Yberion Journal secound complete re-construction of Consciousness

Time to water the seeds.



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Aurora is awesome! Great singer.

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quick reminder on the current changes and applications that take place in my own mental structure.

Yes, this mentality is to a degree counter-intuitive,
from a mediator (ENFJ), perspective.

progression has already seddled in.

Do take into mind:

The great advice from father:

“don’t be/become, one of those Rushed people.”

Indeed, missing on relaxations is a known weakness of the Supervisor mindset,
and can be easily avoided and reduced with firm roots in having lived a complete set of Diplomat mindset mechanisms.

so don’t be to harsh on yourself,
and schedule in those relaxation triggers,
which are massively needed to keep in good control of the frameset.

  • mindset refragritation satnam coding preparation.

Download integral,

Oberyon substring:

Substring modifier:
A human,
is only humanly,
when he plays.

Integral corrective,
for boundry overlapping,
or mentally comprimising subcode strings.




Interestingly enough,
the original starting point was measured out at Debater,
and it took me several years to progress through Mediator,

Which means,
it’s absolutely reasonable,
to calculate in a few years,
for progressing through the next phase aswell.




CEO - executive modifier;

Encode crypt;

Ash Code;

I-Ash kuya, komlotha i-yberion, ivela.




Adjusting to current degree of Godhood.


Aldrich bill.
Original form of Federal Reserve. :wink:

and a nice little reminder what Inflation actually means. :wink:


Maximize Freedom and Time.

Fuck Money by bringing down their own debt on them.

It’s simple as that.

who tries to fuck around with you.

in that sense. :wink:

colony disruption code:




propably still filled with some blinkers.



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Dear @C.Kendall,

Mind if we share a rocky picture?

Couz i’ve been collecting new Rocks aswell,
around the time you describe.

(Probably the Bael connection.)



Guess i’ve found out about the blinkers.

My work with Belphegor seems to be going heavy.^^



Understanding more of the Kingship,
and OP Mindset.

How to lead.

How to create.

How to care for creation.

Also to be careful about this. xD

(Engagement primer=)

And since we’re on primers:


and how to act accordingly. xD

and of course,
creation of enviorment,
including life-forms.

love it!!!

And it being valuable regardless of motivation.

What a beautiful describtion!! xD



let’s sum that up a little bit,
and have a useful astral pin,
to utilize on demand for that conclusions.

Ita’quech patocah, Obilisk.

Interesting code system there.




for the next Post / Entry,
please Skip this.

I merely upload it,
because i need it to be accessable via Wifi,
when on Travel,
and therefore,
i have to embedd it into the Mental Frame Oberon Uplink.

Thank you for your understanding.


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Thank you for your Patience.



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Dear @anon40900405,

I’m thinking about closing down this topic,
i guess i’m soon done with my work here.

Apart from the last post (which is really to complex to explain down in detail,
and basically a data base for adjustments i make on the Devil Gene),

What do you think?

Have i left something out?

What do you think about my secound complete reconstruction of consciousness?

@Zel I think you’ve been checking it through aswell,
what do you think?

Can i complete it,
and shut that topic down?


From you i don’t need any check,
just a general reminder to look into it,
before it’s taken down. :wink:




@Yberion Give me one day to check it all out from scratch and I will give you my final opinion about this.


Sounds good.

Thank you.




here some of my gnosis,upon traveling into the shadows of tarxofias which is a round a tunnel that is the shadow of the roots of satariel i came into understanding about many mechanism of the mind,belials calls the true tongue of the mind which is aslo the true tongue of spirits that talk with meaning alone no verbal and images just a meaningful knowing “light tongue”

all these emotions like lust,fear,pain what ever are messages of evolution lust goes basically for “go find someone to reproduce and expand the species” i came into understanding that we are still primitive inside when i asked again belial the other what is the modern man he awnsered with
“the modern man is the ancient man with evolved needs and deeds”
it may sound funny but on my journeys on the mental plane the lower mental plane i literally felt what is like to be a cat,an animal then what is to be a woman a girl what is to be lets say john,animals seem to follow the circle of evolution of emotions like lust to serve lust to expand themselves animals have a point on their conciosness that is aware like you and me it is about decision making,judging and other basic movements.


Thank you Xag_darklight,
i’m aware of what you’re saying,
amongst other depictions of the life cycles.

Life, feeds itself,
out of itself.

It does go through cycles,
and yet,
the general movement in the base concept stays the same.

Just like the Tunnels of the body,
just like a worm,
are formed first,
even before,
Bone is created to keep the structure in place,
and then later re-construct and heal the vessle,
when it’s based on it’s own capacity,
to keep nutriated,
which does include some basic requirements,
of breath,
food and liquid,
not just going in and out,
but also being processed into physical matter of the body,
and then being replaced by new ones.

Both Medicine,
as well as food industry,
at least in my country,
intentionally refuse to teach it’s exact mechanisms,
and heck,
Magick is probably the closest you can get in todays culture,
to getting a full picture on that mechanisms,
and yet,
even then,
it remains quite cryptic.

Simple mechanisms,
like for example,
transmuting the normally highly toxic oxigen,
into a super fuel,
which conducts and induces many other systems in the body,
and allows for carbonhydrates to be burned into energy,
and transformed back into new matter,

You’ll rarely hear any mortal really speaking out about these things,
let alone having understanding on it.

Or how many people,
do actually know,
that when reducing body wheight,
and fighting obiecity,
you’re actually requiring the Oxigen system,
for it to burn away,
and you’re “breathing” out,
more fat and Suger from your body,
then you’re actually releasing as “poop”?

what you point out is true,
and are good points.

i had to write a code that allows for the connection of my Godself,
and my human current form,
to merge better,
and life in accordance,
while concealing it’s effects from public exposure.

breaking laws of physics,
and nature,
becomes much more common within the next few upcomming years,
and i need a solid structure in place,
to keep that from being exposed to anyone uncapable of understanding the mechanisms,
and why certain actions are necessary.

We all know the Jesus Story.
He was doing miracles always with a word of caution:
Believe in me,
but don’t tell anyone about it.

And he got killed for the miracles he worked.

Not planning on dying anywhere soon,
and since i know i’ll have to cope with the fact,
that mortals around me age at a different pace then myself,
there’s necessary steps of preperation,
to set in place,
to keep active and alive for an extended period of time,
without being compared to “them”.

But that’s just one reason.

is i was called here,
and re-awoken from a long period of rest,
because specific needs where brought to me,
and i had to care of things.


Even if i wanted to die,
or shorten my life expectancy.

I wouldn’t be allowed to do so.


I’m just making sure,
things go smoothly.



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How awesome. Truly viable magick
… don’t care when pple are saying it’s just tv’s when you remember differently and wonder why your magick isn’t w that you remember it to be.

Hey I’m starting to integrate myself in all of my known selves… l i me having a personal shift in mindset attitudes to what i s your stand as results and self disciplines