How to Kill someone with demon Marbas

This is one of the rituals I do in my destruction spells that clients hire me, and I decided to pass it on to you.

The ritual is simple:

you will sacrifice 3 chickens to Marbas, open them ,forming a triangle in front of you, put 3 white candles, and inside the triangle a paper with the name of your target, you will make a cross with your blood, cut from the finger indicator, and will meditate in Marbas while cursing his target,

I can guarantee that the results are powerful


No innocent animal should ever be killed for this reason.


you have a point. But everyone do whatever they thing is right in magick. In my religion that have african heritage we use animal sacrifices for the spirits


Ah, I see. I’m sure if I went back far enough, there would be things my ancestors did which I wouldn’t approve of.
I think, unless you grew up with the culture, it’s hard for us today to get past the cruelty to understand the magickal significance.


there is no cruelty, we dont torture the animals, we sacrifice him for the nature, sacrifice comes from latim, sacro ofício and means saint work.

from the nature it came for the nature it will go back


U can do imaginary chicken too or even stuff animal chicken. It’s the symbolism that matters. If you using real chicken , you better fry it afterward to make chicken finger licking fried chicken with mash potatoes. lol. sacrificial blood of animal really isn’t a requirement. It’s modern magick of different era. =o) The props have been research and tested enough now to show that it’s not needed.

If you doubt it, then do a test on two subjects for proving to yourself. but first you have to find enough enemies. hahah.


Well the Supermarkts are full of dead animals cheap to buy… Chicken hearts are an important witchery ingredient but so bones especially the chicken fork.


I use head of a chicken split it open by trying around it a sharp red thread. I imagine my subject’s soul being inside the head and then I stab it. Then I burn it to destroy my victim utterly.


I apologize for using the word “cruelty.” It’s probably done with more respect than modern food-processing practices (which is why I’m vegetarian). But I agree with wisepup — is that literal sacrifice even needed? And yes, definitely don’t waste the animal.

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Welcome @Tigris It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so before pretending to be a demon of the Goetia, who I seriously doubt would lecture anyone on using him to cause harm, since that is one of his offices and many have had success calling upon Marbas for it, CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself, the real you, and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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I copied:

I am a humble carpenter who builds cabinets, benches, and furniture for a living. I also dabble in concrete, masonry, woodworking, CAD, architecture 3D printing, and model railroading of various scales in my spare time. Knowledge of biochemistry, genome editing, medicine, and herbology was passed onto me by my mother, and all of my math and engineering skills were taught to me by my father at a very young age.

I have a deep and profound interest in the aforementioned topics that has spanned my entire existence, and will happily take time out of my schedule to pass on what I know to nice people who ask kindly. Be kind to nature, be kind to animals of both the human and non-human variety, and most importantly, be kind.

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Dont sacrifice animals, better sacrifice human scum, 5 elements in one there is no better gift for demons hehe


Can you give some more details about this?
How do you get chickens? And do you have to have an already established relationship with Marbas for it to work?
Also, is it safe for an inexperienced “lay person” to sacrifice a chicken. How do you prepare the animal ritually to show proper respect?

Thank you!

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