INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)

Hi everyone, I wish to throw in a quick but immense, immense thanks for your efforts! I have to keep up to check out everyone’s posts - I feel like I’m in candy-land thanks to all of you and I’m sure many feel the same way - you all rock----BiG TiMe! :smiley:

For those who haven’t - it may be EXTREMELY empowering to start sharing your content on youtube - don’t be shy - as you know, you can choose to do it with or without your face associated with it-according to what you feel comfortable with to start - It takes magick, and your relation to it to a completely NEW level that opens the gates to limitless self-empowerment - it’s giving a gift to yourself, and it will very rapidly give you more advantages to yourself than anything else. It will also boost your experience levels in that wish you share, and will bring you to a level of general understanding that is going to, even more, make you love being alive.
Why youtube specifically? Because the idea to share to potentially known+unknown people as a combo unlocks your mind universally, instantly also upgrades your relation to all life - it’s limitlessly exquisite! :slight_smile:


Haha yeah the idea has occurred to me several times .
Nah selfies look awful. I mean what thw screen shows before and after the lense clicks
Haha nope

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Ohim goa’ oris.

  • Hitting and pushing critical dark mass.

From Grah’aht’talion
Incantation to boost your manifestation
Chant while sou push your vision into the world

“maka dall
Hatu guir’jarvilis
Dal dek”


There is a nice meditation on Youtube, chanting his enn.
I love that Satan ans Suns posts these.

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@randcam me too

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Hello Hermes i need you in my pm

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SHoutOut to @Rory_Mclellan
-as this was his GNOSIS, i shamelessly brought up.
Given by Shemyaza forward to me. :wink:




“yesh ish
mentakal ves’dres dakal
ak’mantal amant’yen aman’yesh

to summon the powers of the abyss


Ooh i love these

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Hey everyone! I have to catch up a bit, checking everyone’s posts, still
but again…supreme gratitude for every single bit of input…!

I have a few practical recommendations myself that may help boost your results and there are those, in addition of E.A. yesterday! :slight_smile:

I already read some and…phew… I’m limitlessly blown away by the sheer epicness of it,
surely makes me feel like a living god, as we all are within - in a most self-empowering perspective) wielding ‘the shiznit’ out of these incantations…

P.S. Have you guys tried doing your incantations in nature?
What’s awesome about it is that you get to differentiate the effect thereof in a very clean way,

Sitting somewhere, very still, and sure you can actually ultimately expect a lot, potentially, more than just hearing the sound of it. Those things can, as described, ‘bend your mind’ in really completely new ways, giving access to new gateways into your infinite nature…;;
Otherwise it may often take a generally quite clean temple in order to differentiate between the temple’s energies and everything therein and the incantation’s effect/ of course using the universal circle can help a lot- I haven’t tried dark incantations in the circle of Solomon yet) both in nature and in your temple, (for as far as I can share, in your temple, closing your eyes can help…as indeed even objects themselves can be a distraction multidimensionally if they do not relate to the objective atmosphere of the temple. (subjective) would be if you are suddenly ‘distracted’ by looking at a certain deity or object that does not objectively relate to what you’re doing- like an angel while you’re doing rituals without angels, or a statue of Zeus that you’re looking at while you’re doing dark incantations. It can trigger thoughts, but also an energetic connnection with such being, which can distract you from your mantra unless you can put yourself enough into a bubble in relation to the rest (like when in a bus, …)
'by the inherent powers of godhood within me, may I be placed in a bubble so that I can experience the following most completely, and may I be empowered to experience it most fully, for example, can help - or in a second addition, ‘by the inherent powers of godhood within myself, do I say:…(incantation).’ those are but a few examples, of course… :slight_smile:

I’m aiming to figure this one out. (I still have to do this one)
If someone here finds out that’d be awesome too of course… :slight_smile:
It’s fresh from E.A.'s last video yesterday ! But as he says it seems to be something extremely powerful - Also generally, this video might be a superb addition to this section as practical insights in general in regard with mantras or incantations :slight_smile:

@ 03:59


Some of my favourite tips I give to myself…

Go for the supreme, the absolute, the ultimate and the Epic…;
(for you know deep inside that nothing less would satisfy)

The only way to know how strong you are is to keep pushing your limits
(man of steel quote in the ‘man of steel jump /flight scene’ )

Unleash the Epic within, limitlessly - will help you experience ever more the limitless epicness of your nature, if will help you feel that you ARE Epicness and the Source of Epicness, as the Source of all within, to start with…; your true eternal Self

Always keep being creative when if comes to applying magick to absolutely everything,
keep pushing the limits, and all the most mundane things will suddenly become
VERY intriguing, in every moment, you’ll find yourself living magick 24/7 and life will become an adventure…maybe watch a movie that inspires you an act upon it when it comes to your rituals… :slight_smile: You are the God-Mind and the God-Mind is you, and you are a god(dess) therein, with the source of the God-Mind as Self, and your unique Soul as a god with that…it’s your infinite playground and your possibilities are more infinite than this world portrays, just giving you examples of how potential can be used (like all the matter you see around you are just some of the forms you can instantly create out of your own potential).


lately i been seeing omnipotence like this everywhere even expiriencing myself too
will defenetly work with that

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I woke up with this one, I have no idea where it came from:

na shay mawun nikto

Open the gates


Increasing magical power

jax delas maho junno’janno
mahantos enta’marino mahi martino

calling power from the black sun

sheo’sul mal’suo kan’dan yetma dork
in lux sol yenna ent yemma

zaa’ennnus etamantus rdar tah’muh
jatz muo ra solaris etorantis
calls the force of creation



La men teno
“Manifest your desires”


Raising Raw Self Power To Degrees Of Omnipotence.

“San’ash Alku Itz Waleep Aye

Recite no less than 100 times throughout the day, best down with prayer beads each recitation you should focus on the power within rising like the flames of you’re Godhood.

(Channeled from Etli’osh)


I would love your freemason referance; I am 32 degree and never ay such thing came my way. [ but that is not unusual, the craft has been nutted gutted and turned to ash by the kristoids insurgency. Hence why I was kangaroo courted out of tennessee.



opens the internal and outer gateof the infernal empire,great for working with the heart chakra and opens the infernal and abyssmic gateway


Akantos marvm yah’da abaddon itz’rachs

Channeled from abaddon, to call him and evoke him.


Artum ertex

the incantacion of the black light of the qlippoth
it can be used in any qlippothic work and any dark magical enpowerment