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Hi EA, I was wondering if you’ve had any interactions with Belphegor? It seems the name is one of the least mentioned.

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Last night i felt evoked by Arkey Looge,
And it seemed to be a very liberating expierience.

I just want to ask about this:

Is the current work with Amun Lucifer Amaymon,
(if i even spell this correctly :smile:)
based on this ritual and expanding on what was opened up and got along on the way here?




Hello EA its me James i wonder if there is going to be a grimoire called Abaddon compendium volume 4, coming out after Azazel compendium volume 3.

Hello E.A, I am new yo magic and from Africa. I’m really interested in pact signing for religious purposes. Like seeing people’s problems, causes and immediate solutions like ceremonial magic. Pls which entity will help?

Also interested in instant healing. Tnx

I’m happy for EA, he has been given great knowledge and power. When I asked about him I was told he would be an incredible mentor. Also when I spoke about him I was told that his time with those he seeks knowledge is whining not for lack of his attention but because he will soon have no need for it he will be able to do all that he wishes by the power of his own hand. I have many questions for him aswell but I would suggest do as he did seek the knowledge and those who would like they did for him give you the same knowledge. Something that was told to me and if EA reads this he will know whom I am speaking “ Those who seek knowledge for themselves are destined to become their own teacher, those who seek others to give them knowledge they have attained are doomed to forever be pupils”. One does not become great because they seek to be an apprentice, they become great because they know they are already the magician.

Subject: An Honest Thank You

Post: The journey I am on, the experiences I have had, no one can take away from me, they define me and they make me who I am. This journey is self made and it is powerful. I thought I was alone in all that I do and all that I want for myself and others. I thought no one understands, no one gets it. I literally searched the faces of the Gods, and it was Belial and Lucifer who spoke back. I didn’t know who they were, or what happened in my journey until I saw someone else experience them and define their spirit and desires of humanity the way I did. In my own small world. My question to you E.A. is not a question. It is a thank you. Thank you for stepping up and showing the world what it means to be a Black Magickian. What it means to be on the cutting edge of Spiritual Ascent, and the truth of Human Spirit. Thank you because some of us can’t step up, but want to, and all that you do reminds us that we are not alone…Archaelus…I like that name too.


Eric, you are quite honestly, and inspiration. You’re showing the world what it is to be a defiant pariah. And that is something I can definitely emulate and appreciate.

One thing that you are definitely accomplish a thing, what do you want to acknowledge it or not, is bringing magic back to the Forefront, reintroducing magic into this world of Hi-Tech Solutions, instant problem solving, an over-reliance on people who don’t fully understand that you have to work with the Unseen as well as the physical in order to affect complete change.

People on this forum are simply some of the most advanced people in this world when it comes to dealing with magic and spirit, from people that are able to conduct personal possession of other people, spiritual assassin’s, and people who can call forth long-dead Sorcerers and presidential figures in order to learn the secrets of politics and Magic from years, decades, and centuries ago, and all the worlds in all the universe, there are few creatures that can make such a boast.

These people, these Sorcerers, these magicians, can affect extreme change in the world, and they are all here on your website, they are all here participating in the furthering development of Magic on a grand scale. The fact that there are so many people who regularly come up on your forum, and freely give out information in order to help other people.

As you continue forward in your journey, understand that there will be a lot of people that are watching you, some with admiration, some of disdain, some with love, and some with unbridled Fury. One thing that I’ve already been told while surfing the ethers is that you are A Marked Man, both in the physical, as well as the Ethereal for some of the secrets that you have put out, whether it’s the fact that you went back on your word to the voodoo practitioners, or the fact of the Soul travel which you are being targeted for teaching, due to the simple fact that there’s a lot of government agencies who think that they have a monopoly on that, or if it’s simply esoteric orders who are pissed at you for giving out the secrets of working with these great beings, understand you are A Marked Man.

With all of these things being the case, with all of these factors in play, how proud are you of what you have helped create?

Very much looking forward to your future works, the book of Abaddon, and the book of lucifuge are going to be phenomenal hits, rest assured, you can count on my money.

Darkest blessings.

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Hey ea i been a big fan of your work for several years and your work has certainly help change my life as it has for many others and othersto come,ever since I got the book of Azazel I had several spirits and entities that kept calling me to work with ant’harratu ever since I started working in magical practices i was overly obsessed to find the answers to several questions about myself and who i am and my reason for being,and try to find out who i was in my past lives. When i got the book of Azazel I was pulled to ant’harratu and was to the house of retzael azazels priests and every entity or nether i felt and overwhelmingly pull in my mind that i have to call them i must find the truth of who i am i feel theres something i must understand and regain in some way has anyone done such a thing before with azazel and his legions if so can you give me some advice and is it possible to be pulled to specific entities or spirits that you have worked with in your past lives?

Hello E.A., I come from two primary backgrounds. Norse and Egyptian and I have worked alongside Freya, Thoth, Ra, Odin and so on. I suppose my main question is, working with the 72 demons of Solomon. How long does a binding ritual take? Is there a need for such a thing? How does one go about working with the 72 demons? I ask this because of watching more of your content I see how you have worked in evocation of the king Bael who spoke to me after I watched it and I have had problems with the marquis Shax who came to me during a time where I had lost a relationship. Is there a certain principle in working with them?

BlockquoteE.A. will strive to answer a couple questions every Monday from the cumulative inquiries he receives both here and on Facebook.
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To give an example:
Subject: Do I Need To Believe In Demons To Be A Sorcerer?
Post: Hello E.A., I come from XYZ background, and learned that demons are evil. Do I need to believe in demons, in order to perform black magick? I am scared that… etc. etc. etc.
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Hi EA i really like all your works, i want to ask a question does drinking Demon blood open up psychic abilities, i was only wondering, if don’t know would Azazel know and give appropriate answer.

