Hidden Secret Arts

Hello World,

What would be considered as some dangerous Secret arts?
still learning so I believe in asking the question you do not know. to understand the unknown.


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In my opinion the dangerous secret of the arts, is the ability to control the elements. Aka philosophers’ stone that changes one element to another.

This “stone” as I see it, is a symbol. As a symbol you can understand it the way you want. For me, that’s what it represents. The key here not that you “hold” the power of the stone but it becomes part of yourself, your consciousness as a magician.

That’s for me, is the most dangerous secret of the arts, that only few in history understood and practiced. And countless others - to this day - claimed to understand and practice :slight_smile:

And just like the physical stone…there is no secret map to find it, no clues in books and manuscripts… it’s something that you can only learn from a life time of study and practice of magick, all kinds of magick. With that goal in mind. Only then, you may find it.



Also,space and time magick.


Space and time magick as I see it, is part of elemental magick. Maybe advanced part of it because it requires not only controlling the elements but re-arranging whole time line. But of course yes, I totally agree with you :+1:


Extremely detail, Thank you my friend.


Also isn’t Necromancy a sacred art ?


Well if we told you they wouldn’t be secret then would they?


Interesting questions you’ve got…

If that’s not clue enough - occult martial art.

Good point.
Exept you need the advanced elements,
fire air water earth


No seriously,
with the standard elements,
you either need some serious understanding of alchemy,
to pull of time alteration,
or you’ll not get there.

I’ve seen cool shit happen with alchemy,
but not that. :smiley:

Actually it is,

Besides, most stuff on this forum is secret,
to a degree. :wink:

Read any books from Balg?

Couz the question is kind of strange,
for someone who has. :wink:




When we look at the elements, most people look at them with human eyes, I like to look at what makes the element the way it is. Fire is sped up collisions generating immense heat and causing elements to change from one form to another.

Sorry off topic, just to say it LOL


Personally I don’t think there is one outside of creation in the sense of what Gods and Primordials can do, but I wouldn’t call that secret since it’s more or so just something achievable. We as humans can only create thoughtforms (not real entities imo) and pocket realms. Other than that I don’t believe there’s any secret arts kind of deal.

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There are some secrets in it that only practitioners would know from practice. Like all other types of witchcraft. But the art itself as a whole is not a secret. There are many books written about it, many magician practice it. Wouldn’t consider it a secret art.


i took it as it was written.

Sacred, as in holy.

Not Secret,
as in hidden.



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It is both I guess :slight_smile:

My point of view is that the elements are represented in symbols, the symbols connect the external material elements and the internal spiritual elements, all in the consciousness of the magician. That’s what the philosopher’s stone does.

If we will search for the sacred-secret in which “elements” should be implemented it’s like wasting life and energy trying to know how that stone looks like, which color is it…etc In my view, that’s missing the whole point of it entirely. :wink:

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