Devil Gene 🧬: The black alchemy of belial

Wow, this is deep. Born of possession, what do you mean actually?

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“Through are DNA we can influence the quantum vacuum and the information it contains.”

“We can influence are DNA through are thoughts, words and actions. Such then adjust what possibilities are available to us. “

  • Our “Junk” DNA Holds Astonishing Powers Which are Accessible

Powerful stuff!! This means the only limit is once self. The possibilities are limitless; infinite :infinity:.

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We are Multidimensional beings. I wonder how many dimensions exist?


The idea of a coherent state. When are DNA and matter is vibrating at the same frequency. It’s the same state one needs to be in to activate the law of attraction.

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Very cool! Love to know how it’s going. @Morgana9


Fascinating stuff!!! I wonder if we can reach immortality through the devil gene :dna:.


from here, percievable are roughly 22.

144 is from source point of view.

for that,
please look into E8




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i wrote it before:

the weak nuclear force is the key component.

Research the weak nuclear force in quantum mechanics,
and you hold the key to manifestation and manipulation of real world 3d Matter around you.

In magick,
this would be the eatheric plane,
or the source of magickal potentiality.

Note how TAU is used in Magick:


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Restoration comes when yourchigher self merges within you. When you self actualise / become god / your emergance: so in ceremony you die and are birn become alive as whom you truly are.
That you will discover that you regenerate. Because the body is enlivened by your spirit.

After that.
Go for the devil gene.

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Thank you, brother!!!

I’ll look into it, thanks :blush:.


Thanks! :blush: I appreciate your words.


I have been doing stuff like this with celestial energies, so dark energies would be able to change you as well.

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@Worksofdarkness79 is a way to activate the un programmed shells of your oridgional junk d n a or DARK DNA.
IT is the first steps and a way to apply metaphysical power in realityfrom the use of your dark d n a…

i suggest reading and researching others who have had success with this method my mentor and i created with belial and azazel and satan. good luck!


Will do that, brother! :blush:



Thank you, brother! :blush:

Nice to hear from you. I read your original article on the devil gene; incredible stuff!

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Might wanna focus on stemcells.
And in case of children: augment the egg and the sperm, but also the early stages, whilst the child is nothing but a pile of a few cells.

I remember getting that, the dilated pupils, but it wasn’t really because of occult work, it was because I had given up. I figured I had reached the abyss, and accomplished the great work and didn’t need to do anymore. But I didn’t want to sound like an egomaniac. I remember questioning everything, like, did I have a self and did it matter. I studied under a great anti-guru who taught through intense self-hatred and negative energy. It actually took a while to get back to “normal” whatever that means.

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Aum ohm zui

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