Void Hand imbuement for maximized Magical Potency_MCU Ancient Sorc Supreme Signature move

Baji jajuji quong variant;


Edit: Added:


Void Sigil,
which can be used by any Magician or Witch to conjure and form Void Energy.

we know that the Signature move of the Ancient Sorcerer Supreme in MCU is precisely separating the Physical Body (stopping it from function setting it off), from the Soul, which goes into Astral Travel mode due to the separation.

Pretty much,
what commonly is referred to as “near death experience.”

We also know that she’s a Black Magician,
as revealed by her Agnja Chakra being carved in the Dormammu Sigil.
(Sigil of the Dark Realm, feeding her eternal everlasting life.)

she’s probably not just accidentally separating the Soul from the body,
but rather very precise and Intentially,
killing / reviving those people we do the whole “fly out through your back from that push” move.

I know,
Comics aren’t meant to be a primary source of evidence,
for any matter,
books rarely show exactly movements of an action.

the key question would be:

How does the hit on the Solar plexus (insta kill),
separate the Soul from the body.

We don’t see her Projecting energy during that move,
so it’s a martial art,
not a magical attack.

And the closest call,
to such a one hit kill,
that I know of,
normally breaks a rib and pushes it right through the heart.

However, that would make Instant Revive pretty difficult if not impossible.

So she must use the chakra,
after all,
she’s always aiming for the exact middle line of the body,
rather than the heart organ,
which is up to the right,
from hitting position.

Now my personal theory,
I think she’s either combining the hit with an unspoken spell
-power word that breaks the connection and severs the soul from the body
or she’s Pushing the Soul out with her own Soul,
which is simply firmly grounded into her body,
during the move,
and just slightly pushes the Soul out of the physical Vessel.

The correct hit,
to do that,
would be turning the own hand,
right at the impact,
and pushing the own soul into and through the Solar Plexus Chakra of your opponent.

Since it’s a hit purely specialized on killing humans,
it’s a little difficult to go testing my theory,
as wearing your physical body during the fight,
makes it a little difficult to pull that of,
without having a dozen people around go crazy and try to stop you,
at least during the daytime.

Even tho the General Section would probably grant faster and much more answers,
I decided I have to restrict that Topic right from the start tho,
since it definitely falls under baneful,
to analyze a one-hit kill move.

Stupid people might want to try it out for fun,
and accidentally pull it off correctly.

Here’s my question:

Assuming we want the hit to be part of our arsenal,
what kind of power word,
or silent command do you guys think,
might be strong enough to separate a Soul safely from its Vessel,
and which command is she giving when she recombines those back together?

We’ve seen her do a very regular Energy manipulation move,
of pulling up one hand,
and pulling in the other hand,
when she combines body and soul back into one.

So that’d fall under Taiji /Qigong, or simply Energy Manipulation.

As far as i get it,
it’s the left hand rising,
to pull up the dead body,
and the right hand zooming in,
towards her body,
to grab and infuse the Soul,
back into the body.

there’s some room for interpretation I think.

Glad about all the answers.

Please contribute,
since there’s going to be few voices on this due to the restriction anyway.

For the Combining (reviving) command, I personally think it may be Sohum Akal,
for the Killing Command, It could be Denura Akal,
but i think both aren’t ideal,
and can be refined to better quality.

that when she uses it on Professor Hulk,
it separates Benner out of him,
so it also reveals the true form,
and since Banner came to terms before,
with his own immortality,
by having killed himself with a headshot,
just to find Hulk spitting out the bullet like it’s nothing,
-along with all the other deadly stuff that he survived…

That means it’s killing imortals too.

Another reason,
to keep it here in restricted area.



reference Edit:


This thread is pure gold. So, first of all, I’d say it’s a pretty neat ability and a super useful one (if done correctly). If someone could actually pull this off and train enough, he can become unstoppable. So, it’s indeed a good thing that you post it in the lounge…

Now, as for the name, I’m really bad at naming things, but perhaps you should combine an easy and cool word for this. I’m really bad at naming, but if I take the two names you gave, I’d make them: Sohu Akal and Denu Akal, because they can be said easier during the moment that someone’s performing that move.

