Eternal Source and Creation

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Everything came from Eternal Source.
There are 24 Dimesnions of Existence. 12 up and 12 down.

They Are:

Lower Astral

Higher Astral


Lower Mental Plane

Higher Plane

First Abyss

Formative Plane

Second Abyss

Eternal Source

The other 12 are the same planes, just descending. No the experience is not the same.

Creation Starts out at Source. Source is a Raging compressed, self sustaining inferno of POWER. Not LOVE and all that other bullshit. Source did not create with Love. Love had nothing to do with anything except itself :joy:

Source Created everything by Willing it. After It willed Its will, it sent out Waves that descended into the Formative Plane where it is channeled and transformed by Sat Nam.

Sat Nam is the Legit Creator. His Job os to simply funnel the Power of Eternity and Creation through all the planes.
This power is made up of Original Light and Sound. It surrounds Sat Nam on the Formative plane.

He has the appearance of a Vague semblance of a Human. Very fine “hair” and extremely long arms. No he is NOT Jehovah or anywhere related to Jehova.

When i went to the Formative Plane, he was there surrounded by a sea of Colorless blue flame.

He can Be evoked and has been just like any other spirit.

This Light and Power is breathed in by Sat Nam and is exhaled and Willed into everything that exists.

It flows into the Mental plane where it takes on Consciousness and intelligence(Information packed into Light).
This is also where spirits of ALL shapes and sizes start to take shape and form. The Spark of Life so to speak.

It then flows into the Casual plane where things take on Memory and the ability to hold a consistent form over time. This is where past lifetimes come in and the incarnations of Every Spirit, God, Angel, Human, Demon, etc are.

They take on a more Solid form here but still remember their Godhood to a fuller degree.

It proceeds to the Astral Plane where shit gets real. Form takes on a body and this is where we evoke, invoke, etc.

Then it proceeds to the Physical plane where shit gets REALLY REAL. Almost no form on the phsyical fully or even partially remembers the fact that it is a God in flesh. Therefore it takes work to get back up to that point at the pinnacle of Creation where you know you are a God.

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Hmmm what about multiple Sources?


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Does Trimurti have anything to do on all that things?

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the Sat Nam,
the True Self.

Uhhh, and i much love the part about the 4 primordeal forces;

Gravity - 1

Electromagnetism - 2

Strong Force - 3

Weak Force - 4

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