
and the one i Crafted directly through Evokation,
from pure Spiritual Energy (Mana / Chi / Energy -however you want to call it.)

So yes,
i indeed, crafted the Stone for myself.



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Excellent. Then at some point so can I.
Whatever it takes. I feel myself as Myself more & more when Ashala joins even yoga becomes more fluid.
I am power. Regardless of the time my human/construct self forgets. No turning back now

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Note to myself;

Make Absorbent Water,
for the Gem based potion brew.

store some extra Absorbent Water,

to have it prepared,
for working with the orishas.



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