The Devil Gene [Next Level Black Alchemy]


I dont know how I even got what you’re about to read. I guess it’s the culmination of repeatedly doing crazy shit and hitting critical Mass :joy:.

I was suddenly filled with inspiration and had to write this.
I was gonna use Manifestation bases for this but I was guided not to include that for those people who don’t have that kinda access or privacy.
After doing this I feel Disoriented as fuck but powerful. This is a secret I give to you guys that has may applications and consequences good and bad.
Use it…just use it. I don’t even care if you use it unwisely :joy:
This is like a Future tech type gun with 8 different settings and scopes :metal:

The Rite
See two strands of Energy, one masculine and one Feminine, one light and one Dark.

These are the bases Of the DNA strand known as The Devil Gene.

See the Four Elements, connecting to the strands but in their Demonic Aspects of:

Demonic Fire

Demonic Water

Demonic Air

Demonic Earth.

Feel them solidify and code the DNA strand with all the energetic information it needs to operate.

Then command it to solidify and take shape.

Part 2
The Angelic/God Gene/RNA

Do the same as above, but see the Four Elements in their Heavenly Aspects connect with the RNA Strand.

Celestial Fire

Celestial Water

Celestial Earth

Celestial Air.

See all the Powers of The Angels, the most dangerous of Angels and Thr Power of The Almighty bonded to this RNA Strand.

Solidify them as before.

Part 3
Overlay and Merging

Vizualize Your DNA and RNA strands overlaying the Devil and God Genes.
And call them into you as you would in invoking a spirit.

Say something to the effect of,

"I call forth the Devil Gene into me, which the Left Wing of God. The Wrath of The God’s. The Powers of Darkness and The Unknown. The Apocalypse. The Power of Surtr, that which ends World’s.
Enter my DNA.
I call forth the Angelic/God Gene to enter within me, which is the Right Wing of God. The Right Hand of The Almighty. All the burning Holy Powers of Darkness and Light. The raging and calm feminine, the burning and destroying masculine. The Solar Forces and the Lunar forces embodied as potential within man.
Enter my RNA."

Inhale and feel the Shift it creates in your physiology. Begin to meditate on this to solidify it.

Now continue to work on your Ascent. It will unlock the Powers of The Devil Gene within you and it will show at the most unexpected moments.

Be careful :smiling_imp:


Nice, I like the information you share. It´s easy to transform them into blood rites.


bookmarked ! thanks!


You’re a mad genius. I love it.


i love self-manipulation Magick,
and this is definately advanced stuff. xD

Hail Micah!

Have you ever attempted / may it be possible to conjure those effects into someone else,
besides doing it on self?




The only other time I have tried something like this is when I was so pissed with a former student of mine for some BS he pulled that I attempted to manipulate his biology and erase certain chromosomes.

I think it was like the 22nd or 17th pair.

I cannot verify the success of it, but I did not hear from him again and his BS stopped :ok_hand::joy:


But it is possible to do it for both Bane and Healing work. Taylor Ellwood has an EXCELLENT book on this called Inner Alchemy


sounds like you’ve tried out the baneful already.
maybe i can confirm some of it’s healing capacity.

I’d be interested, in how to strengthen the thelomeres,
and rejuvinate beyond the age once had.
becoming immortal in the physical sound’s like a deal to me. xD

We’ll see how potend it is!




By bad consequences what do you mean?
also I won’t reply till morning for me so Good Night.



Do you mean this guy??? Did you leave out the comma? The Devil, Gene.


KIDS IN SATANS SERVICE screams in panic


No, didn’t mean him :joy:


Know this is an older post but just wanted to say I added a bit to say while meditating and now I feel as though I could punch a wall. or the reply button.