E.A. how do I prevent my balls from sticking to my leg?

Also, on a less serious note, can you explain your normal mentality? Such as, do you maintain high positivity and confidence or are you normal in the sense of regular human like doubt?


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Dear @E.A,

You’ve once said in your videos,
that currently there are about 4-5 Demonic Kings which are known,
and then some which have yet to reveal themselves.

Now, since Astronomy was a huge guiding tool,
for magy of any centuary,

It’s kind of likely to assume,
that each of those Demonic Kings,
refers to one of the Planets specifically.

Lucifer, we know to be Sol (/Ra), the Sun.
Azazel, pretty clearly, is Saturn.

Now here’s the 9 Planets, themselves:

  1. Sun
  2. Mercury
  3. Venus
  4. Earth
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn
  8. Uranus
  9. Neptune
  10. Pluto

Now, according to that page, the Astrology currently kind of debates about wether Pluto even is the ninth planet or not,
And i intentionally started with counting Sun as Planet Zero,
Since it’s actually the correct order this way,
and also point’s towards the Tree of Life, where each would be 1 number forward,
with Pluto being 10, being Da’ath. (as we’ve discussed around 2 years ago.)

So this would be the debated alternative to Pluto as ninth planet…
Which might also be why Da’ath was always taken out of the Equasion on the Tree of life, in regular understanding.

Either way.

I hope this helps in reseurching,
and working the 9 Demonic Gatekeepers.

For reference,
i ask this to aligne those Planets with the corresponding Demonic Kings / Gatekeepers.

It’s supposed to help working out this:




Hello ea am a new to black magic and I started a few months ago and for that I received one of your universal circle from a friend which he was using and I have been using it for a while now and I don’t know if it was wrong or was a bad idea and am afraid there will be a consequences for using it please reply

EA about the sections regarding the last familiar travelling darkness, you had trouble understanding the hisses, what those hisses may represents is a form of like a percel mount, maybe words in the form of hisses, that is my interpretation, Belial without a master is like reading a story with ritual added in it, no a 6 ft black mirror, mirrors are not cheap and what a investment that would be, id hate to know the shipping cost to Australia, for that price i could purchase Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5 in Leather, im study first, regarding hisses try a different approach try not to hear with your ears, try and listen with your mind, “as psychic kid on the matrix say their is no spoon”.

Well question that I don’t usually pop into someone’s mind cause everyone is different in there own way as an individual. But all paths have a source of truth just like history itself repeats and everything was ment to come to this point in time like a calendar , ending of this cycle. so as for the question I’d like to ask is if we compare the astronomical calendar to the cycles of carnation and reincarnation indicate the great return possibly in affect as of this day an age?

Safety for young innocents

E.A. Koetting

Safety for young innocents

E.A. Koetting




Hi, so i have a 4 year old son and am around other children quite frequently and am new to invoking and or anything deeper. from what i have learned here and with videos once you go in there is no turning back as well there more you will see gods/ demons around. are there rules set into place that we simply cannot see or barriers in keeping your loved ones safe? young and old? I have tried once to contact beileal and i didn’t really feel anything, never the less i still tool precaution in making sure to extinguish candles and in- scents at the end of things. i figured from learning from the videos that if nothing has happend it may not be time, i dont have what i need, or my mind is not clear of intent. so i tabled things. two days later someone touched me on my shoulder while i was washing dishes. but i never got a bad vibe and no one else was in the room. Now i have been told by a friend that something touched her and woke her up. she said it was a tall presence and the feeling was pure dread and that she has not been able to shake it. i know there is another spirit in her basement but its nothing like what she spoke of. I feel that i should look deeper into this but i also feel ill equipped at the moment seeing as there are 5 total Children when you include my one that 4 of which live there. not sure how to go about this? I have told my friend that in the videos that i have watched from others experience with the Gods/ demons that the dread feeling is something that they feel as well until they were more familiar. That the contact may also be wanting to help her in some way. however, it doesn’t make since to me when i never did anything in her home or near her children. so why would there be anything coming to her house? I have bought your Complete works book and am really excited about it. I have this really strong pull to contact again but wanted to know if you can maybe shed some light on this? thank you in advance! BTW this is a repost im still getting used to navigating this sight. i have had someone show me of a forum for a red shield or shield programming? where can i get this info to preform this? search boxes on youtube and other have not been a help.

Before i question, good work regarding compendiums great stories, now i know you went great lengths in a great story grimoire Belial without a master what you did asking Belial questions Belial answering, so why do compendiums come over like reading a story the great adventures of EA and Belial a story book with some evocation and some magical seals added, i was thinking compendiums wasn’t like a story book grimoires, and when i practice my inverted pentagrams i and literly walk away waked and waisted, and zoned out off my face completely energy drunk and sometimes i have black outs million times more then any compendium i don’t mine reading them i could read a evocation out of the Belial without a master and sit and wait until the next millennium centuries, there’s nothing in evocations, not like my inverted pentagrams i use, like the other ones i sent you, i received not one reply or a thanks, well i did come up with something great Black Enchantment since your ungrateful im keeping Black enchantment for myself i know you think those stars are shit, well im very proud of them, i know eventually everyone will eventually walk that path, a very volatile path, you’ll see, ive been walking that path since i was 17.

Hey I gotta ask; when is the kindle edition for the Lucifuge book coming out?

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