Alchemy, what is it really and how is it actually done?

Ooohh i got an idea lets invoke Nicholas Flamel :grinning:

Im being serious btw. :kissing_heart:


To be clear evoke or invoke? Because I never let a spirit so much as enter my body for a second without knowing a bit about them first


It may be safer for you to evoke.

For me Azazel, isnt gonna allow any spirit to hang around for too long. Just ask the last spirit that hung around my house too long…the king took his head. :smiling_imp:


Lol for some reason my relationships with spirits tend to last a while and fortunately while also being unfortunately the come in hordes lol.


Oh I see.

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I mean fortunate in the sense I make a lot of close friendships and allies and gain a lot of insight and wisdom etc. Unfortunate because I’m very sloth like and I can be pretty lazy (which is also neat to have them around because they’ll kick my ass in gear, Luci has done it several times) and on nights when I’m extremely tired and sleepy it’s difficult to evoke spirits without falling asleep first and I’d just prefer to be awake and to take the spirits seriously


I gotcha.

My circle is designed by Azazel so everytime I use it Azazel automatically present. Kinda like the demon in the universal circle. Except I have Azazel and Shax.

Since Azazel monitors what spirits are around and within me…I just know they arent gonna stay longer than needed.


Interesting. It’s like a security measure


Yes. I guess it is😁


I want to use a circle casting (I usually don’t but I will use a triangle of manifestation, without any sort of spirit binding of course in my system it’s kinda rude lol) but I’m not sure who to involve lol


Hmmm…idk…i dont use a triangle. Azazel has never instructed me too. And Ive never seemed to need it.

Interesting though.

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i consider 2 different types of alchemy. at least two.

Inner, and outer alchemy.

Inner Alchemy is working in the mental and astral planes.
Restructuring the Body, getting better Control over energy flow, etc.

Outer Alchemy, is what we do in rituals.
It’s the sympathetic nature of getting similaritys and lining them up, just like Spirits do it for us, except here, we do it by ourselfes.

Then, there is at least Dark alchemy to be added.
Which is different from what i do.
I Cut Light, Sound, Time, Distances etc.
Dark alchemy i have yet to learn.

Then there is this extra element with Possession…
While posessed you’re also in altered alchemical state.

Basicly, like a Cup, which had been filled up.

Well, what else can i tell you here…

alchemy seeks, to transform, the 2 different polaritys inside of the Body, into one singularity, a merge, not light, not dark, but both together at the same time.
YIANG or XIANG is the term for it.
Also, in Meditation, and Gazing i’ve learned it by the simple teaching:
It’s not conzentrating by strain, like a stare.
But rather a forgetting, a letting everything else, drift away.
However, i’ve been forced to connect way more to physical world, then i intended to.
Which still hurts, sometimes.
But thankfully, today, i finished the Ritual of Burrying myself into Earth, to counteract the extreme Raise of Energy, which went down.
So i’m allready gettin better. :wink:

Kindest Regards.



Sadly, i don’t see any further Investigation here…

However, i wanted to ask:

Does anyone have advice for me regarding this:

I seek the 2 base Elements:
and Implosion,

The core Forces of heating and chilling.

I strongly believe These to be necessary Tools for my future work…

Looking Forward to any helpful advise. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!!



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The Book of Aquarius by Anonymous.
published by Forgotten Books.
Mine is the second edition - for what that’s worth.

(Did I mention urine?)

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If you really want to know about alchemy then there are some good material in this field. But for that you have to first get ride of most of the BS like personal and Spiritual Alchemy stuff. And focus on practical Lab Alchemy. I may sound rude but, real alchemy is practical Lab Alchemy. When some peoples in the past did not get access into Lab Alchemy then they started the hocus-pocus of mental Alchemy then developed personal Alchemy and ultimately Spiritual Alchemy. And this is the opinion of most of the modern Alchemist like Frater Albertus, Hans W. Nintzel etc. Because, reality is upside down; in Lab Alchemy when you do the practical works the works do the inner personal and spiritual Transformation itself, thats why the alchemists say “Ora et Labora”. Fortunately, there are some reliable source in this regard.

Fisrt of all, i would recommend “The Paracelsus College of parachemistry website” this site is dedicated to the works of “Dr. Frater Albertus” he is the father of modern Alchemy. Another important website is " " which offers Alchemical menuscripts handpicked by prominent American Alchemist Hans W. Nintzel ; another important website is " " look in the Alchemy section; Next website is “” this site also very helpful. If you look around in the Net then you may also fortunate enough to found the works of Dubuis Jean’s the prominent French Alchemist, when he published them via PON. Some good books on this subject are “The Alchemist’s Handbook” by Frater Albertus, “Spagyrics” by Manfred M. Junius, "Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy " and “The Way of The Crucible” by Capt. Robert Allen Bartlett. There was a forum named illuminated Alchemy by Nicholas D.Collete, unfortunatly that forum is no longer available, it is gone for good. I hope that’s enough to start your journey in the path of Alchemy.



