Absorbent Water

What is Absorbent Water.

Absorbent water is a great tool for any magickal path i definitely recommend using it, this potent concoction has a powerful and useful ability.

This liquid can literally draw in power, energies, forces, vibrations of all kinds and hold it in its liquid without loosing its potency. You can use this water for planetary powers, powers and energies of angels, Gods, demons, Divs, Lwa’s, energies etc.

Why not use normal water.

If you try to absorb spirits, forces, powers and energies in normal water it wouldn’t really work well, lets look at this way if you had a load of energy and a huge critical mass of power to push into normal water … Then 99.90% of that power and energy will be destroyed and it will dissipate.

Because water is a cleansing element many ancient temples had running water underneath the temple space to cleanse and rid the area of energy and power.

So in looking at working with the elements reading and experimenting with elements for various years then normal water will not do the trick but Absorbent water is perfect for this.

What can Absorbent Water be used for.

The Absorbent water basically is a conductor for spirits, power and energy and various currents of different forces. It all depends what energies, power and spirits you bind inside the water but here are some things it can be used for.

  • Consecration.

  • Blessing.

  • Use to empower a magick space

  • Use for protection and bane.

  • Use for healing

  • Use to anoint tools.

  • Use to stimulate, feed and empower chakra points

  • Use for changing the area’s vibration to match a spirits vibration for physical evocation.

  • Binding and Housing Spirits to vessels

  • Rub on your body for empowering the self or for possession

These are just some examples there are loads and i mean loads of ways you can use this Absorbent water.

Many other mechanics this water has.

Okay well this water feeds the energies and powers in this liquids, the potency in this water increases all rites, inside the actual liquid there are vibrations that hold the waters power in perfect balance and it supercharges any force in the liquid.

How to make The Absorbent Water.

Ingredients and tools.

  1. Lime Juice
  2. Sea Salt
  3. Sugar
  4. Syrup
  5. Knife or Lancet
  6. Bottle or Glass Vile
  7. A cooker
  8. A pan
  9. Olive Oil or regular cooking oil
  10. Jug of water


Okay first step is to get a pan fill it with mostly water, then add two tea spoons of oil, next add two tea spoons of salt, next add one tea spoon of syrup, then add three teaspoons of Lime Juice, then add one tea spoon of sugar, then with a knife or Lancet add two drops of your blood.

Now boil the mixture on low heat and ONLY STIR COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.

Stir counter-clockwise in a spiral three times, as you do this visualize a spinning energetic vortex in the pan, then place your right hand above the pan and visualize your Zeal chakra as you exhale deeply feel and see the Zeals power run down your arm into the liquids vortex.

Then say

" capture, absorb, house, enchant
by the stars to the water,
may the ancient powers dance,
Enhance, Empower, Consume
all forces around,
May powers, spirits, energies
and forces
to these waters be bound ".

Close your eyes and visualize the water shine brightly with white and blue light.
Turn of the heat breathe your breath above into the pan seeing a transference of prana into the liquid. Let the liquid cool down now with a spoon stir clockwise six times.

Pour the Liquid into a bottle or glass vile, place the water into a corner of a room in the west, place the liquid on a hexagram symbol on paper, with two white candles on either side allowing the candles to charge the concoction.

Now After the candles have burnt out completely you have your Absorbent water ready to use but how do you use it.

How to use it’s absorbing power.

There are many ways to use the absorbing trait of the water for example.


Lets say you are doing a invocation of a spirit, have the water held in your hands simply direct the energy into the water, using visualization, tactile imagining and even a verbal statement like

" I house the powers of ( Spirits name ) within the waters of absorption, house ( Spirits name ) energy, power and spirit, may the waters vortex open and absorb ".

Then simply visualize the vortex spinning counterclockwise absorbing the power in the water.


This is more potent than the last one but lets say you have a spirit physically manifested in front of you, take a sigil of that spirit and open it then place the sigil right in front of the manifested entity.

Simply place the water on the sigil and structure a orb in a manifestation base above the water then say something like

" ( Spirits name ) Gift upon me your power, may your sheer force, may your vibration current and may a part of you, enter the waters ".

Direct the spirits power into the physical orb in the manifestation base, solidify the orb and then with your right hand pull the orb into the water, and vibrate the spirits name.

Light two candles on either side of the sigil and meditate on the sigil that the water is placed on, this will feed the power within the water.


