Anyone working on creating a physical planet?

Has anyone tried to create a planet in the physical world? I know it would need a lot of energy, but imagine if you had many spirits on your side as well as many magicians doing rituals every day for the advancement of a new physical planet.


In theory, I would say so. In practice, I think it takes far longer than the lifetime of a human of constant effort to manifest.

I have memories from my original chronological incarnation on this planet, as part of the flowing consciousness of rock. Incarnate as an elemental I suppose. It took hundreds of thousands if not millions of us, over a couple of hundreds thousands of years, all singing the rock into manifestation, holding the energy in place until the new energy knew it’s place so it could hold itself. That was just bringing the rock in, complex rock with diverse elements, but still only rock - not crystals, the rest evolved from there. I can only imagine what it would take to manifest the other stuff for an instantly habitable planet. When you and a billion other spirits have the time though, why not?


I still have enough work to do on this planet before thinking about another one.


That’s beautiful to imagine.


I have.

And later I found this:

But there is no proof possible whether this has been related to the Magick I focused on.

For me, this haves to be enough.




I doubt it’s possible, in the physical world, albeit some entities can etherically, and everyone can astrally and link it to the physical.

I’ve personally projected to the etheric aspect of the Andromeda galaxy and did a few energetic linking to the physical and there.


Man, I cant even tidy up my room :weary:.

I dont think its possible to be fair.Of course that my mortal point of view.


To be honest this entire concept utterly fascinates me. I have a real soft spot for astronomy, astrology and everything planetary.

I did something similar a few years back, but I’m reasonably sure it was the Pleiades. You’re so lucky to have projected to Andromeda!