Magic cloak

Hey there guys, aside of the witch robe, the magic cloack do you consacrate it too and empower it with the force of the elements? Does it have a name, or gets through a demonic baptism?

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you certainly can enchant it.

I’d recommend,
if you do enchant it:

Cleanse wash it first,
then cleanse it (for example with sage).

is that you remove it’s “soul”,
it’s natural inherent attributes,
in case it already was enchanted when you got it.

ask your personal favorite Demon / Entity,
to possess it,
and imbue it with power.

You can also simply enchant it with the Elements,
but it think for a Robe,
worn by a Mage of your Magnitude,
it’s better to be more personalized.

See also:

Imbuing it with the primordial Dust Element (Void Energy),
might also be very handy,
since you can transmute any other Element out of it.