This is extremely potent lets say you or another magician you are with are possessed, tell the spirit before the possession, that you want its energy, power and vibrations to be in the water in an intense way.

If you are doing it on your own before your about to be possessed, place a finger or two in the water and when the spirits is within you, the sheer power of the spirit will be absorbed, by the flesh touching the water.

Or if you are able to once the possession is very intense get the spirit to spit into the water, as when the individual is possessed i have come to understand liquid in the body of the possessed is a great conductor.


Lets say you are working with forces instead of powers, then if you are working with Planetary magick, get a planetary square, on the hour and day its best to work with the planet unlock the planetary square in the correct direction.

Then start using a incantation of calling the Planetary force to manifest, then place a candle that is the same color of the planet behind the square, place the water on the planetary square.

Sit in meditation, feeling the energies leaking from the square, entering the water, by visualizing the spinning vortex in the water going counter-clockwise. I would also suggest vibrating god-names and names of spirits connected to that planet.


Lets say your working with The Path Of Smoke as it is understood almost all rites in that pathworking the Litanies are to be spoken they are rather lengthy and are used to make the perfect atmosphere in the environment for the Div’s and Ahriman and the powers of the black sun and blood moon to manifest.

Upon the Altar of blackened fire place on the seal of Ahriman the bottle or vile of water.
Before placing the vile or bottle on the seal open it.

Then repeat the Litany Of The Black Sun, once this is repeated out loud feel the vibrations of the black sun all around you. See in your minds eye, the dark mass of the blackened suns sheer power.

Expand your aura to the space of the entire room, then with your right hand push the power and force around you into the water, visualize once the water absorbs the power of the black sun, visualize the vortex in the water become the vortex of counter-creation.

Now you can use this and spill it over your the temple area or self instead of always repeating the Litany, you can do both even to increase the potency of the rite.
This can also be done with the blood moon of Az Jahi.


Lets say your working through Voudon, then draw a huge Veve of the Loa your working with on the ground with either Cornmeal, or flour or even chalk. Begin opening the veve with the three hand technique, start calling on that specific Loa.

You may wish to give offerings like spill rum around the Veve of course this depends on the liking of the Loa. Next place the bottle or Vile of the water in the center of the Veve, begin by dancing around the Veve in trance or simply enter trance and see the Loa before you.

You’ll begin to see the Veve come alive radiating sheer power, now look towards the water and visualize the spinning vortex going clockwise, with your arms in the air, shout the name of the Loa and say.

" Awe ( Name of Lwa ), come down to me, may your power flow into the waters before me, as if Agwe were moving the tides ". - I have used that incantation and it works well.

Leave the water there and you can give your offerings or commune with The Loa and when the rite is done, you can create a small veve on paper and tape it to the bottle or Vile.

Obviously there are many ways to use this water, like burying it in cemeteries and stating intentions of absorption then come back to collect it then you’ll have a bottle filled with death essence.

You can even place the water outside in a full moon or in sunlight to charge it’s power, the possibilities are endless, you can even tap into energies of protection, prosperity, wealth and channel it in the water and then anoint yourself.

You can draw in a spirits power and place it on your chakra points, its really up to you, experiment with it. It can be used for almost anything it has served me well for countless years and works in almost anything.

The absorption water is a great tool for any and all magick currents, so i had to share this with you all, many who i have mentored used it and still continue to be amazed at it hope it helps.


Conner Kendall.


There is a lot of good stuff here folks and not much that I can add. There are some potential uses in alchemy here for those so inclined. I’ve experimented along these lines putting healing energy into water recently. Initiation into Hermetics goes into this somewhat in one of the lessons. Definitely worth it.


yeah brother it has some great alchemical potential

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I love this thanks Conner


Good i’m glad sister.

So amazing baby! Very interesting and I will probably be making this very soon :black_heart:

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thanks babes we’ll have to make a batch soon :black_heart:

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Definitely baby for sure :black_heart:

I really like your Tutorial here.

Very informative,
and flexible.

I’ll try it out,
and see which way i go with it exactly.

to either draw OBeryon in,
to make a Potion of OBeryon,
for self blessing,
or using the Energies of the Group Ritual,
to conduct the gatekeepers energies into one powerful Potion.

(originally thought of doing a Portal Candle out of the rest wax of the Ritual,
and the Dirt i used for the Candle stands.
However, having a Potion based on it,
sounds like a cool idea aswell.

Will see,
how i make it.)