Amazing job as always!


those aren’t names,
but incantations,
so they need to be aligning with the exact frequency of energy that’s used up for the effect to happen.

But still,
i agree,
those command should be simple and short,
in order to be effective.

Ideally single words.

i still got a lot of reseurch,
if i wanted to perfect that specific technique.




I mean, it’s pretty amazing, so I guess all the take it’ll take is totally worth it. I’ll share names if I have something in mind later.

Good luck and keep us updated!


a list of Death God Deities might be helpful. :slight_smile:

Undeads, which are known to have revived are interesting too,
like necromancers, liches, etc.

by watching the endgame movie the third time,
i focused specifically on the revive of Proffessor Hulk.

she uses her right hand,
when she pulls him back,
and it does use Energy,
i think it’s the same general golden yellow energy they use for their shieldings.

The move is a precise 1/4 quater click,
on a round invisible object,
so she’s probably projecting a sigil from her hand,
as i often do in instant casting.

She uses her thumb, index and pointing finger,
so the first 3 out of five.

That indicates to me,
that stability and flow (ring and pinky finger=), are pulling the Energy for the Sigil out of her,
whilst the other three fingers - self, spirit and perception are pushing the spell into reality.

That also alignes with how the successful spellcasting works in real life,
so it’s a good indicator and close.

there is no visible sigil during the cast however,
but we know,
as with the Dormamu Sigil on her forehead,
she can hide sigils and cast invisible spells.

finding out the exact sigil might also be interesting.




Badass thread, I immediately wanted to know how to do this the first time I saw it as I’ve heard of spirits “knocking people out of their bodies” all the time and figured, why not me?

I know there’s a lot to Mantak Chia’s work. Haven’t delved too deeply as my first foray into it yielded nothing noticable. Think I started in the wrong spot. Not to derail this thread at all but what’s the best place to start for general bang for your buck? Something that isn’t microcosmic orbit seminal kung fu… Manipulating my biochemistry did 1,000x more for me than that book.


I want to say that given her background it is not a matter of a spell or word of power or even killing them as if you recall in the scene there is a specific mention of Strange’s heart rate going dangerously high while he was pushed out. I have seen exactly this sort of thing described by Bardon as manipulation of the electric and magnetic fluid to effectively cause a forced astral projection which means you have to understand the mechanics of what astral projection is.

Simple put astral projection occurs either when the bodies vital energy is concentrated in the body of light and projected or pushed out through one of the chakras or when the more solidly defined astral matrix is separated temporarily from the physical which leads to much stronger projections where you can manifest stuff through it easily. Both are based on a shifting of energy from one phase to another and by the amount involved it forces the consciousness to accompany that mass of energy. In Frabato the Magician, Bardon is depicted as doing the same thing with just a touch.

Also books I have on Daoist magick and internal martial arts describe such energy shifts and how to accomplish them in normal astral projection and how to perform energetic changes in relation to martial arts including telepathic and spiritual energy attacks that can drop someone by disrupting their energy very much like she displays. Given her past I am going to say it is an extension of internal martial arts and knowledge of how astral projection works.


Well, i don’t know, you might ask Rory_McLellan to become your teacher.

He’s teached students before,
and was ranked level 3 Black belt during his Martial arts carreer.

He’s learning pure Energy Martial arts from Spirits (Satholas or Lucifer, i think it was lucifer),
as well as training his Telekenisis and such when he’s working with me,
and on his own.

He’s also an extremely fast pace student,
and excellent learner.

He’ll propably be able to guide you to some extend.

Just tell him,
that i recommended you to become his student,
he’ll know what that means.

If he’s not teaching you directly,
he can surely at least give you recommendations,
where to go for it.

he’s one of the guys who’ll likely qualify for Regular Rank,
but he’s still in his learning phase,
so i recommend we wait a little bit,
for further contributions from him,
before we request his promotion.

that being said,
he definately ranks under advanced practicioners currently.

Rofl, his temple is at least 10 times as heavy as mine.

I litterally make my alters the moment i decide to cast a spell.
He pretty much lives in Ritual Space,
having Altars in each cardinal direction.^^





i just found a part of the whole construct.

