Scientific ? - approach to building blocks (base elements) of the universe. (reversed alchemy view.)

Alchemy viewed backwards through a more scientific scope.

Theoretical physics. ()

For reference,
some of my previous studies on Alchemy.

I’m looking for comparising between the systems.

120 base elemetns.

(3 * 4 * 10)

Three times four times ten,
base elements.

Deprived from three natrual connectins / strings / forces,
on 4 Elements, resulting in ten sub-elements in each category,
with the permutations.

So far the numerology approach.

E8 approach:

3 Particals,
from which everything was made.



//> Electron, and 2 quarks. (trinity out of self, the electron spawns 2 quarks and thereby becomes it’s own trinity)

Inside the atom:
Nucleus > Proton (Neutron) > Quark

Neutron composed of a Quark, a electron and a positron.

Fluid like substance system_


Value in space with reference number, spread among the universe…

electriv and magnetic fields (michael farraday)

lines of force (orginial name of magnetic field)

Line of force => Invisible force,
push and pull, -> Lunar Force (polarity)==


Induction of current (pulsation - pulsua spells affect range)

-> Motion without touch.
(technological Telekinesis.)

  • faraday already pointed that out to be light.

later confirmed by Maxwell and Hertz;

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unseen forces,
creating change in the real world,
it the current definition of magick,
according to E.A. Koetting / therefore,
the official Balg.

As we can see here,
Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Ultra Violet, Infrared and Radio waves count into those,
Radio waves being the frequency most likely connected with the mechanism of that lunar force.

1920 Science revolution
Quantum Mechanics theory.

Energy isn’t Continuous, it’s always punched up into little lumps.
(Matter theory, particle theory, density mechanism, earth element force, gravity.)

Quantum means discrete or Lumping - hence, other names would be;
Density Theory, Earth Element Theory (Tera Theorum.)

Things should be discrete + farradays idea of fields,
which should be continous, smooth objects, which are waving and oscilating in space

=> Continous Discrete oscilating objectwaves.

or “light” or Photon Theory.

Electrons being associated with the ocean,
might indicate the element of water (astral realm),
but i’d like to tend more towards the void there.

(which is a force,
not studied so far as it seems.)

wavefield view,
is dangerously close on how scrying works,
gotta keep an eye on that.

Void Energy being discussed kind of freaks me out a bit.

But here he’s adressing it.

It’s energy, outside the visible light spectrum,
forming the very matter we percieve as “reality”.

Neutrino } doesn’t interact with normal matter.

Electron; Down Quark;
Positron; Up Quark,

4*3 =

up quark
down quark

strange quark
charm quark

bottom quark
top quark

Electron + Neutrino =>Leads to Positron
down quark Up quark

Negative / positive charge


Neutrino Value.


=> I become myself, become myself, become myself.

600 value neutrino in chant form.

I kuya lotha, i kuya lotha, i kuya lotha.





Noope nope nope i disagree

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I was still writing it,
but ok.

How do you disagree?

What seems wrong in your view?

So for me its to much mixing diffrent styles of alchemy in your thinking. There is much from ancient china, middle ages, ancient greek, etc.

Reasonable thing is to start there where others made a succes. From historic sources we know that probably Nicolas Flamel succeed in making transmutation, next one is probably John Dee and that last one worth to look is Fulcanelli. The last one particulary said what is the secret of nowadays transmutation but still this is only a drop in the ocean.

Well now if we want to talk about construction of material world we have to choose tradition that we would reffer too i think. For me actually idea written in Kybalion is kinda ok and reasonable. It correspond to increasing speed, amplitude, lenght etc about waves and solid things…

Other thing if we talk about middle ages european alchemy is that idea its taken from ancient greek aristotle, plato and others thinking. On the begining they were starting from 1 element of nature discusing, arguing, making theories etc. At last the conception created by plato was that matter is builded from 4 nature elements that are platonic block. Some time later in arabic world guy added to this concept sulphur and mercury, later in Europe people add also salt.
On the other hand in china we have 5 elements, in bardon Hermeticism we have “4-polar magnet force”.

You mean salt sulphur and mercury?
To me salt is stricte material thing that is obtainted if you totaly process oxidation to given material. For example carbon + fire = ashes + energy+ gases . So in my opinion ashes are the salt.(any material thing that is produced after complete oxidation)

Next one is suplhur that mean internal fire.
For example
chemical substances that are hygroscopic, flammable, acidic-alkaline, endothermic-egzothermic. Cus of its molecular bonds, molecular geometry and by itselfs things are thoughy to have “internal fire”
NOTE: every thing in material wolrd has internal fire some have it less some have it more.

And mercury is the thing that evaporates in process while making it burning or gently firing. We cant see it cus we cant see gases :). if we have UV lamp we could see some chemical substances that evaporates.

So as you see i have completly diffrent look about it :slight_smile: But still i recomend to read about fulcaneli and what he actually told to some guy some days before people find out the atomic bomb :slight_smile:

Waiting to some hearing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know what you mean with looking at those,
which actually produced some success in their endevors.

not all names are known that well,
and not all known names,
actually represent the skill they’re associated with.

this wasn’t much about the actual alchemical application,
but rather,
my main goal in working through that material,
was to draw a comparising between different systems,
and see what lines up and what doesn’t.

Just like the thymus gland,
is also known as the heart chakra.

I was looking to gain some perspective,
on which element represents which scientific term,
to get a hold over the similarities and differences between different approaches.

Science as we know it today,
has developed out of alchemy and other occult sciences,
and those have always remained propelling the progress in those fields aswell.

So there is an element of checking back,
what the general understanding of the current time is on those things.

Thank you for your recommendation tho.

Much appreciated.

By the way,
the whole thing with ashes…

I’ve seen and explained aswell.

yet, it’s not written from the angle of ashes being salt,
as far as i remember.




217545_962a8f955e418927465ac536e2b05b46 lfretrin

Nucleus > Proton (Neutron) > Quark

time, space, matter > Nucleus
future depth gas > electron -> Dragon -ghost
present width liquid > Quark (down) -> false prophet -word
past height solid > Proton (Neutron) -> Beast -father(god)

Back down into incarnated godhood;

The Nucleus being associated to Godhood first and foremost,
prophecy and Draconism purify the Beast.

(= To go into the Past, exalt the future through the present.)

Air - Famine, Water - Pestilence, War - Fire, Death - Earth.



Still, connection between metal - dust doesn’t look right for me.

There are much Pictures here with So many connections but does it conclude to something practical here? Long Time ago i was Maybe same path on alchemy i mean looking for connections, analogy, solutions etc. But this kind of work Give me only other questions leading to next questions etc etc no practical effects.

What im sure in hundred % is that
1.solve et coagula
2. Matter can only be transmutated in same Genre. This mean u Cant get Gold from palnts or animal bones.
3. Everything is in nature. And the alchemist have to imitate nature and speed up this process.

What about materia. Did you read Maybe about model31 or de broigle waves concept?

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Honestly, no.

And it’s one of the reasons i went into that research.

So if you can link me some sources on that,
i’d highly appreciate it.

Don’t get me wrong,
i do have my own successes with alchemy so far,
and i’m fine.

But it’s always a pleasure to learn more,
or at least talk to like-minded people like you.



Yo everything is ok. Glad to hear that someone is interesting in alchemy too.

About model31 try here.

De broglie theory

Today is kinda late to add some info here but tommorow i try to post some good thoughts about alcheny

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile:



It should be noted, I believe, that some sources state that a sphinx is comprised of the body of a lion, the tail of a bull, the wings of an eagle, and the head of a man.

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