Alchemical order of removing and placing physical pain


I just came to a situation where I had to wakely replace the work my body is supposed to do when I’m on sleep, because of a) being way to wake without being able to force myself to sleep, as well as b) having work upcoming, and change in shifts, as well as busy times there.

So what I noticed is I had very good stores of light energy, as well as a good paralyzed energy stored. That combination allowed me to change the whole energy field of Body, as well as cover pain and just remove it.

Now element order for pain remove :

Thought (information in cells /area) > fire (the yelling feeling of the pain itself) > earth (controlled paralysis created for example from heavy, dark energy) > water (opening up the paralysis back to normal feeling state - like waking up the body part) > air (complete removal into nothing /open space)

For turning this process in baleful curse use return the element order as wollowed:
Thought (information about desired outcome - for example heart attack)

air (Collecting space to cover the information in, and later transfer of the finished patch of condensed pain)
water (bringing it to life, giving it structure, making it generally stable in flexible form)
earth (compressing and stabilizing it to physical effectiveness. Making it hard and amiable like a bullet)
fire ( pushing it into the victims flash ether through pure will or a focus link. Inflicting the final damage and melting it into the structure of the opponent, so it becomes a unremovable part of the targets physical and presence, therefore also affecting each other phase of his being ( mental, emotional, Astral… You know the layers).

Of course I’ve just done the healing portion of this, but first I have no current target that would make a desire for such infectious attack.
Secound, I thought my experience with it may just be inspiring.

The elemental order is more a reference to explain the process, still, in ritual it becomes a nice step by step process.

For day use of course going through the process is more intuitive:

Hard to soft for release.
Soft to hard for impact.


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wow thanks! this is great.

can you, for example, do physical exercise, let’s say, plank exercise, and be more efficient by holding this process in mind and turning elements…


Very interesting from the beginning!!!


Glad you revived this one to be honest.

So…summarising: via nocturna.

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