The true Energy frequency,
of loss,
isn’t Anger,
it’s not Destruction.

It’s Sadness.

Cause Sadness in your Enemies,
and they willfully choose to die.

So we got closer to how to perfect the dying part.

Still gotta go deeper into the Undying part.




Well, i agree,
and i think also that she’s trained and unlocked that skills,
and came to a point,
where she simply didn’t need any extra force behind it anymore.

I mean, Sorcerer Supreme,
in the concept of the MCU,
includes having learned a huge bunch at the topic,
as well as being practically capable of safely managing those currents.

They don’t have that issues we have,
of overlaping realities expieriences at the same time,
like for example when driving a car,
or working at your job,
and at the same time being evoked and pulled out of your current situation,
having to deal with both realities at once.

It’s more clean cut seperated.

However, the Bardon reference really helps,
Thank you a lot Nemesis.

Indeed, my guesses and interpretations come from an internal martial arts point of view,
and Dao Background aswell.

it definately matches up with her character,
and type of actions she does take when dealing with obstacles.

But it also makes the most sense to me,
since indeed,

Pushing the Astral body out through a specific Chakra seemed to be the common pattern,
between her different (/sadly we only got to see 2 occasions), applications of that move.

Oh, this sounds like it could be the original version i used.




Might I also recommend just summoning her directly? I have summoned Doctor Strange and had a few interesting conversations that have proven rather helpful myself.


yes, i considered that.

However, i consider her to be rather highly ranked,
and so i’m not going to do that without some preperation.

And actually, this reseurch is part of the preperation.

But indeed,
evoking her directly is a good option.

To be quite honest,
i don’t feel good (congurent with myself and my own morals),
and that’s usually a warning sign to not work with specific spirits,
i kind of fear it might get things worse.


yes, i’m aware we’re talking a symbolical character,

since you point that out,
when i first watched the movie end game,
at one point i had the clear decision in me,
to go ahead and manifest myself into the movie.

It was exactly coming to me,
before Marvel debued in the movie,
the scene where she comes out of that storm clouds.

I know it’s rather silly,
compared with other workings i do,
it lined up completely perfectly,
and since then,
i feel a strong connection to the character Marvel,
even tho,
i see more my female aspect in her,
since i kind of had a hard time seeing me directly represented.^^

But indeed,
that link already provided extra insights to me. xD




This might be interesting for this work. Probably shame, guilt and apathy would be useful to cause in a target for death magic.


my bad,
actually chose the wrong channel.

happened twice with that video,
so there must be some resitance between me and it.^^




Friendly reminder to avoid identity politics on here, take to PM if you want to talk about that more in-depth. :+1:


Thank you for making me aware of it,
i removed it and turned it into PM.





I just realized what made me identify with Carrol,
rather then Dr.Strange or the Ancient for example.

Carrol was the real first avenger,
since she gave the name to fury,
and thereby started the whole project over all.

Yet, at the same time,
she was invisible almost during the whole course of events.

So the role of the first avenger fell down on Captian america,
rather then mar vel filling it out.

Now that bears strinkingly resemblance with toth,
or Lucifuge Rofocale.

And since that’s a very dominant connection in myself,
i must have identified instinktively with it,
before getting aware of these details.

if i’d really want to,
i could propably identify with a bunch of characters,
since those are designed to captivate attention,
and pull the watcher in to identify with them.

After all,
those “hero” movies are ment to have a teaching character towards kids.

But indeed, in understanding why i aligned with that specifically,
it explained some other details to me aswell,
like for example my strong link between body and soul,
which blocks me from regular Soul Travel,
and rather haves me possess my Godform,
when accessing it to travel outside of myself.







My assumption would be her ajna chakra and her root chakra would pulse, meet at her solar plexus chakra and shoot out her hand since the two solar plexus chakra energies would collide and her energy is stronger because she is a black magician immortal.
It shoves out the weaker energy which would be professor hulk, and reveal his truest self as banner.

Does that make perfect sense? It does to me.


it really does.

Thank you.

since she normally combines it with going back to topic,
controling the situation,
and having the other one obey her state of mind (/frame) of peaceful talking.



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