I’ve started the project of forming a Planet.

A counter approach to the RHP goal of “Merging into - becoming a Star”,
i decided to rather create one myself, even if that takes several times of Incarnating,
since i do acknowledge that human Bodies can wear down quite quickly compared to Planetary Scale of Timelines.

The Idea / Concept behind this, is to give yourself a Project which is unachievable by any logical means,
and occupies you for a longer period than you’re normally living,
to actually ensure you’re remembering to re-incarnate regardless of what happens in between.

An Anchor, if you want to see it that way.

Besides, that goal was really defined from my Godhood (head?hood?wood?good! :stuck_out_tongue: ) more then my human mind.

So indeed, the Information i’ve requested are still important for me to be gathered.

I’ve come across something in that direction,

“4 primordial powers of the universe”,

but since the terminology wasn’t in a context explaining those terms,
i couldn’t store them well to my memory.

One of those was “weak force”, another “heavy force”.

Anyway, i appreciate all input, even if you think it may miss my question at first glance.



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We don’t know if he’s dead or not tho

Alchemy is the process of changing one thing into another. The most famous example is led into gold. It’s important to keep in mind alchemy applies to states of being just as much as it does to a physical state. Led into gold is just as much an allegory towards deep inner wisdom as it is a literal attempt.

If you want a serious go at studying alchemy learn everything you can about the emerald tablets and the kybalion. It isn’t an easy read at all. But if you spend time with it and really work at trying to understand what is being said you will take a lot out of it.

There’s also a great youtube channel by the Modern Alchemist who breaks it down into very simple concepts and is great at using examples we’re all familiar with.

My experiences:

There are two sides to alchemy the physical and the mental. Some argue if you’re not messing with chemicals you can’t geniunely call yourself an alchemist. I disagree with that. I think a mental alchemist is just as much an alchemist as a chemist.

That being said I work with both chemicals and the mind.

My physical chemistry side is limited compared to a lab chemist or the alchemist of old but I do what I can and what I’m comfortable with. I make my own oils, shampoos, body wash, sprays etc.

When I make these items I take time to infuse them with energy as well so each item crafted actually becomes a spell within itself. Most often used in my beauty routine but not always some are for purification or prosperity

On the mental side I’ve worked a lot into tapping into my own subconcious and facing my shadow self and then transmuting what I find that isn’t beneficial to something that’s more powerful

Taking one mental state say of fear or anxiety and changing it into a state of empowerment

Good luck on your journey


Dear SpaceStranger,
i really like your reply.

And i agree with many things you say.

Both the Emerald Tablets,
aswell as the Kybalion,
describe the base laws of nature,
from a perspective,
seldom found in other works.

the Emerald Tablets are said to be written directly by Toth.

  • even tho, others argue they’re fake.

For me,
being merged with Toth since several years,
i don’t sense that question at all.

What i do know,
is he’s also known as one of the main teachers of Magick,
and he’s definately teaching Alchemy,
along with it.

For him,
as much as i feel comfortable speaking in his name,
Alchemy is a part of Magick.

Not all magick,
but a part of it.

at the bottom of my last post you see a Link:

“Advanced / core priciple Alchemy”

I think,
it’s worth a read for you.

As i definately like for you,
to gain more success with your endevors.

Regarding the Metaphor of “Led to Gold”,
many people overlook,
that it describes birthing Light,
out of Darkness.

i see very much focus on,
and also don’t hear much people,
or even spirits,
talk about.

And on a Personal Note,
it’s very importend,
to not just see the black and the white,
but especially,
all the colors,
the range in between.





Thanks! I always enjoy your contributions as well and I bookmarked your alchemy link to read later.

I agree that the emerald tablets are genuine. It’s something you just feel when you study them.

I agree. I feel you have a complete understanding of alchemy if you work with both sides. But if you had to just pick one I’d pick the mental part. (Hey it can be hard to get your hands on chemicals legally and not everyone has the common sense to work with them safely either)

Couldn’t agree more. I think I pretty much live in shades of gray these days but it works for me. I think I now understand Gandalf the Gray’s character a lot more

Feel free to pm me anytime

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