Source/the all vs The void

But that just makes the Void the source of the Source. Making it, therefore, the Source. :thinking:

When people say Source they try to attach all this fake stuff about it having qualities, the reason the “All” is one, void, and manifold is because it’s behind and before any form of limitations, our minds cannot really conceptualise it.

Neti, neti…


You hit the nail on the head there. I don’t think our minds can really grasp it. It’s an idea you might get a glimpse of but is ultimately beyond our understanding.



Like Crow and Raven once told me, “Some things are beond our capacity to ascribe human words to.”.

It would be like trying to smell the color nine.


People can technically have their idea of it given it’s “everything and nothing” in the simplest terms used to human language but I find that someone shouldn’t say “our minds can’t comprehend it” because you can technically only speak for yourself, so void can be fit into any ideology to fit a individual’s understanding of it, they’re not wrong since void can mold to fit an understanding of it.


fascinating take, there’s one to think about. Hey could you look at my post on the abyss and tell me what you think?

Anyways the source is like God and all the living energy. The void is like hell and demons and unexistence at it’s very core.

Someone shouldn’t say it? Do other people’s opinions frighten you? No one said you shouldn’t express what you think. Far from it.

Don’t be a child and jump to conclusions, it’s a figure of speech dont get too ahead of yourself you might say something ignorant. Anyway, let me break it down, it’s basically saying don’t assume everyone’s mind works like your own. Is that better?

I never made a claim like that. Someone’s defensive.

No one needs you to break down anything, get over yourself

Defensive no, however you did make an assumption, either way. Now you understand my point and that’s all that matters to me. Moving on.

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I assume nothing. I said something to someone as a generality. It’s a broad philosophical conversation. To attach emotion to such a thing and make assumptions like that serves nothing. Nothing, like the void. Lol

In my opinion there is no “vs” between them. Two faces for the same coin. The void is the all, the all is the void. Just a matter of perception. It’s not “something” vs “nothing” or existence vs nonexistence. That’s how we perceive existence, not what existence is. 1000 years from now, we will have a different understanding.

Try first to know who or what you are. Then you’ll understand the all and the void. You’re the gate to both of them. Do you know and understand the purpose of your existence? Then how you would know and understand the purpose of the all?

Thinking won’t get you anywhere. Silence your thoughts and explore whatever there is within. One door will open another, one dimension will take you to another, until you find yourself back where you started, right here right now, but you won’t be the same.

In my opinion, this is the only way to answer your question.


I said that (though you paraphrased me slightly, and in so doing, inadvertantly altered the meaning of my statement, because I did not say comprehend): what I meant was that a finite thing such as the human mind cannot fully contain an infinite thing, such as an accurate concept of the All.

However we CAN comprehend it through metaphors and models well enough to work with it for various goals.

Our minds understand things by understanding what they ARE and what they are NOT, so a thing without qualities (yet from which all qualities simultaneously arise) is impossible to entirely conceptualise, because any attempt at a conceptual model creates its own antithesis and thereby, fails to be infinite and to include all states, all things, and their Polarities, at once.

But we can create models and experience Self-realisation that does the job on a practical level.


I agree. In that fold, some people should look into the function of language.


I wonder if the source and the void are required together? Perhaps the two make all that is rather than standing alone, though they can stand alone. For example, the very beginning of Genesis (life on earth) the spirit of god hovered over the waters, which were dark (pretty much de-void of life). Is the void death? Is the source life? It is complex really. To my mind at least.

Guess you don’t get called a child for no reason when you have the global moderator title. :joy:

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The Void,
essentially is empty space,
or the third true base force of our universe.

It’s pure emptyness,
or what you find in other belief systems,
for example under the name:


On contrary,
here’s very good content about the Source.

(Sat Nam).

Our Brother Micah,
also explains the different stages and layors between them,
in his post.



exactly, they are dimensional

Source is the Imagination of infinite intelligence and the ‘Source’ of everything. The Void is like the Mind which Infinite Intelligence encompasses and experiences itself. At least that’s how I understand it…